Huawei P9 Plus review: high-class phablet held back by sub-par software

Chinese firm’s super-sized flagship is great, with fun camera, excellent selfies, snappy performance and solid battery life – it’s just a shame about the customised Android

The Huawei P9 Plus is a bigger version of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s first excellent offering. It claims to be “plus in every way” – and it doesn’t disappoint.

As with the “plus” versions of other manufacturers’ smartphones, the P9 Plus looks like a P9 blown up by 5% in a photocopier. It’s smaller sibling is an attractive, well-made smartphone, the P9 Plus is equally so, despite the magnification.

Pros: Good-looking, feels great, excellent selfie camera, great dual rear camera, brilliant fingerprint scanner, decent battery life, USB-C, IR blaster, microSD card support

Cons: EMUI isn’t quite up to scratch, screen not good for VR (low resolution), Press touch a bit of a gimmick, exclusive to Vodafone in the UK, battery not removable

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