AdGuard Review: Is It Any Good? (Alternavites included)

adguard review

This is the detailed AdGuard review you will read on the internet.

The Internet has changed the entertainment world as it was a decade ago. Today, we can access not only subscription-based content but usual television, vintage shows, news, and a lot more. But there are two sides to everything.

Frankly, nobody likes watching advertisements. This advertisement situation has brought us to a time where even prominent antivirus and internet security wouldn’t be able to save you from potential fraud. Fraud and fake advertisements can lead you to malicious websites or worse.

Interestingly, one of the most sought-after services after internet security is advertisement blocking services!

There is no need to be worried, every problem has a solution. We have advertisement blocking services that come at a cheaper rate than most ad-free subscriptions offered by content distributors.

These services can block a wide range of advertisements, providing you with an interference-free Internet browsing and surfing experience.

What is AdGuard?

What is AdGuard

AdGuard is an advertisement blocking service that not only works with browsers but operating systems and mobile devices too. Apart from ad blocking and privacy, AdGuard also offers VPN services.

It provides the user with complete control regarding the kind of advertisements they wish to allow and what data they want to share with the websites.

In service since 2009, AdGuard has over 5 million users or downloads on almost all the platforms covered by them.

AdGuard Review: Is it Any Good?

Under this article, we will be reviewing the user interface, services, and features provided by AdGuard applications. We will also take a look at the different products on offer as well. 

User Interface

AdGuard User Interface

The user interface of AdGuard on every platform sports an informative approach, every option or feature is explained in a simple one-, mightily helpful for first- time users to get the best out of its features. The best part of its user interface is the segregation of information which further makes this app more user friendly.


AdGuard offers a lot of services to its users under its flagship application for Windows. We have classified them into four primary features.

Advertisement Blocking

AdGuard Advertisement Blocking
Advertisement Blocking

For blocking advertisements on the entire system, AdGuard makes use of filters to identify an advertisement. It makes apt use of base filters to block advertisements in English and modify them as per your needs. It uses a tracking protection filter to thwart online trackers and web analytics tools.

Beyond just avoiding, AdGuard essentially can help you maintain a low digital footprint while surfing on the net, keeping your online actions anonymous and prevent location tracking. 

The foremost important filter it uses is the Annoyance filter. Use this to block flashing third party widgets, annoying cookie notices, and in-page pop-ups. Along with blocking filters, it also provides an unblocking filter called Filter unblocking search ads to provide you with the most relevant advertisements based on your searches.

Learn how to best use the unblocking filter in AdGuard.

Browser Security

Browser Security

Browser Security is a one-of-a-kind browser security module from AdGuard that protects malicious redirects and phishing scams. This application will prevent any unauthorized installation into your PC or mobile device, thus protecting you from malware.

Malware easily steals your personal data and makes you prone to more attacks, and requires dedicated anti-malware protection. AdGuard provides it all under a single package.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode - adguard

Already makes you feel like a ninja right? Stealth mode protects your identity and personal information from trackers and online surveillance.

While the application already follows a Spyware filter that can prevent trackers, Stealth Mode is an entirely independent module that can remarkably expand your security, taking your privacy to the ultimate level.

Parental Control

Parental Control

Ever thought about who might be monitoring your children when they are using the internet? The Internet is a vast book and your kids can potentially expose themselves to inappropriate content. AdGuard provides parental control features that will enable you to restrict access accordingly.

It also provides you Enable Safe Search. It will exclude the adult websites and any inappropriate content based upon your sensitivity level from ever showing in the search results.

You are also given the option to prevent your kids from installing any .EXE file by simply checking into the box asking for Block executable files download.

Call it paranoid but even after providing all these features, AdGuard has added passwords for accessing AdGuard in case your uber-smart kid tries to change settings!

What Platforms does AdGuard Work On?

AdGuard is one of the best ad blocking service providers, not just because of its top-quality filters but because of its long list of supported platforms. You need not check and verify whether it will work on your device. The best part is some of the applications are free to use.



You can download the AdGuard Windows application directly from their website right here. Enjoy the 14-day trial period to allow users to ascertain the usability of this application. Note that you will not get access to some features already explained here with the trial version.

The paid version of this application provides advanced features such as Blocking browser API’s to secure your IP address. The application also sports a fully integrated video ads blocker that works on all platforms, be it YouTube or other free streaming applications.



Download AdGuard for Mac here. The design and UI for the Mac version of this application have been developed from scratch. Even though Mac is far less susceptible to malware, there are a lot of phishing websites and this application covers every aspect of the necessary security against such issues.

While some ad blockers fail to release a stable version for Safari or Mac. AdGuard works perfectly with both of them. Consider this one of the best ad-blocking and internet security apps you can use for your Mac PC. You can surf the internet using either Chrome or Safari and leave the adblocking and privacy protection to AdGuard!



AdGuard has been around since 2009, but when Google’s 70% revenues are derived from advertisements, it creates a clash of interest to allow an ad blocker to provide services. This conflict of interest has forced AdGuard to remove their chrome browser app attaché on Android from their list.

The current AdGuard app available on the Google PlayStore works only with Samsung and Yandex browser. Still, this application has maintained a 4.4 rating on Google store while clocking over 5 million downloads as shown in it.

