What is Amazon Renewed? Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Renewed

Buying a brand new product may stretch your budget a bit too far. At times, when you desperately need a product, you can consider settling for a new-like product with a lesser or third-party warranty.

There are options to purchase used products from offline resellers or through consumer-to-consumer sales websites. Most such items are bought from a seller/reseller without any warranty coverage. Risks are aplenty but what if you can get a good deal?

While buying watches, sports equipment, and personal care products won’t have any impact on the warranty. On the other hand, items such as smartphones, laptops, headphones, and electronic devices with warranty coverage, even if used, can be a worthy investment if purchased from a reliable reseller.

What’s the bottomline?

As long as the product comes with warranty coverage, you can rest assured that your investment does not go waste.

And when it comes to customer service and warranty covers, Amazon Renewed is arguably the best reseller around.

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed is a service offering refurbished and out-of-the-box products at a discounted price as compared to the original unboxed products. Refurbished products sold over Amazon are the devices returned by users for any possible reason, packages damaged during transit, some minor defects, etc. Amazon also resells the products exchanged by users for an extra discount on a new one.

Every renewed product specifically mentions the moniker Renewed at the beginning of its name. The company mostly removes all cosmetic damages, but there might be some signs of earlier usage which may be present. Most devices operating on batteries are dispatched after charging them to 80% of their capacity before shipping.

How does Amazon Renewed work?

How does Amazon Renewed work

Amazon gathers the returned, replaced, or transit damaged devices, which are then reviewed by a qualified technical expert for flaws and complications. Any flaw, be it a damaged surface, dents, or scratched screen are replaced with original components. Generic accessories are used for replacing any damaged or worn-out accessories with the new product.

Only after refurbishing the product and checking its performance is it allowed for listing as a renewed item for sale with discounts as an Amazon Renewed. In some cases, renewed items bought from Amazon even come with the original warranty provided. Even though the delivery of renewed products is not with the original packaging, the products come with a decent brown packaging, customary to Amazon and can only be aesthetically downgraded.

The selection for renewed sellers is completed only after heavily scrutinizing their customer ratings and prior performance. Only a select few sellers are allowed to sell their products as/on Amazon Renewed. All products sold via Amazon Renewed comes with a 6-months supplier-backed warranty. If there is no warranty card with the product, the brand’s authorized service center will be covering the warranty.

Amazon Renewed Review

We will be reviewing the renewed service provided by Amazon considering its reliability, warranty, and worth. We will also cover the warranty claiming process in this review. Other than that, we will also be comparing the services offered by Amazon Renewed with the alternatives.

What Products Can You Get Under Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed Products type

Amazon Renewed provides all kinds of products from Electronics ranging from cameras, all kinds of computer peripherals, headphones, home audio, mobile phones, portable sound, vision, Sat Nav, GPS, navigation & accessories, televisions, wearable technology, and more.

Their automotive range covers products such as rear camera and navigation devices, video game products such as gaming consoles and other peripherals, sports equipment for varied sports, and smartwatches.

The Renewed section has a host of household products ranging from Stationery as well including office stationery supplies and educational supplies. It also has a huge range of products in Health, Households, Personal Care, Home improvement, Music Instruments, Lighting, Toys, Office Products, among others.

Amazon Renewed Products

Purchasing electronic goods from Amazon Renewed includes some of the best deals on the market. Products under Amazon Renewed come with a 6-month seller warranty. These warranties are not on par with the manufacturer’s warranty, but they do assist with customer satisfaction.

Is Amazon Renewed Reliable?

Renewed Reliability

Amazon Renewed products might be sourced from multiple sources, but these are refurbished as a new product before listing them for sale. As Amazon allows returns, refunds, and exchange offers with its products, they will continue to have a stockpile of products in different segments. So, it is safe to presume that this service will continue in the longer run.

Since Amazon selects only sellers with strong customer reviews, the service automatically boasts of reliability. Backed by 6 months seller warranty, few products are additionally backed by Amazon Renewed Guarantee. There is no black sheep to point out in this service.

Buy the latest refurbished goods with huge festive offers and additional card discounts of up to 15% from certified Amazon refurbished electronics.

What is Amazon Renewed Guarantee?

