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Yaw HoonJean - The Shadow of Death artwork The Shadow of Death
Yaw HoonJean
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 5, 2016

"the Shadow of Death" is a super exciting SLG RPG stand-alone risk strategy game, in the game you will need to summon legendary heroes, breed and train loyal army to adventure and fight for you. So, please get ready to start a journey of hero!
Build magnificent castles, take part in free and open battle, upgrade your prosperous city, advance your super heroes, make epic equipment explore in various beautiful and incredible sceneries of mountains and rivers and enjoy the fun of challenging battles in the exploration.

Ultra high-definition display
– a brand new 3D lighting effects developed by Unity3D game engine and the 1080p high-definition enable you to enjoy an unprecedented visual feast.

Build you territory, stands ready for challenges
– you need to store huge resources, upgrade your home office, direct and workers to work, occupy and develop rich mines, go to pub to recruit heroes, practice your cavalries in the barracks to let your enemy trembling and explore the unknown fields.

Stand-alone risk strategy game
– You are the entirely dominate of the powerful empire! Getting closer to the iron throne, step by step, to fight a way out of your journey of vengeance.

– A game enables AFK with full sincerity. "the Shadow of Death" is a standalone AFK strategy RPG game. You can get numerous resources without spending much time and energy every day. Leading your troops of heroes to conquer when you gain enough resources!

Ready to lead your heroes? Go ahead to build your own empire and lead your cavalry troops to explore in this free and open strategy game Shadow of Death!

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