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Daniel Saidi - Goth Emoji artwork Goth Emoji
Daniel Saidi
Genre: Utilities
Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 21, 2016

IMPORTANT INFO: The current version of the app does not copy emojis in iOS 9.1. We have sent a new version to the App Store that solves this problem and are hoping for a quick review process. Upgrading to iOS 9.2 seems to solve the problem, but if you cannot upgrade, we recommend waiting for v1.0.2.

Goth Emoji is a custom emoji keyboard (read more on custom emojis further down) that lets you express yourself in ways that other keyboards don't, with custom emojis from the amazing Lisen Haglund / Nattskiftet.

Goth Emoji provides you with a bunch of goth-related emojis – images, clothing, accessories, persons, symbols, animals, emotions, comments etc.

These emojis are sent as images, and therefore look identical no matter to where you send them. To insert them into a message, conversation etc. just tap an emoji then paste it into any text area that supports images.

Note that images may be handled differently regarding on the app you are using. For instance, Facebook won't let you paste images into your feed. Look below for a list of apps that we have tried the app with.

If you like Goth Emoji, make sure to connect with us at:

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –

Supported apps

Any app that allows you to paste in images should support Goth Emoji. To name a few, Goth Emoji has been confirmed to work with:

– iOS Messages
– iOS Notes
– Facebook Messenger
– Slack
– Snapchat
– WeChat

Let us know if you are using Goth Emoji with any other apps, and we'll gladly add them to this list.

Unsupported apps

The following apps does not seem to support pasting images:

– Facebook (images cannot be pasted into your feed)
– Twitter (images cannot be pasted into your feed)
– WhatsApp (will be supported in the next version)
– Instagram

We are looking for a workaround to the image pasting limitations of these apps. Keep your eyes open in future versions!

Let us know if you have problems using Goth Emoji with any other apps, and we'll see if there's anything we can do to solve the problem.

Important info regarding custom emojis

This is a CUSTOM emoji keyboard. While SYSTEM emojis are built into each platform and can be sent with text, they look different on each platform, like Android and iOS. Custom emojis, however, are NOT built into any platform, and must therefore be sent as images.

Important info regarding full access

At this point, Apple requires all iOS keyboard apps to ask for full access to be able to copy images to the pasteboard. There is no way around that limitation at the time (keeping our fingers crossed for iOS 10).

This is unfortunate, since full access also means that the keyboard could potentially track what you write. However, Goth Emoji ONLY uses full access for copying emojis to the pasteboard. It simply must have full access in order to function.

Goth Emoji ONLY uses full access to copy images to the pasteboard. It does not collect any personal data or track anything you write.
© © Nattskiftet, Daniel Saidi

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