iPhone case that is also an Android phone raises $100,000 on Kickstarter

Although it’s hard to see how any self-respecting Apple customer would want the $189 accessory, ‘Eye’ prototype has met its funding target and will be made

Can’t decide between an iPhone or Android for your next device? Want to get both at the same time but don’t want the logistical hassle of duct-taping them together in a way that leaves the camera usable? There may be a Kickstarter for you.

The Eye is a $189 case for your iPhone which has raised over $100,000 on the crowdfunding site with a huge checklist of features: “a 5 inch display, battery power, up to 256GB storage, SIM slots, an IR blaster & wireless charging!” But, look, there’s a simpler way to sum it up. It’s an iPhone case that is an Android phone.

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