The 13 Best Smartwatches in India (2021)

Best Smartwatches In India
Best Smartwatches In India

In today’s technologically advanced world, the time has come when you need to upgrade your conventional wristwatch with a smartwatch that not only tells but keeps you updated with recent Apps notifications, calls, and text alerts-connected to your smartphone. Now, you are probably wondering what is the difference between a fitness band and a smartwatch, right? 

So what’s the difference between a Fitness band and a Smartwatch?

Most of the consumers are quite confused between these two popular smart devices. Both are functional wearables with numerous smart features. A smartwatch is a multipurpose gadget, which comes with the latest features such as touchscreen & Bluetooth functionality, in-built camera, email, and social media notifications, etc. On the other hand, fitness bands let health-conscious people track their various health parameters like a heartbeat, pulse, calories intake, calories out, etc.

A smartwatch can be worn for all occasions. Nowadays, there is a myriad of best smartwatches in India available in a selection of design options. You can pick one that suits your personality and clothing etiquette. These kinds of digital watches are generally powered by wear OS or watch OS software for greater connectivity and new features.

So, when you know the difference between smartwatches and fitness bands, it’s time to scroll till the end to check out the honest piece of review on top-selling smartwatches in India. Further, we’ve also provided a guide on how to select the right smartwatch considering various factors.

Best Smartwatch in India

In 2020, there are plenty of smartwatches in the market from top-rated internationally renowned tech brands. But, not all smartwatches are the same, some perform well in terms of features, while others do well when it comes to durability. So, which smartwatch do you need to invest in? Don’t worry, as here in this post, we’ve rounded up 13 best smartwatches available in India.

1. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

With sleek & durable design and advanced features such as GPS, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has all the makings to be the best smartwatch in India. This smartphone has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with 360*360 resolution pixels,  and the screen is bright enough to read notifications day and night. This digital watch from Samsung doesn’t have the Android interface, instead, homegrown Tizen OS.

The S3 smartwatch also comes packaged with several sensors-having a barometer and an altimeter, along with heart-rate monitor and GPS tracker. This watch has two physical buttons, but the touch screen performs most of the functions. Also, the watch has an in-built speaker which is quite loud even in crowded spaces.

In a nutshell, the S3 smartwatch has a powerful battery with a tough body to last and connectivity that knows no limits.


  • 1.3-Inch 360×360 Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen Display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass SR+
  • Tizen Based Wearable Os
  • Dual-Core 1ghz CPU
  • 4GB Internal Memory


  • Handsome and Durable Design
  • Built-in LTE
  • GPS
  • Samsung Pay
  • Good Voice Control


  • Very Limited App Selection
  • Heavy

2. Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch
Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch

This Garmin smartwatch is peerless when it comes to features & performance it delivers. This smartwatch is rugged in design, comes with a reliable GPS tracker that is built-in line with the United States of America military standards, and water resistance up to 100 meters. The fiber-reinforced polymer case makes this smartwatch highly durable and long-lasting for rough & tough use.

The Garmin digital watch is scratch-resistant and has a high-contrast display which makes it easy to read on a bright sunny day. This watch comes with two silicone bands, which ensures a secure fit and wear comfortable to wear throughout the day.


  • Rugged Gps Watch Built
  • Built-in 3-Axis Compass and Barometric Altimeter
  • Monitor Your Estimated Heart Rate
  • Stay Connected With Smart Notifications
  • Battery Life Up to 14 Days


  • Rugged MIL-STD Design
  • Superb Battery Life
  • Reasonable Price


  • Breadcrumb Navigation Only
  • No Garmin Connect IQ Apps

3. Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch
Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

If you look for the best smartwatch in India under 20000, then Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch can be a great buy. This smartwatch has a fashion and active design that makes it a perfect wearable for different occasions. This digital watch comes with a 1.65-inch 340 PPI AMOLED display and has several customizable widgets. The watch has a rugged and durable metallic design, and not to mention, water-resistant up to 5 meters.

The sleek and lightweight body makes it comfortable to be worn even during the hot & humid summer months. This smartwatch from Huami tracks 12 different sports activities and has a high-precision. Huami Biotracker optical heart rate sensor and built-in GPS. This watch has a 14 days battery life.


  • 14 Days Battery Life
  • Smart Notifications With Customized Vibrations
  • 1.65” AMOLED Display With High 341 PPI Resolution
  • 5 ATM Water-Resistance
  • Activity Tracking With Distance, Active Hours, Calories and Steps


  • Accurate Step Tracking
  • Notifications
  • Display Legibility Outdoors


  • Bulky Proprietary Charger
  • Inconsistent Distance Tracking

4. Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch
Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch

The Apple watch series 4 has a crisp and large display that makes it easy to read with less bezel. The touch display is the superfast and quality loudspeaker. In this smartwatch, Apple has added new features such as the low heartbeat tracker, SOS trigger, and comes with an FDA-cleared ECG App that presents detailed statics of heart. The smooth OS interface makes it easy to operate this watch.

