Microsoft Band 2 review: one of the most powerful and useful fitness trackers

Packed with sensors, comfortable to wear without being sweaty while providing interesting insights into your sleep, exercise and health

Microsoft’s second attempt at making a fitness tracker is a lot more comfortable and attractive than its first, packed with sensors and relatively easy to live with.

The first Microsoft Band was a chunky, clunky device, and while, in some ways, it was more comfortable than devices that needed to be worn tight to the wrist, it had more than a little whiff of criminal ankle tracker about it.

Pros: sensor-packed, continuous heart rate, GPS, not sweaty, doesn’t pull out hairs, good data visualisation, cross-platform, no monthly fee, great sleep tracking, custom exercise regimes/tracking, notifications

Cons: not waterproof, quite chunky, rubber shows signs of wear, battery life could be better

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