OnePlus 3 review: flagship phone at mid-range price

Premium aluminium body, good screen and camera, great fingerprint scanner, bloat-free software, and a day’s battery – at half the cost of a Samsung

The OnePlus 3 is the latest top-end smartphone sold at mid-range prices from Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, which offers a refined experience for considerably less than Samsung, HTC, LG or Apple.

The 3 is the fourth smartphone from OnePlus – a small Chinese startup aiming to provide the best experience possible product for significantly less money than rivals – and is a big step in all directions over last year’s OnePlus 2.

Pros: all-metal, great fingerprint sensor, good screen, fast charging, good cameras, excellent notification slider, dual-Sim with dual standby, cheaper than rivals

Cons: no removable battery, no expandable storage, slow charging from non-Dash charge power adapters, screen low res for VR

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