With a second thought, this Apple watch is fast, super-connected, but lacks in terms of battery life and priced high compared to its competitors. This smartwatch is carefully designed to make sure you stay active, connected, and healthy all day long wearing this smartwatch. With new yoga and hiking activities tracking, this smartwatch is like your best pal that encourages you to be loyal to your fitness regimen.


  • Over 30% Larger Display
  • S4 Sip With Faster 64-Bit Dual-Core Processor
  • Improved Accelerometer and Gyroscope for Fall Detection
  • GPS Tracker
  • Electrical and Optical Heart Sensors


  • Larger Display
  • Lightweight Design
  • Louder Speaker


  • Battery Life Needs to Be More Than Two Days
  • Still on the Pricey Side

5. Garmin Forerunner 235 Activity Tracker

Garmin Forerunner 235 Activity Tracker
Garmin Forerunner 235 Activity Tracker

The Garmin Forerunner 235 Activity Tracker comes with an accurate GPS monitor that tracks you all day along when comfortably worn over the wrist. It also monitors the heart rate. This smartwatch lets you keep a tap on a variety of daily activities, it ranges from sleep to steps. It displays notifications from your Android and iPhone devices. This digital watch is light in weight, slick, and has a higher resolution and no bezel.

This smartwatch is resistant to water, and you can wear it even while having a shower or swimming.

The  Garmin Forerunner 235 is a true value for money gadget for both amateur and professional athletes looking to track their daily workouts.


  • Wrist Based Heart Rate:
  • 44 Percent Larger Screen Than the 225
  • Smart Notifications
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Compatible  With Ios and Android Smartphone


  • Great Battery Life
  • Waterproof Design
  • Ease of Use


  • GPS Tracker is Not Precise
  • Reading In Bright Light is Difficult

6. Noise Fit Evolve Smartwatch

Noise Fit Evolve Smartwatch
Noise Fit Evolve Smartwatch

This Noise Fit Evolve digital watch is the company’s first smartwatch having a clear-display AMOLED screen. The key highlights of this smartwatch include efficient music controls, monitor heart rate, and so much more. This is rated amongst the best smartwatches for men in India.

The Bluetooth 5.0 and 3-axis accelerometer easily connects with both Apple and Android devices. It stores the data, even when it is not connected to the smartphone.

Coming to the comfortability aspect, the strap is made out of the finest quality thermoplastic polyurethane material. The physical right button allows the wearer to go to the home screen right away. You can easily adjust the brightness, it has six options. It works perfectly in bright light.


  • 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • AMOLED Display
  • A Multi-Sport Watch
  • Full Smartphone Notifications
  • 3 Days of Battery Life


  • Swappable Straps
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Excellent Resolution
  • Elegant Looks


  • No Connectivity With GPS and Sports Mode
  • Average Screen Size

7. Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2
Honor Magic Watch 2

The Honor Magic Watch 2 is the best smartwatch in India under 20000 because of its premium design and several latest features. This digital watch comes with the ability to make & receive calls, music playback controls, and 14-day battery life. Honor Magic Watch 2 also has a Flax Brown variant with a leather strap. 

This best smartwatch in India features the aerospace-grade stainless steel casing that is corrosion resistant and light in weight. It supports 5.1 Bluetooth, GLONASS and dual-frequency tracker for monitoring outdoor activities. The smart features of Honor Magic Watch 2 include stress management, heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, multiple fitness monitoring, information assistant, GPS tracking & more.

This smartwatch runs on the Lite OS, which is Huawei’s own developed smartwatch operating system. This OS presents all the basic functionalities but lacks versatility in comparison to Wear OS or Samsung’s Tizen.


  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Trusleep Monitoring
  • 1-Week Battery Life
  • Messaging Reminders
  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Appealing Design
  • Good Tracking Accuracy
  • Call Handling


  • Lite OS is Limiting
  • UI Feels Sluggish
  • Calling Limited to 46mm Variant

8. Fitbit Fb507bkbk Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit Fb507bkbk Versa 2 Smartwatch
Fitbit Fb507bkbk Versa 2 Smartwatch

This Fitbit smartwatch has a high-performance battery that lasts for two days and beyond. This best smartwatch in India under 2000 provides clear and easy-to-understand personalized fitness metrics over the Fitbit App. This digital watch presents an assortment of watch face options, you can select in line with the occasion. Compatible with both ios and Android gadgets, this interface of this smartwatch is super-fast, and responsive compared to other smartwatches in its league.

