Honor 6X review: a lot of phone for the money, shame about the old software

A big 5.5in screen, solid build and feel, a great fingerprint scanner and dual-Sim support means latest Huawei Honor is a solid, good value smartphone

Huawei’s Honor line has been making a name for itself by selling good yet reasonably priced smartphones. The Honor 6X is no exception, even if it isn’t perfect.

Last year’s Honor 5X offered a lot of smartphone for the money at a time when the stalwart of the good-but-cheap smartphone market, the Moto G series, was faltering. Now the Honor 6X has a lot to live up to.

Pros: good cameras, good screen, dual-Sim, microSD card support, good battery life, great fingerprint scanner, great value

Cons: old version of Android, EMUI not to everyone’s taste, microUSB not USB-C

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