ASUS MX279h Review: Is It Still Worth The Money?

ASUS MX279h Review

After years of manufacturing simple display devices, ASUS finally tried its hands towards bringing a designer device to the table with enough performance oomph added in as well. ASUS MX279H specs are still competitive for a normal user given the fact that it was launched 7 years ago in 2013. It was undoubtedly the best-looking monitor released back in the day.

We will be reviewing the ASUS MX279H and breakdown its features, design, and specifications. We will also be comparing this monitor with other displays available today in the same price and specs bracket.

ASUS MX279H Review



The MX279H sports an ultra-slim frameless design with an edge of 0.8 mm. It comes with a round-shaped stand for mounting, just what makes this display oeuvre d’art. The bottom section of the display features a CNC engraved ASUS brandling with touch-sensitive tactile buttons on the right-hand side of the display.

The round mounting stand features a dual-tone finish – glossy inside matt outside. The same design aesthetics have been carried over to the desktop monitor, which features a matt finish at the front and comes with a black gloss finish on the outside.

The matt display makes working in bright conditions easier as no light is reflected off the screen and even prevents the need for frequent cleaning. While the gloss at the back is not visible when using against the wall, it is a fingerprint magnet, and using it as an office desk will require frequent cleaning.

The stand enables the display to be tilted up to +20 degrees to -5 degrees, while the display itself offers a viewing angle of 178 degrees.


ASUS MX279H Display

The MX279H combining black and silver color makes it comparably better looking than even the Apple iMac.

First things first, this is a 27-inch monitor with a minor bezel to hold the display together. The FHD 1080P display with a pixel density of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a smart contrast ratio of 80,00,000:1 and a brightness of 250 nits, which is sufficient for indoor personal and office use. But having such low nits value can make it incapable of performing in a highly lit room.

This display features ASUS Eye Care tech, a combination of flicker-free display, powered by Smart Dynamic Backlit Adjustments and reduced blue light emissions. It works by avoiding lower brightness and prevents eye fatigue/irritation.

The lower blue light emission is certified to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue lights can directly pass through the eyes, which can cause myopia and macular degeneration, especially in children.

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ASUS displays are among the best in the industry when it comes to reduced optical strain courtesy of its dedicated brightness and contrast settings. These are not the brightest or the best display screens around, but they will help you avoid optical damage common with long usage hours.


ASUS MX279H Connectivity

As the MX279H was first launched in 2013, it comes short on USB connectivity as compared to display available today. But it does offer a dual HDMI connection, allowing you to connect more than two displays or other devices including cameras, Blu- ray players, and gaming consoles. It also comes with a VGA input to allow connectivity with a CPU.

Other connectivity options available with this monitor are a PC audio-in, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a power cord. It will allow you external sound connectivity and power connections. While the monitor itself comes with dual 3W stereo speakers with a resonance of over 100cc.


Coming down to the features provided with MX279H, it is powered by Sonicmaster sound technology combined with high-quality audio.

Despite using an IPS display panel, the MX279H offers a dynamic refresh rate from 30 in low and 60 in high with the help of Adaptive frame sync, their homegrown frame rate synchronization device. With an aspect ratio of 1.78:1, this monitor is a perfect 1080P display.

The control button on the desktop is touch-sensitive, which makes it easier to identify the presses and navigate through the menu.

ASUS MX279H: Alternatives

Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch

Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch

Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch display monitor comes with an Infinity Edge display offering 2560 x 1440 pixels resolutions, i.e. 2K display outputs. Where the ASUS scores on aesthetics and curves, this Dell scores just as much on minimalism. This device offers a 60Hz refresh rates and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: Around $370

2. Philips 27 inch Rimless

Philips 27 inch Rimless

A 1080P Full HD IPS display with a frameless design, Philips 27-inch offers 124% of sRGB lighting and comes with FreeSync pre-installed. Philips 27-inch monitor comes with a 4-year replacement warranty. This rimless display monitor offers a flicker-free and low blue light experience and delivers up to 75 Hz refresh rates. Just like the ASUS MX279h, the monitor also features a chrome finish rectangular stand.

Price: Around $145

3. LG 24 inch Infinity Display

LG 24 inch Infinity Display

LG 24-inch Infinity offers up to 99% of sRGB at 1080P resolutions. This is a 60 Hz display and among the best around when it comes to picture clarity and hue depth. You get a number of user modes including split-screen, Arcade design, Black stabilizer, Reader mode, etc. It’s quite a looker as well just like the ASUS Mx279h with the curved stand at the bottom and the low 2.5mm bezels all around.

Price: Around $200

Should you Buy the ASUS MX279H?

If you are looking for a 27-inch display that can consistently manage low FPS gaming and entertainment, this is it. The ASUS MX279h is a budget monitor with a 27-inch display that looks great on your worktable or with your desktop setup.

Priced at well under $200, the value-for-money is exceptional considering the aesthetics on offer as well as the performance. It’s cheaper than the Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch display which, although, delivers a lot more on features and justifiably priced much higher. It’s competitively priced with other 24-inch displays with nearly the same features.

This is not a gaming monitor, delivering only 60 Hz. And neither does it offer above 1080P resolutions.


For what it does offer for less than 200 bucks, you should buy the ASUS MX279H.


Devices such as monitors can never be generalized. Getting a 4K video monitor for writing office documents makes no sense. So is using a 1080P monitor to edit video content or a 60 Hz display for gaming.

However, if it’s about a budget buy, you may not get anything better than this large 27-inch, expertly designed, and well featured ASUS display!