The 11 Best Personal Assistant Apps In 2021

Best Alexa Alternatives

It feels great when you get a smart voice responding to your verbal requests every now and then. A personal assistant app plays songs, checks the weather, reads the news, and does many more by creating an effective communication channel between you and your connected devices.

There are many choices available when it comes to having a virtual assistant app in your device. They can streamline your relationship with technology to automate most of your daily tasks with ease.

Here is our unbiased research on the best AI assistant apps to go for in 2021.

Best Personal Assistant Apps

1. Alexa

Alexa voice Personal Assistant Apps

If you’re an Android user, Alexa would be your ideal voice assistant application. Download and install it from the Google Play store to enjoy superior Alexa features. Just say “Okay Google, Open Alexa” and make it do phone calls, read/text messages, play music, set alarms, and many more.

Alexa can also access information related to local directories such as restaurants, movie theaters, nearby offices, phone numbers, and more. You can also create to-do and shopping lists on screen and let Alexa read out to you for confirmation.

It would be your smart home device control application and a hands-free access to thousands of third party applications. But there are certain limitations to it. For example, it can only play music stored in your device.

Sadly, it can’t access your music library from Amazon, Pandora or Spotify account.

The app is useful for both phones and Wear OS watches. In case, there is no speaker in your watch, you can sync with your phone’s speaker. Indeed it’s the best Android voice assistant, for sure.

2. Bixby


Bixby is the best virtual assistant app specially designed for Samsung products. Bixby is all about ‘learning, evolving, and adapting’. It learns your voice and offers you personalized answers.

You can use it to send texts, call someone, and search images directly through the camera. Moreover, it also allows you to receive customized information such as weather systems, news, articles, setting reminders, etc.

Apart from smartphones, you can find it across many devices like Samsung TVs and Family Hub Fridge, etc.

Like most AI solutions, Bixby is contextually aware. Meaning, you don’t have to go on extreme detailing while conversing with the app. It also has the dexterity to conduct complicated tasks through voice, such as mirroring your phone screen, taking selfies & sharing on Facebook.  

Bixby listens to your voice, interprets it, and returns personalized results. As the app keeps evolving, the more you use it, the more it will learn about you. 

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant enhances your user-experience as it derives its information from the almighty ‘Google.’ Google Assistant is the best personal assistant app that returns more accurate results in voice search.

While Alexa takes you directly to the Amazon store during online purchases Google Assistant lets you order things online from a wide range of online stores.

The only downside of Google Assistance is that you will see some changes in user-experience based on your device. However, it also supports multiple-device integration to give you a more improved user experience.

For example, Using Pixel stand, you can turn Google Pixel into a mini smart display. Google Assistant is compatible with a lot of Google-based as well as third party devices.

You can find this Assistant in all nest devices, smart lights like Philips, Lightwave & Lifx Nanoleaf. Moreover, it also supports Thermostats, Chromecast, and sockets from TP-Link & Belkin.

Although Alexa offers better smart home integration, Google Assistant brings a bigger brain and social skills on the table. 

4. Siri


Siri is by far the most humorous and intelligent personal Assistant that easily detects any kind of accents and dialects.

When it comes to answering questions, Siri scores next to Google Assistant (92.9%) with an accuracy of 83.1%. If you need more than a simple AI-based Virtual Assistance, then Siri is your answer. Interaction with Siri is more funny and witty; a feature mostly lacks in other virtual assistants. 

It comes in a box with Apple devices, offering full compatibility with all major smart home devices and open apps. It allows you to call, text, set reminders, and alarms.

The Assistant is also known for humorously presenting online results. The only limitation with Siri is that you can only enjoy it on Apple devices like iPhones, iPods, AirPods, MacBooks, Apple watches, etc.

If your car comes with Apple CarPlay, you can also enjoy this personal assistant app for iPhone by installing an iOS device. 

5. Robin


Robin is primarily the best in-car virtual assistant app providing fast online results such as nearby sites, driving routes, restaurants, and other en-route information.

It comes with an old-school UI with a large R button in the center. Simply wave your hand in front of your phone twice to activate the voice assistant.

The magic doesn’t end here. If you ask for gas prices, this app will locate you at the nearest gas station and read out the price aloud. When stuck in busy traffic, ask Robin. It will find you the nearest parking garages.

You can also use Robin for setting the alarm, reminders, weather, and news information. Besides, Robin can update your Facebook and Twitter feed on your behalf. You can also ask it to take a picture, play songs, open apps, and read emails, etc.

Although Robin offers everything you want in a Car Assistant, it falters a little while providing other transportation information as flight information or bus routes. Despite having good features, Robin has a long way to go for competing against industry giants like Alexa, Google, Siri, etc.

6. DataBot


DataBot is a feature-rich voice assistant that comes with a myriad of interesting modules backed by sophisticated search & voice recognition algorithm. Unlike Alexa, Siri, or Google- DataBot uses multiple search portals like Google, Wikipedia, RSS feeds, etc. Meaning, you get more precise answers to your search query.