The Fitbit Fb507bkbk Versa 2 has a beautiful and sleek that looks great on every hand. This watch is comfortable to wear and the strap is no pain to swap anytime. However, the biggest highlight of this smartwatch is the 300+ songs for an experience that leverage you to give your best during the workout. This is perfect for gym lovers and corporate guys, because of its modern yet classy design.


  • Use Built-in Amazon Alexa to Get Quick News
  • Use 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking
  • Store and Play 300+ Songs
  • Works Around the Clock With 5+ Day Battery
  • Have A Larger Display


  • Improved Lightweight Design
  • Always-on Display Option
  • Good Battery Life


  • Lacks GPS
  • No offline Spotify playback
  • No integration with Apple Health or Google Fit

9. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

This smartwatch still remains to be a market-dominating gadget, despite Apple Watch Series 4 being launched recently. The Apple Watch Series 3 watch is available in two options, one is cellular connectivity and other being the GPS. This smartphone is a great buy if you are a fitness freak as it tracks the number of activities. The smartwatch features a water-resistant casing that allows you to wear it even when you are swimming.

This smartwatch from Apple now runs on the latest watchOS6 software, which is a great upgrade for the users. This smartwatch lets you’ve more than 50 million on your wrist. This smartwatch comes with advanced features like Apple Music streaming capabilities: Apple Music directly and Beats Radio.


  • Optical Heart Sensor
  • S3 With Dual-Core Processor
  • Digital Crown
  • GPS Tracker


  • Good Smartwatch Battery Life
  • Clear, Bright Screen
  • Fantastic Fitness Features


  • Only iPhone Compatible
  • Siri Still Patchy
  • High Price for 4G Model

10. Fitbit Ionic Fb503wtgy Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY Smartwatch
Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY Smartwatch

Wear this best android smartwatch in India to track your heartbeat throughout the day while being comfortable on the wrist. A few worth mentioning features of this smartwatch include waterproofing, on-wrist payments, and GPS tracking, along with several new faces and a growing App store. This one amongst the best smartwatches in India runs with both iOS and Android devices, and the ability to receive notifications from many social Apps.

This smartwatch has a large, bright display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight. The sleek metallic accents will add grace and style to your overall outfit. The different faces of this smartwatch are cool, you’ll just fall in love with it. It also comes with a mood-logging experiment so that finds out presently how you feel. In addition to that, there is one calculator and a few games Apps. 


  • Store and Play 300 Plus Songs
  • Use Built-in Gps/GLONASS to Track Pace, Distance, and Routes
  • Access Your Favorite Apps for Sports, Weather and More
  • Built-in Pedometer
  • Start Dynamic Personalized Workouts


  • Listen to Music in a Stress-Free Way
  • Open to 3rd Party Applications
  • Comes With Fitbit Coach
  • Water-Resistant
  • Battery Life (4+ Days)


  • Comes With Proprietary Charger
  • Payment Risks

11. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 46 Mm Watch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 46 MM
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 46 MM

This gadget is popularly rated highly at best smartwatches for men in India for its sleek and elegant design. This smartwatch is the most refined version in Samsung’s collection of digital watches, mainly because of its helpful fitness tracking activities and long four-days battery life. All the smart features are there in the circular silver and black digital watch that comes with a rotating bezel for convenient navigation of the menu. However, the third-party applications are quite limited, and iOS is not good if you’re using an iPhone, therefore for Samsung users.

The overall design of this smartwatch is such that it renders new life to your clothing etiquette. Additionally, you have the freedom to see through a myriad of watch faces and come with great depth lighting for the best viewing experiences.


  • Circular Design and Vintage Textured Body
  • Swim Ready – Water Resistant Up to 50 M
  • Check Physical Location and Map Routes With Built-in Gps
  • Samsung Health App
  • Battery Lasts Over 80 Hours on Bluetooth


  • Impressive Four-Day Battery Life
  • Great Core Smartwatch Software
  • Rotating Bezel Cycles Through UI


  • Proprietary Wireless Charger
  • Bixby Proven to Be Terrible Again
  • No Google Maps, WhatsApp, FB Messenger

12. Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch

Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch
Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch

The Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch is wearable developed mostly for runners. The Amazfit brand is owned by the Huami which is backed by global tech giant Xiaomi. This smartwatch is an ultimate fusion of comfort, technology, and style that will keep you motivated to stay with your running progress. One of the compelling reasons to buy this smartwatch is it’s up to 11 days of battery life for standard use and 5 days when it comes to heavy use.

The base of the watch has a heartbeat sensor and contacts for charging. This smartwatch has a proprietary charger which is quite different from its previous models. The always color-on display makes readability breezy-easy.