Renewed products sold on Amazon are not like the typical second-hand items that you can purchase from your neighbor or relative for deep discounts. By changing the defective parts for a new-like user experience, these devices are given a second life by Amazon sellers. Even so, as most of the listed products were either exchanged and/or returned by users, Amazon sensed a requirement for providing a guarantee on renewed products.

Intending to woo more consumers with the renewed program, Amazon has started providing a 90-day refund or return period to allow users peace of mind while buying a refurbished or renewed product. With this guarantee, the buyers get quality assurance over their product. If an issue arises within this guarantee period, they can ask for an exchange or a complete refund of the original amount

Amazon does reserve the right to decline a return or refund request of a customer if Amazon finds the user to be abusing the guarantee coverage. It gives the user assurance over two issues.

  • User satisfaction Any unsatisfied user is provided with a guarantee for return or refund within 90 days of receipt of the original order. The guarantee period gets an extension of one year in the case of Amazon Renewed phones, especially iPhones. There will be no deductions over the refunds for the period of usage.
  • Quick Support – Amazon offers a free instant troubleshooting process from a single contact. User dissatisfaction can’t always be because of performance issues, and sometimes troubleshooting can resolve these issues very easily.

Amazon Renewed Guarantee does not cover every renewed product. Those covered under this scheme are mentioned specifically in the product information page. This guarantee only covers user-dissatisfaction with product performance. Things like theft, accidental damage, water damage, or tampering with the product post-delivery are not a part of this guarantee program.

Is Amazon Renewed worth it?

Is Amazon Renewed worth it

The products are defect-free, comes with an Amazon Renewed guarantee for 90 days free return or refunds. Amazon also provides quick troubleshooting services to recheck the quality issues. Amazon Renewed not only reduces the cash burden on buyers but also helps take care of a huge pile of potential e-wastage.

Renewed products are mostly bought by cash-strapped users to purchase an item typically beyond their budget constraints as an unboxed item. Hence, this process has helped in recycling products, most of which are in as good as new conditions. This service helps solve the dual problem of environmental impact from e-wastes and expenses in managing the stockpile of returned and exchanged products. 

Without a doubt, Amazon Renewed is worth it.


After going through the return policies, price differences, warranty aspects, and customer reviews about renewed products, we found all the products to be in good as new conditions. The deals are fair, considering the price difference between the unboxed and fresh products.

But users should exercise caution while purchasing stuff from poorly rated sellers as it might be an issue during warranty. Sift through user reviews related to an Amazon Renewed product before buying.


What is the Difference Between Amazon Renewed and Refurbished?

Renewed and Refurbished have no difference in terms of use, Amazon policies, and other governing factors. All unboxed products are named renewed, irrespective of whether they are repaired, cleaned, or whether there was any extensive parts exchange.

Technically, renewed products are inspected and tested to work like a new device, which is backed by Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Refurbished products, on the other hand, are the products exchanged by the users, which might have changed parts.

Is Amazon Renewed trustworthy?

Users need to understand that Amazon is not the actual seller of such products. It’s just a service bringing together sellers and potential buyers. Amazon generates profits from the services they provide the necessary platform to buyers and sellers, not concerning actual sale and purchase of goods.

Each product sold over Renewed comes from sellers, and only they are liable for any warranty and refunds. Amazon can try to fast-track these processes, but ultimately it relies on the support provided by the sellers. The products from Amazon certified and reputed sellers are always trustworthy.

Can Amazon Renewed Products Be Returned?

All Amazon products including Amazon Renewed products are backed by their return policy. Further on, Amazon have introduced a 90-day return period with their Renewed products in specific markets, luckily including the US.

Amazon doesn’t indulge in favoritism over renewed or new products. Amazon’s Return Policies apply to all the renewed products. Go through the Amazon policies before placing your order. Unsatisfied customers can always return their purchased product, as per the return policy.

Are Amazon Renewed Laptops Good?

Laptops and smartphones are among the most commonly sold items on Amazon Renewed. When narrowing it down to just renewed laptops, we recommend fishing for products with the latest specifications. Renewed laptops are definitely on par with new devices and will help you find an out of budget product for a discount. You can even consider gaming laptops or gaming monitors from Amazon Renewed. However, make sure to check for user reviews first.