Polar M600 is a new sporty Android Wear smartwatch along with GPS, Smart Coaching, and all-day tracking


Android Wear watches  fall under a couple of categories: lifestyle timepieces that try to be a bit of every thing for everyone, stylish watches that are looking to appeal to the stylish geek, and sports watches that cater to the energetic types. The latter category offers seen the Moto 360 Sport, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Nixon Mission, and it is now gaining one more candidate: the Polar M600.

Coming from a company reputed for its heart rate monitors and activity trackers, the M600 is a bit of a hybrid among a smartwatch and an activity tracker,   and it may be the first one we’ve seen that will mixes both equally without sacrificing a great deal on either front.

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Polar M600 is really a new sporty Android Wear smartwatch with GPS, Intelligent Coaching, and all-day tracking was written by the awesome team at Android Law enforcement.

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