Best Motherboard For i7 8700k in 2021 (Updated List)

Best Motherboard For I7 8700K

We know gamers are usually not interested in technical information. They just want to upgrade their PC to fulfill their specific requirements. If they do not know the specific requirements, they can be at-loss of buying inappropriate motherboards.

So we have checked the online data and discussed it with the relative experts and came up with this list of the best i7 8700k motherboards.

The best manufacturers in the market are ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte. Also, ASRock’s motherboards have their place in the market. The motherboards included in the compiled list have unique cooling features that are compatible with Intel 8th and 9th generation processors.

Each board we have selected has its unique place in both execution and worth. So just upgrade your next PC with one of these i7 8700k motherboards. You don’t need to worry about the quality as each selected motherboard is made up of durable materials.

Best Motherboard For i7 8700k

1. MSI Z370 Gaming M5


The MSI Z370 GAMING M5 has been designed for a more natural way to troubleshoot. It is gaming certified, which ensures 24 hours online and offline non-stop gaming.

It has high-resolution BIOS that can scale the font and search function as per your need. Similarly, its high-quality audio processor with Nahimic 2+ gives an excellent gaming experience.

All of this gives it a due place in the list of one of the best motherboards for i7 8700k.  

Highlighted Features

OC Engine 2

The function of OC Engine 2 is to give maximum performance. Now with OC Engine 2, you don’t need to worry about your settings. Due to this, you can take full advantage while playing.

Separate Layers Of The Board

The board is separated into two layers; the upper layer is the primary (main) board. While accessories are attached in the lower layer.

SATA Ports

It has 8 SATA ports, 2 USB 3.0 development ports, and 6 PCIe spaces.

Upgradation & Modification

It provides further up-gradation with the MSI Mystic Light utility. You can customize your PC with 16.8 million colors and 17 beautiful effects.

You can even modify it with 3D-printable parts offered by MSI MOD HUB.

Different motherboards have appeared in the market since the launch of the i7 8700k and hands down, MSI Z370 is an outstanding motherboard for i7 8700. It has proven itself to be the best in the tests for performance checking.

The only caution is that you need to consider the price thoroughly, but still, it is worth it.


  • For fast next-generation storage, it has provided necessary and modernized equipment.
  • Its dark design gives it an attractive and unique look.
  • Great overclocking option (As discussed above)


  • Along the bottom edge, the layout is crowded.
  • No provision of the M connector.
  • For the rear I/O, more USB 3.0.

2. ASUS Rog Maximum XI Hero Z390 (Wi-Fi):


The gaming audio i.e., Supreme Fx and Sonic Studio III for ASUS Rog Maximus XI Hero Z390, provides excellent accuracy for audio.

This motherboard is specially made for the 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors. It’s Safe-slot and premium components ensure optimal durability.

Highlighted Features

SSD Cooling Option via Heat Sink

The heat produced is controlled by the heat sink, which keeps SSD fresh. Its built-in IC helps in protecting each fan header from over-current and over-temperature.

Built-in Asus AI Overclocking

This feature makes tuning effective and quicker. Accessible in Windows through the UEFI, it channels the CPU and cooling process to prepare for the best individual framework.

5-Way Optimization

It provides an Overclocking feature managed with AI and self-adjusted tuning through this optimization.

Water Cooling Zones For Cooling

It is equipped with a dedicated header for water cooling along with M.2 heatsink and fan managing technology.

If you are working with Gigabyte, MSI, etc. and want to purchase only ASUS, then this is what you need to consider seriously. This will satisfy you with its high quality, reliability, and execution.


  • It has eye-catching neutral aesthetics.
  • Provides excellent “out of box” performance, Good RGB LED implementation,
  • It has a unique BIOS and excellent audio. 


  • Unsophisticated VRM design, Overclocking,
  • Not so great software bloat.



The Gigabyte Designare Z390 is a great decision to take with the LGA 1151 attachment type. It has provided excellent options to make it compatible with any 8th or 9th Generation Intel Core processors.

Highlighted Features

Availability of 4 DIMM Slots

By giving you 4 DIMM slots, it smoothly provides the support for DDR4 memory.

Advanced Thermal Design

For heat dissipation, it has a superior thermal design. This helps heat scattering in keeping your board fresh, which is particularly significant during overclocking.

Smart Fan Technology

The smart-fan technology stops working automatically during low load.

Excessive USB slots

If you’ve redesigned your gear to USB-C, then no worries, still you’ll get two or three USB-C ports provided on the IO.

