Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: a greatest hits package from the godfather of phablets

Its fingerprint scanner is awkwardly placed and its very expensive, but the battery, screen, camera and stylus are the best on the market

The Galaxy Note 8 has its work cut out for it, righting the wrongs of the maligned Note 7 that came to a fiery end. But with a massive screen, tiny bezels, battery life to go the distance and an excellent stylus, is the Note 8 finally what phablet fans have been asking for?

The Samsung Note series created the phablet category in 2011, defined as a smartphone with a 5in or larger screen. As smartphone screens grew in size to the monsters we have today, a big screen wasn’t enough to differentiate the Note against the competition.

Pros: great battery, impressive screen, water resistant, great camera, great stylus, microSD card slot, wireless charging

Cons: only Android 7.0, no USB-PD, fingerprint scanner placement awkward, expensive, very big for pockets

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