This digital watch has a Training Center app that lets you plan & train for races.


  • IP67 Certified to Be Dust and Water Resistant
  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sport Tracking for Running and 8 Other Activities
  • Connect Wirelessly to Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Good Battery Life
  • Always-on Display
  • Accurate Step Tracker
  • Looks Good
  • Good Value for Money


  • Lacks a Gym Training Mode
  • App Has Limited Functionality

13. Amazfit Stratos A1619 Multisport Smartwatch

Amazfit Stratos A1619 Multisport Smartwatch
Amazfit Stratos A1619 Multisport Smartwatch

Being rated as the best smartwatch in India under 20000, this smartwatch allows the user to effortlessly track the different fitness activities without lacking in the performance aspect. This premium multi-sport GPS digital watch has 14 different sports tracking modes. 5ATM is the water-resistant capability of this smartwatch and has the always-on feature. To help professional athletes better optimizing their workouts, this smartwatch has exercise load (TD) and recovery time features.

The stainless buttons and carbon fiber housing makes it a tough gadget for daily use. The Amazfit Stratos A1619 smartwatch provides 11 days of battery life with light use


  • Track Your Daily Activities
  • Vo2max Fitness Level Analysis
  • On-Board Music
  • 5 ATM Water Resistant
  • Mi Fit Compatibility


  • Battery life
  • Always on Display
  • Notifications
  • Accurate Step Tracking


  • Inconsistent GPS Tracking
  • Inaccurate Sleep Tracking

Things to consider while choosing Best Smartwatch in India

Now that we have reviewed some of the best smartwatches, let us also look through a few buying guide tips that you should keep in mind before making the final decision. 


The first thing you need to look-in when buying a smartwatch is that it must be comfortable to wear. There are certain models in the market that are quite large, so you’ll be left with a sweating wrist at the end of the day. Typically, it is best to go with a traditional round wristwatch-like design that is comfortable for all seasons.


Next on the list is the compatibility facet when buying a smartwatch. The gadget needs to be compatible with your present smartphone and any other device you’re planning to buy in the near future.

Battery Life

The battery life of a smartwatch varies from several hours to days, additionally depends upon how you use the smartphone. If you are a travel freak, then opt for a digital watch that has at least 11 to 12 hours of battery life.


Most smartphones in the market are water-resistant up to a certain extent. But, only one or two smartwatch models that can withstand a dip in the pool. Check the specifications of the smartwatch you are considering buying if this feature matters to you.


Many smartwatches come with an inconvenient wired charger that you need to plug into a charging point. However, nowadays, the wireless charging functionality is getting quite popular for its great convenience among consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Faqs)

Are Smartwatches Worth Buying?

Because you may get one for a lot less than you probably suppose and it’s totally really worth it. Smart-watches are the next big thing in the evolution of personal computing. A glance at your wrist to reply to a text, make a call or browse the Internet. In recent days, smart-watches have emerged as a necessity just like smartphones. Once you strap a smart-watch in your wrist, you become capable and connected.

Which is the Best Smartwatch for Fitness?

There’s a lot to buzz surrounding the Fitbit Versa 2. It is a fascinating gadget that conveniently pairs the company’s excellent fitness functions with some splendid smartwatch perks. This model gives five+ days of battery life, and Fitbit Pay is now standard. It additionally boasts a slim new design, a noticeably quicker processor. Android users can easily reply to notifications and integrated Alexa support.

The Versa 2 offers you 24/7 heart charge monitoring together with monitoring for activity, sleep stages, and woman health. You’ll also revel in the benefit of on-display workouts that are designed to educate you through every move and five ATM water resistance with the in-built feature of swim monitoring.

Which is the Best Android Smartwatch in India?

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch is unarguably the best android smartwatch in India. Whether you are in look for a digital 24 x 7 tracking or a brilliant AMOLED display with cool features, this smartwatch has it all. The 1.3 inch 360×360 pixels will without a doubt be the maximum attractive part of the gadget. But, this is not all. There are a whole lot of extra attractive features to catch eyes.

While reviewing the product, one of the individuals had this smartwatch on her wrist. So, we may want to easily go through a detailed inspection. The Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity and the Wi-Fi b/g/n definitely give a great advantage. Apart from this, the smartwatch is also well matched with Samsung Android or other Android devices.


Even though the Apple smartwatches are dominating the market, the Gear S3 stays a decent smartwatch with all the features you want in your digital watch at a much lower price. Updates to the software program have come steadily, patching the severe connectivity issues experienced by its users and adding new features. But, it’s hard to say the Gear is a better buy. Buy one and you’ll invariably find yourself wishing you can do extra with it. Samsung has designed a watch with excellent battery life, truly the exceptional interface to date, and one of the best designs we’ve seen.