Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: a direct iPhone 6 competitor

Samsungs first metal-framed phone is a massive leap in design quality and small enough to use comfortably with one hand

Samsungs new Galaxy Alpha Android smartphone finally demonstrates that the South Korean company can do high-quality design and fantastic quality, posing the question: why wait till now to do it?

The 4.7in Galaxy Alpha is the smallest flagship smartphone in Samsungs large range of devices. It sits under the 5.1in Galaxy S5 as the design smartphone, for people who want a smaller, better designed smartphone that does not have to have all the latest technology packed in. Or at least thats how Samsung puts it.

Pros: Metal frame, solid build, super thin, decent camera, snappy performance, all-day battery life, easy one-hand use

Cons: Screen less sharp than the competition, low-light camera performance could be better, no microSD card slot

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