While AdGuard hasn’t completely removed its application from Play Store, you can download a complete version on AdGuard Android from here. Get two options, to either download the app and transfer the file to your android phone or get the download link via SMS. We recommend using the full app for a completely secure experience.



AdGuard for iOS devices hasn’t received an update because of some Apple policies against network-level advertisement blocking applications. The iOS version available on Appstore last received an update in 2018.

This case here is similar to the Android application. But worry not. You can gain access to the complete AdGuard application for iOS devices here. Alternatively, you can download the application by scanning the QR code from the slideshow on the site as well.

AdGuard recommends using the base and Safari filters for optimum service. You can additionally turn on the language filter depending upon your country and try your chances with other filters available on the iOS device.

Browser Extension

Click here to download browser extensions for AdGuard services. It has browser extension versions for all leading and popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Yandex. This version is capable of handling Adblock circumvention scripts that can allow you to visit such websites without having to turn off AdGuard.

In case you have already downloaded the dedicated software for Windows or Mac, you need not download the browser extension for the same. Instead, you can download AdGuard Assistant. This assistant functions as a companion extension for the desktop version. Using this assistant will allow you to access the elemental blocking and whitelisting features available only with desktop applications.


Apart from advertisement blocking and privacy services, AdGuard also provides VPN services for an ultimately safe browsing experience. It includes highly secure encryption algorithms that ensure your online activities remain hidden and anonymous to trackers while also overcoming content geo-isolation.

They are offering 3GB of free VPN access from 29 locations. This service is currently available only for Chrome, Firefox, and Android platforms. But the company has mentioned they are working towards bringing this service on iOS, Windows, and Mac soon.

How does AdGuard work?

How does AdGuard work

AdGuard has two sides – one is advertisements blocking as per your settings, and another is identifying potentially unsafe websites. You will have total control over the blocking services. Easily whitelist any of the channels and websites you intend to watch so that they are considered as an exception.

Its flagship application, AdGuard for Windows is a powerful combination of Privacy Protection and Parental Control, allowing you to monitor and protect your kids from harmful websites and blocking their access to sites as per your choice.

Is AdGuard any Good?

To chalk down the pros –

  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Allows settings/controls for all platforms from one device
  • Single purchase works for multiple devices
  • Available on both monthly and annual subscription
  • Offers lifetime membership
  • Provides parental control and malware protection
  • Has low bandwidth usage
  • Can disable trackers 
  • Can bypass adblocker circumvention scripts
  • Has standalone applications for all supports platforms

Thing is, AdGuard’s more than just an AdBlocking service app. It provides a holistic set of internet security and privacy features, yet to provided together by a single app.

Yes, there are other anti-viruses, anti-malware, VPN services that individually do a better job at it than AdGuard, but considering the AdGuard costs, this is the best value-for-money you can expect.

AdGuard Premium: How much does AdGuard cost?

The prices of AdGuard Premiums services are updated frequently, you can check the current pricing here.

Currently, AdGuard is offering a Family plan for up to 3 devices and a Family plan for up to 9 devices.

Based on this AdGuard review, going Premium is almost definitely worth a try. We find that the prices and features to be totally reasonable, making this application worth a try.

AdGuard Review: Final Verdict

AdGuard does an outstanding job of providing the services claimed by the application. The rising popularity has often forced leading websites to increase their prices. Instead, AdGuard launched a lifetime membership plan. Its features, options, and highly intuitive user-interface can enable anyone to use them without any trouble.

There are applications offering advertisement blocking services but none of them provide such a huge array of features. We recommend using a trial version before purchasing its membership and scrutinize the features as per your requirements.

You can also have a look at a few AdGuard alternatives just in case if you are not impressed with it.

AdGuard Alternatives

There are a large number of alternatives, but we have mentioned the most popular service providers.

1. Adblock Plus

Initially developed and released in 2005 by German software company Eyeo GmbH, this application has had a fair share of controversy over their Acceptable Ads program. Still, Adblock Plus is considered a premium ad-blocking service provider.

2. Ublock Origin

It’s a free and open-source adblocking software having a market presence since 2014. It is available only as browser extensions and works with all modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari (only on versions prior to 13)

3. Ghostery 

Another free and open-source ad-blocking service provider, Ghostery works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, iOS, Android, and Firefox for Android.


Does AdGuard work as a VPN?

Despite AdGuard not offering VPN services in tandem with its ad-blocking service, it offers a decent service in blocking advertisements and blocking trackers, thus protecting user-privacy even without a VPN. But at the same time, it also offers dedicated plans for AdGuard VPN which can be bought from its website.

Is AdGuard safe/legit?

The application is safe for you only if downloaded from their official website. Downloading a free version or lifetime free version from any site doesn’t cover the tag of Safe. AdGuard claims to generate money only through the sales of its premium services and doesn’t engage in third party data selling. A TrustPilot rating of 4.8 and millions of downloads does provide a sense of confidence in the application.

Does AdGuard drain the battery?

Every application no matter the size and feature, if used, will consume some amount of your battery. The Android application available to download through the website has a special feature “Battery Usage” for displaying the performance strain of AdGuard on your smartphone. It shows CPU usage, mobile data usage, Wi-Fi usage, and estimated battery usage.

Is AdGuard for Android free?

The Android version offers a few features for free but for premium service, it is recommended to purchase the multiple device pack that offers up to 9 devices. The Play Store version works only with Yandex and Samsung browser.

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