No time to reply while driving? Don’t worry as DataBot has you covered. Respond to your emails, SMSes, and Social Network feeds just with a voice command.

The app also allows you to create a spectacular multimedia presentation within minutes. Its algorithms carefully analyse the information sources, sharpens your content by removing unnecessary information.

It also divides the presentation into sectors, allowing you to jumpstart to a certain point of interest.

The voice assistant tailors itself as per your preferred language, name, behavior, and voice. Besides English, the app also speaks and understands French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and Portuguese.

The app comes power-packed with modules ranging from basic modules like tutorials, speech, etc. to 8 secretary modules like reminders, appointments, etc.

7. Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI

Mycroft AI is an open-source voice assistant that offers an outstanding conversational experience via natural language processing such as text to speech and speech to text. It comes with a vast software library to convert & store your natural language in date structures.

It is one of those digital assistants apps which is beneficial for both regular usage and development purposes. Since it’s an open-source voice assistant, you can freely modify, extend, or improve it as per your requirements. 

The app touches all aspects of a friendly voice assistant. You can use it to text messages, set the alarm & reminders for important tasks, record audio, etc. Like any personal assistant, it keeps you informed about the latest news, weather updates, appointments, time & date, etc.

When you feel bored, simply give a voice command, and Mycroft will play your favorite playlist. Currently, the app supports all popular devices like desktop, tablet, and smartphone, a quality most popular Voice Assistant lacks.

8. Hound

Hound app

Hound is undoubtedly the fastest voice assistant available to date. If you speak directly in your language, its algorithm recognizes and translates your voice to another language in real-time.

To open the app, you can use the voice command “Ok Hound,” i.e., similar to Google Assistant. Comparing to other assistants, Hound is the only AI holding the ability to call an Uber ride and inform you about the cost, time, and distance of the trip. That’s too without accessing your current location.

If you schedule a conference call or appointment in a different time zone, then Hound will tell you the time of your current as well as the other time zone. Moreover, it features ultra-sophisticated AI technology combined with machine learning, which goes better as you use it.

You can ask as complicated questions as you can. For example- Ask Hound “show me top restaurants nearby ‘X’ place but exclude ‘Y’ restaurants.” To your surprise, Hound will show you exactly what you have asked for.

9. Lyra Virtual Assistant 

Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is another cloud-based personal voice assistant that can seamlessly work with any device. It offers Alexa-level intelligent conversation in more than 70 languages, including Spanish, German, and French.

It understands everyday language and helps you communicate with your smart devices using its smart AI.

For example, it can offer your hands-free music experience anywhere and anytime. It can organize your calendar and daily routines to fix appointments, invite participants, and set alarms so that you would not miss anything.

If you’re in traffic or feeling too lazy to reach your phone, it can find contacts, make phone calls, send texts or emails, and read Facebook/Twitter tweets for you.

It can read you trending news of the day while you’re busy making your breakfast or dressing up for your office. Lyra can also help you navigate to your friends, restaurants, or any other place beyond your knowledge with an error-free smart navigation system.

10. Dragon Assistant 

Dragon Assistant

With the Dragon Assistant, you will never have to worry about keeping up with the weather reports, the latest news, your calls, emails, and texts.

Powered by Nuance, Dragon has been in the market even before Google and Apple gained control over the voice control world. It is a smart and customizable voice assistant app that will allow you to select a voice and name for the Assistant.

Dragon saves you a lot of time when it reads you out the latest updates from your social media handles and any upcoming appointments. The in-built ‘attentive mode’ allows you to wake up your Assistant at any time.

There is also a “driver mode’ which lets you passively listen to commands without having to take your eyes off the road.

Additionally, you can run a search request, and you will have the option of sliding a bar left or right to further run it through services like Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, etc.

11. Alice 

Alice, Home Assistant

Alice has a unique ‘chit-chat’ feature that upon activating would start having free-flowing conversations with you about anything under the sun. Developed by the Russian search engine Yandex, Alice is capable of all common tasks quite efficiently.

Yandex’s SpeechKit comes integrated with Alice, providing the highest accuracy when it comes to voice and speech recognition.

Just click on the microphone and tell Alice your command, and it would bring you the latest information starting from weather to your emails. With a very similar and easy-to-use UI to Google Assistant, Alice has a very entertaining and witty AI, which ensures a light and fun environment.

To top it off, Alice’s voice is based on the soothing voice of Tatyana Shitova, the Russian actress.

Alice also curates and provides commentary on songs on Yandex Music. It will provide you with information and facts about the song, artists, albums, and genres.

Alice is now available on all Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


Take some time and do your research to understand which one of the above would be best for you. In case you are into hardware, don’t forget to check out Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible devices. They are best in the market, followed by Siri at the third place. Cheers!

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