Microsoft Band review: sensor-packed – if you don’t mind looking like an offender

New fitness tracker is one of the most advanced available with all-day heart rate, GPS, skin temperature and stress sensors rolled into a chunky band

Microsoft’s first piece of wearable technology since the Spot smartwatch is a fitness tracker packed with 10 sensors, but does it put others to shame?

The company best known for Windows, Office, and PC/tablet hybrids such as the Surface, is no stranger to health and fitness. Microsoft’s HealthVault – a service for storing and maintaining health and fitness data – has been around since 2007, storing data from fitness trackers and medical devices alike and now underpins the new Health app.

Pros: three-day battery life, constant heart rate, GPS and loads of other sensors, cross-platform, good app

Cons: a bit chunky, styling is polarising, Cortana only available with Windows Phone, not all the data collected is currently available

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