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FDG Mobile Games GbR
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 10, 2017

Road Rage redefined – make Van Damme proud!

Enjoy a full throttle ride along busy streets and avoid obstacles by splitting your vehicle in two!
When we say splitting in two we mean it! Do the 'Auto-Split' and impress your clueless highway audience.

Sure, you'll produce some scrap metal but who cares? You'll look good while performing awesome stunts!
It's like starring in an action movie but only for the cool scenes. This is how you survive holiday traffic.


++ Tap and hold to split your vehicle
++ Time the splitting correctly to avoid obstacles
++ Be prepared for ANYTHING! We mean it :)


– Dozens of unique obstacles
– Unlock over 100 characters and vehicles
– Enjoy various road settings and environments
– Record and share your coolest replay videos

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