AOC G2590FX Review: Is It Any Good For Gaming?

AOC G2590FX Review

The AOC G2590FX is one of the best selling gaming monitors available in the market for quite a while. Taking into consideration its rapid 1ms response or 144Hz blazing fast refresh rate, anyone can easily get intimidated.

But when we see other 4ms AGON/AOC models with the slightest variation as suggestions, we lose our train of thoughts.

We know, with so many options at hand, one’s bound to get confused and overwhelmed.

That’s why we have come up with our genuine unbiased AOC G2590FX Review in the simplest way possible.

Review of AOC G2590FX Gaming Monitor

Image Quality

AOC G2590FX is a budget-friendly gaming monitor for novice and semi-professional gamers. It offers faster response time, optimum refresh rate, and low input lag that comes with both Freesync and Gsync support.  

AOC G2590FX Front

The AOC G2590FX comes with a 24.5-inch TN panel manufactured by AU Optronics. As an upgraded TN model to its previous versions, the monitor offers a slightly improved viewing experience.

However, the large screen is not its only appreciable factor. The monitor comes with the capability of generating 400 nits of brightness.

Meanwhile, other models with a similar price level can only offer you around 300 nits.

The monitor supports 8-bit color and covers 96 percent of the sRGB color gamut, resulting in a richer and vivid color display in low-light situations.

If compared with expensive IPS panels, the colors in TN panels may miss a few details.

However, in terms of performances, it’s very hard for any other panel to complete with TN.

By the way, one hardly has time to appreciate tiny color details in between fast-paced games.

Besides, you get the usual 170/160 degree viewing angle. Meaning, you may accept a little shift in color and contrast on the screen when looked from skewed angles.

However, that’s hardly matters if you stick to the ergonomic way.

Apart from a FHD resolution, the monitor offers a generous screen real estate, including a copious amount of details.

It’s not hidden that most people abstain from buying TN panels since they have a reputation for delivering washed-out colors.

However, the AOC G2590FX Review can change your viewpoint. Honestly, AOC did a great job of altering that negative connotation associated with TN panels.

Generally, the AOC G2590FX stands tall as a true gaming monitor by offering millions of pixels at high refresh rates.

Contrary to popular belief, the TN panels surprisingly don’t suffer from any dreadful viewing angles or weak color generation.

Design & Connectivity

The AOC G2590FX monitor features an ultra-thin matte-finished black bezel with a red accent, comprising a glamourous gaming monitor look.

Besides, it comes with a tilted stand without a VESA pattern mount option. For connectivity, you get a display port with two HDMI ports, one VGA port, and a headphone jack.

AOC G2590FX Back

The monitor features HDMI 1.4 and display port 1.2 versions. To clarify, the display port 1.2 supports a maximum bit rate of 21.6 GB per second including bi-directional data transfer at a rate of 720 MB per second.

It also supports up to 3840*2160 pixels with a refresh rate of 60 Hz including all common 3D video formats.

Meanwhile, HDMI 1.4 offers a similar resolution as the display play port but supports up to 30 Hz of refresh rate.

Thanks to the built-in Freesync feature, which helps you, achieve a refresh rate up to 144 HZ. Meanwhile, to leverage the advantage of the G-Sync, you have to connect the monitor via display port only.


The monitor includes a great OSD menu featuring a myriad of options. You can easily navigate through the OSD menu through the joystick at the rear of the monitor.

Apart from accessing the OSD menu, the joystick serves multiple purposes such as swapping in between input sources as well as accessing the ‘Game mode’ by dialing it towards left.

The mode allows you to change your monitor settings as per your gaming preferences like FPS, RTS, racing, and many more.

Furthermore, the monitor also comes equipped with few stellar features like ‘AOC shadow control’ and ‘game color’.

The features add an extra value to your display by enhancing gamma values and colors gamut of the screen.

As a result, some images and objects appear more visible, especially while playing games with a dark background.

Moreover, the monitor comes with four Overdrive options to customize the speed and response rate.

Further, if you have an AMD or NVidia graphics card, then you can use the free sync and G-sync feature of the monitor to overclock the refresh rate to full 144HZ.

In other words, you can reap the full benefit of the refresh rates as well as remove stuttering and screen tearing issues during gameplay.

Surprisingly, the monitor offers a variable refresh rate (VRR) ranging between 30 to 144 Hz/fps, which is quite fascinating as most monitors only offer VRR from 40 to 144hz/fps.


The most interesting factor about this monitor is its low input lag due to its faster image processing speed, which offers quite an advantage for fast-paced gamers.

In standard mode, the monitor generates an input lag of 4ms on an average.

Meanwhile, if you play competitive and fast-paced games, then you can witness the input lag dropping as low as 1ms. Apart from that, issues like motion blur and ghosting also remain to its minimal.

The maximum refresh rate the AOC G2590FX provides is up to 144HZ, which is an ideal rate you can expect from a gaming monitor in this range.

You may feel a little skeptical about the fact that it has a TN panel. However, you can hardly notice any difference and for that, as the monitor uses a different modulation to adjust screen brightness and not the standard pulse-width modulation.

As a result, you receive a clear, crispy, and flicker-free screen.


AOC G2590FX Side

The manufacturer has rolled out three variants of this series of monitors. The AOC G2590FX features a 25-inch 3-sided frameless full HD display monitor with a black rear body and a lavish red-color lower panel on the front.

The second variant of AOC G2590PX flaunts the same 3-sided frameless display with a 144 Hz refresh rate.

Although there is around $50 difference between the two as in AOC G2590PX, you will get a height-adjustable stand, which is missing in the Fx model.

Your third option is the G2590PF model that includes a fully framed bevel with an ergonomic height-adjustable stand similar to the PX model.

The monitor comes with some additional connectivity ports like a DVI port, 1 HDMI-MHL port, 4 USB 2.0 port, one fast-charging port, and one upstream USB port.


The AOC G2590FX is a mid-range gaming monitor that’s may cost you somewhere in between $200-$500.

However, if you do not mind spending more bucks, then you can check out some other 240HZ models such as Acer XF250Q or LG 27GK75B-B.

However, if you need something in the IPS panel then the AOC 24G2 may serve as a great choice.

Both the models are budget-friendly and provide decent image quality.

However, you may have to set put with a compromise with a lower refresh rate. Although the input lag in both the models is lower, some presence of motion blur in 24G2 and black smearing in c24g1 is evident.

End Thoughts

Overall, the monitor comes with a lavish bezel-less frame, a great number of connectivity ports, a higher refresh rate, and a lower input lag. In this AOC G2590FX Review, we can undoubtedly say that the G2590FX beautifully covers all the potential one expects from a gaming monitor especially if you compare the features to other monitors in a budget-friendly price range. Let us know in the comment section if we missed something important.