How can I protect my privacy and security on Android?

Phils family is now using Android smartphones and tablets, and he wants to know what he can do to secure them

I take a great deal of trouble to keep the PCs in my household safe and secure. However, we now use a number of Android devices for browsing and emails, with banking to come. I havent got a clue as to how secure they are, or how to protect them, their contents and the transactions we use them for. Could you give some guidance, please? Phil

You are not alone! I could give you some instant advice about keeping your devices up to date, running anti-malware software and always using password protection, but as a matter of fact, I dont do necessarily do any of those. There are lots of stories about the amount of Android malware in circulation, but Ive never come across any. Perhaps the Android market will need a wakeup call in the form of a rampant virus like, for example, the Sasser worm that hit Microsoft Windows XP in 2004 to make us take it seriously.

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