Will Make it Rain be the next Flappy Bird?

The addictive free-to-play game racks up $50,000 a day for its developer and is contender for most addictive app of the year

A free game where you simply swipe the screen to make money that can only be spent within the game doesnt sound all that riveting. But, surprisingly, it is and Make it Rain could easily be the next Flappy Bird, a true viral phenomenon.

The free-to-play game for Apples iPhone and Android tasks the player with making money. Happily, this doesn’t involve a zero-hours contract stacking shelves. You start by simply swiping the screen, making it "rain" pound notes. Generate enough cash and you can start to invest your money, perhaps in something innocuous such as a lemonade stand or throw caution to the wind and buy a corrupt politician.

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