Huawei P9 review: aiming for the big boys but just missing on software

Latest flagship smartphone from Chinese manufacturer has premium build, excellent Leica camera, fast fingerprint scanner – but its EMUI software is not quite up to scratch

Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, the P9, goes toe-to-toe with the best of Samsung and Apple, while undercutting the lot.

At least that’s Huawei’s aim. Being the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, it wants a larger slice of the high-end market. Previous efforts, including last year’s P8, were decent if not standout. The P9 is a different story.

Pros: excellent camera, brilliant fingerprint scanner, good screen, great build and feel, microSD card support, USB-C, good battery stats, decent battery life

Cons: EMUI not quite up to scratch, fixed-focus selfie camera, no quick charging, no removable battery, screen not good for VR (low res)

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