Huawei’s Slick Android Wear Smartwatch Leaked Ahead Of MWC Within the Most Pretentious Smartphone Accessory Video Ever

watch Watch the video below. Watch it several times if you need to. Try to figure out what it’s trying to promote. A web-based and exclusive European skiing resort? An auction home for classic Mercedes vehicles? Champagne intended only for use within questionably phallic gestures? No, it’s Huawei’s Watch. That’s not a typo, it’s actually the Huawei Watch. Let’s… um, watch.

The design of the Android Wear device looks more or less like the Moto 360, with its metal casing and thin bezels yet without its signature “flat tire” screen cutout.

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Huawei’s Slick Google android Wear Smartwatch Leaked Before MWC In The Most Pretentious Smartphone Accessory Video Actually was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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