Digital power supply design

To prevent overclocking during the full-load situation, the server-level digital power supply design is there to the rescue.

For gaming, visuals, video editing, and alteration, this board stands out as one of its kind.

For network related queries, it uses the Killer+ Intel dual Gigabit NIC design to make the game flow smooth.


  • It has excellent, stabilized performance, and a flexible PCIe Lane Configuration.
  • Built-in full-specifications thunderbolt three ports that work with 8K pass-through from DisplayPort 1.4 graphics cards.
  • The price for the added features seems to be reasonable.


  • It could use Additional Fan Headers for better efficiency.
  • It has no High-Speed Multi-Gig Ethernet
  • It has a mediocre CPU Overclocking.



To provide you with a lively experience, the four PCI openings of the motherboard serves this dire need. It has four ultra-durable graphics card along with multicultural I/O spread on the left-hand side.

Highlighted Features

DDR4 Memory

It has support for DDR4 memory up to 4600(OC) MHz

Mystic Light Infinity

It’s compatible with both RGB and Rainbow LED strip. This provides 16.8 million colors and 29 impressions with just one click.

Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard in the DIMM slots contains a standard two-digit debug display with OLED layout to convey bits of data. 

Additional Support For M.2 Drives

The board has support for three M.2 drives, which is rare in the market to be found within this price range.

It’s killer xTend works with onboard switch and wireless extender. This has a brand named their RGB innovation and has stepped up its standards.


  • Unique fit and finishing look.
  • Excellent overclocking ability.
  • Latest-gen Killer 1550 Wi-Fi availability.
  • Excellent Audio


  • Expensive as per the amount
  • Storage performance not as per the price.
  • No availability of 10Gbps ethernet.



It is specifically designed to take into account the gaming needs. Supported by the 8th and 9th era of Intel processors, the great thing is that it has an LGA1151 attachment.

Highlighted features

Type-A & Type-C Connectors

It provides great gaming connectivity experience with Dual M.2 and USB 3.1 Generation 2 Type-A & C Connectors. 


The I/O shield and ASUS safe-slot aremounted, to guarantee life-span and dependability simultaneously.

Presence of heat-stinks for NVME drives

The motherboard accompanies heatsinks for the NVME drives, which ensures that the SSDs remain at the ideal temperature level.

Synchronized LED Lightning

The Aura Sync RGB, along with RGB strips, ensures channelized lightning with PC gear compatibility.

All over this makes it on the qualifying list of an excellent motherboard for i7 8700.

On the other side, the E-arrangement assures a similar arrangement of highlights. When compared with the Z390-E arrangement, the cost proves to be more affordable.


  • The DDR 4000MT/s has OC capability
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi availability
  • Ample fan headers to keep the system cool
  • USB provision is suitable for efficient working of USB


  • It doesn’t have any unique quality which stands out from others.
  • Only one onboard RGB lighting zone adds to the cons.

6. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC


The design has got its inspiration from the appearance of supercars. Due to which it provides a wide variety of colors to personalize easily. The motherboard has a collection of MSI tools that offer a pleasant gaming experience.

It has savvy equipment, too, that draws out the best form of the software.

Highlighted Features

The mid-high finish of MSI entrants

This motherboard stuffs out the mid-high finish of MSIs with different amazing attributes.

Great color scheme

With the highly contrasting black and white color scheme, it gives a grand color scheme through the carbon lineup.

Support for SLI and Crossfire-X

It utilizes Intel’s most recent Z390 chipset, which offers assistance with SLI and Crossfire-X support, and refined sound yield.

RGB and Rainbow LED

Mystic light is provided with twenty-nine effects, which supports RGB and Rainbow LED strip.

If your sound/video creation is a part of your work, then the rendering work makes sure that the loading time of the game gets faster.

So this makes its presence possible in the list as the best motherboard for i7 8700.


  • Easy to use straightforward installation.
  • It looks as good as it performs, useful features.
  • Right size to build on.


  • It doesn’t come with to-the-point screws pictures to use to attach with the motherboard.
  • No mounting screw packed with the motherboard.

7. Gigabyte Z390 UD


As the GIGABYTE’s Z390 UD presents to you some superior execution, our market research proves that it is an excellent decision for any PC work. Same to work with the i7-8700k, it utilizes the LGA 1151 attachment.

Highlighted Features

Ultra-durable Armor

One of the unique aspects of this motherboard is that it’s utilizing PCIe Ultra Durable Armor, which makes the PCIe slots durable. This permits you to have a leverage of putting heavier and larger video cards in here. Due to this compatibility, you don’t need to stress over the breaking of the slots after some time.

Strong plated pin-power connectors

This Z390 UD motherboard will be suited to your abilities if you are serious about overclocking. That is because GIGABYTE’s Z390 motherboards include strong plated ATX 24pin and ATX 12V 8pin + 4pin power connectors, which makes it under control to guarantee the CPU a generally stabilized flow of electric power which is so essential for overclocking.

Smart Fan 5 innovative technology

The presence of a few thermal sensors surrounding the motherboard makes the PC keep up its optimum performance with its Smart Fan 5 technology. All of this is kept in check while maintaining the temperature under control.


  • Affordable price
  • VRM used is decent
  • Easy Crossfire Compatibility


  • Absence of USB 3.1 Gen 2
  • No Integrated Wi-Fi option.
  • SLI Compatibility option is absent.

8. ASROCK Z 370 Extreme 4


With a pleasantly low cost, the ASRock Z370 Extreme4 is a competent gaming motherboard. It is exclusively designed to control vivid VR and gaming encounters. It includes a large group of highly advanced innovations to convey the best performance while providing uncompromising quality.

Highlighted Features

Greater boost

When playing games or just searching through the web, the ASRock Hyper DDR4 improves the DDR4 memory module to give a more considerable impetus to the working efficiency.

Brilliant signal-to-signal noise ratio

By working-out audiophile-grade equipment segments and sound arrangements, the ASRock Z370 Extreme4 can convey impressive sound execution and offer a 120 dB signal-to-signal noise ratio.

Steel reinforced slots

You can introduce a high-quality graphics card with a massive custom cooler to prevent the risk of breakage of slot due to the weight of the card. This possible prevention is provided with two steel-reinforced PCI-E slots.

Similar detailed care can be found all over the motherboard, which makes the future products more exciting and deserving to be placed in the best motherboard for i7 8700.


  • Excellent and smooth performance
  • Reasonable overclocking abilities are justified and reasonable
  • RGB lighting option is available
  • 8th Gen CPU support is present
  • Gives smooth sturdier feelings


  • Big overclocks require considerably more voltage to act efficiently
  • Provides fewer features if compared, as per price with other motherboards
  • No error-code readout can be observed

9. Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7


The Gigabyte Z370 has been in the market for a long time. It has developed an exceptional comprehension of the exact need for gamers. The GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard has focused on only those gaming fans who just want the best for their gaming machine. As a result, it has made its mark in the gaming community.

Highlighted Features

Thermal guard technology

To prevent the throttling and bottlenecks from M.2 gadgets, the Thermal Guard technology scatters the heat before it turns into an issue.

RGB Fusion lightning framework

Due to its RGB Fusion lighting framework, the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard supports up to 300 LEDs. Because of this, it offers clients the choice to control and modify available RGB and external light strips.

Optimal data transfer rates

It has highlighted three M.2 connectors to accomplish informative data transfer rates of up to 32 Gbps.

Smart Fan-5 framework

To keep the gaming rigs running at an ideal, controlled temperature, the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard is provided with the Smart Fan 5 framework. With it, clients can use nine temperature sensors, eight fan/water pump connectors, and a UI to keep the heat in control.


  • BIOS Design is familiar which makes it easy to use
  • M.2 and PCIe slot distribution is available
  • Presence of Two USB 3.1 Gen 1 front panel ports for smooth functioning
  • Option for USB 3.1 Gen 2 front panel port is there
  • More than enough lighting options, which makes it unique.


  • MOSFET /VRM Design is not impressive
  • Time taking process of recognition of 32 GB during first installation/post CMOS clear (F6 UEFI)
  • Four SATA cables are available for a motherboard with six native SATA ports


We hope you’re now aware of the pros and cons of all these motherboards and probably have found the right one for yourself. This list will help you out in a great deal, even if you are just searching for gaming up-gradation.

Our personal choice lies in the selection of MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE as the best i7 8700k motherboard. The reason being that with less monetary issues, a great, advanced gaming motherboard will be at your hand with some finesse performance along with triple M.2 space and more VRM phases.

Similarly, as already discussed in the intro, the motherboards listed above are all from well-recognized brands, which prove our point that we don’t compromise on quality while recommending best motherboards for i7 8700k and ensure proper assembling and execution.

So which kind of motherboard made your mouth watered? Tell us as well.

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