The 11 Best Soundbars in India Under 10000 INR

Best Soundbars in India Under 10000

As TV sets get slimmer by the day, their in-built speakers tend to diminish, leaving lovers of home cinema with no option than to look for external speakers. Free-standing speakers may not be a viable option for many people, especially those with limited space.

They are also very costly and may force you to part with quite some bucks to purchase one which is of good quality. Luckily, you can use the best soundbar in India under 10000 to get good quality sound from your entertainment system.

Soundbars are aesthetically appealing making your home entertainment system look sleek and modern. Their sound output is also better than that of your traditional speakers. They are designed to fit into any slender and compact space and they only use two cords to connect them to your TV.

Soundbars come at different models, designs, quality, and prices. Although most of them are quite pricey, you can find very good quality options which are sold under 10,000.

Outlined below is a list of the best soundbar in India under 10000

Best Soundbars In India Under 10000 INR


Best Soundbars in India Under 10000

When searching for the best soundbar in India under 10000, consider Blaupunkt SBW-02. Originally from German, this superior quality device is now available in India. This brand uses cutting edge audio technology to deliver powerful sound inspired by heavy bass and high volume. It comes with a wired Sub-woofer, Dolby Bluetooth and HDMI ARC. To add to the flexibility of multiple connectivities, it also comes with Optical IN, USB and AUX-IN. The EQ mode allows you to choose the sound modes that you prefer.

Enjoy a theater experience right from your home by enhancing your TV sound using this device which can connect to multiple music sources. Its design is sleek and smart giving your space an elegant look. To save on space, you can mount it on the wall.


  • Uses innovative technology
  • Produces powerful sound
  • Gives a cinematic experience
  • Multiple connectivity options


  • Surround sound is not strong
  • You must use wire to connect Woofer to Soundbar


Best Soundbars in India Under 10000

The Xiaomi Mi Soundbar is another best Soundbar in India under 10000, which has a minimalistic design made of a mesh fabric to give it style. This mesh cloth covers only the front area which contains eight drivers and two 20mm dome speakers that transmit high-frequency sounds. It also contains two 2.5-inch woofers which give natural sound effect and four passive radiators for deep and enhanced bass. It only comes in white color and you can mount it on the wall.

The Xiaomi Mi Soundbar offers various connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.2, Optical, 3.5mmaux-in, S/PDIF, and Line-in. This allows you to connect seamlessly to a wide array of devices, including older televisions. You can connect one device like the TV with S/PDIF and at the same time connect your phone using Bluetooth, then switch between the devices as you wish.


  • Very clear dialogue when watching movies
  • Multiple connectivity
  • High performance
  • Minimalistic design


  • Lacks remote control
  • No EQ app to help navigate the equalizer settings
  • Comes only in white color

3. Philips HTL2163B/12, Bluetooth Soundbar

Philips HTL2163B/12, Bluetooth Soundbar

Getting the best soundbar under 10000 in India is now easy due to the numerous available options like Philips HTL2163B/12. This soundbar produces virtual surround sound, which is rich and immersive from a five-speaker system. It uses highly advanced spatial algorithms to produce very high-quality sound.

It transforms stereo sources to multi-channel surround sound, eliminating the need to buy extra speakers or wires. The Philips HTL2163B/12 uses the Dolby Digital to produce high-quality natural sound.

This device is designed with a low-rise profile to fit well in front of the TV. It can work with multiple devices like gaming consoles, TVs, MP3 players, and DVDs. You can also use your USB devices to enjoy the quality sound of this soundbar.


  • Virtual surround sound
  • Low-rise profile
  • Can use portable USB Devices
  • Works with multiple devices
  • Produces natural sound


  • No option for bass adjustment
  • Speaker produces low volume

4. JBL BAR 2.0


This is an all-in-one soundbar with an in-built dual bass port, instead of a Sub-woofer. The JBL Bar 2.0 has been rated among the best soundbars in India under 10000. It produces a JBL surround sound to bring movies to life without adding speakers or wires. It allows you to stream all your music wirelessly using any mobile device via Bluetooth.

To get started, all you need to do is to connect HDMI cable between the soundbar and the TV. Although it comes with its remote control, it also works with today’s TV remote controls so you do not need to purchase a new one. It gives you one of the best sound experiences similar to these in theatres using Dolby digital system.


  • Wireless music streaming
  • Produces high-quality surround sound
  • HDMI connection
  • Uses the TV remote control


  • The sound cuts out mid movies
  • The Bluetooth stops working with time



Immerse yourself into superb audio experiences using the Boat Aavante Bar, which comes with 120-watt RMS sound. Its 60Watt Sub-woofer produces a heavy bass sound output that is thrilling and feels real. The Sub-woofer is down-firing, which leads to a bold sound that gives you a great experience of sound that you can hear and feel.

The Boat Avante Bar comes with a 2.1 Channel surround sound to give you a cinematic experience at home by creating a conducive environment for all your favorite content. It also boasts of a sleek design that has a premium finish to add to the beauty of your home.

It supports multiple connection options including USB, remote, optic and Aux, to provide you with a versatile setup. This also increases user accessibility and creates a 3D stereo surround sound.

Enjoy the adaptable entertainment created by the BOAT AAVANTE BAR through the creation of high-end equalizer, which optimizes the sound output to match the source of your entertainment and audio needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are watching the news, movies or listening to music, this soundbar will create the most appropriate sound profile for your best experience.


  • Delivers an immersive and cinematic audio experience
  • Powerful output
  • High volume and good clarity
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Comes with surround sound


  • Stops working with time
  • Poor customer service
  • Doesn’t produce enough bass

6. MarQ by Flipkart FS23S 120 W Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

MarQ by Flipkart FS23S 120 W Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

MarQ by Flipkart FS23S 120 W soundbar is designed with a Sub-woofer to produce heavy bass and loud volume for a cinema-like experience. This soundbar is wireless to take the hassle out of the connection and help keep your space neat.

MarQ by Flipkart FS23S 120 W Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar is a beautifully designed sleek soundbar which enhances the look of your living room. It will enhance your TV sound to give you an experience similar to that of theaters. It allows you to stream your music wirelessly via the 2.1 version Bluetooth technology.

With its LED display, you can view a visual representation of your input or how loud the volume is. The package comes with one AUX cable, a Sub-woofer, one soundbar, a wall mounting set, a user manual, and remote control.


  • Powerful output
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • LED display
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Produces heavy bass


  • The sound may lag when using a smart TV
  • Packaging of the product is not up to standard

7. Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar

The 11 Best Soundbars in India Under 10000 INR 2

Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar designed by engineers to produce heart-throbbing bass, this soundbar has defied physics to provide a massive sonic boost to your music. It comes with a 2.1 channel and a wired 25W subwoofer. To ensure that it delivers full-spectrum audio quality, it uses 45W RMS output which provides the high and mid frequencies through the soundbar speaker drivers. 

To boost its connectivity, this soundbar comes with Bluetooth v4.2, Aux and USB ports. You can also use the AUX to RCA and an AUX to AUX cables to connect it to your TV. You can select from multiple modes like movies, music, news, and 3D, depending on your preference.

This soundbar has a sleek and compact design that help you to reduce the clutter in your room. By not including surround speakers and cables, it minimizes what’s on the floor and supports wall mounting as well as tabletop installations.


  • Cleek and compact design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Multiple modes
  • Produces heavy bass
  • Multiple input options


  • No display on the soundbar
  • The sound may not be enough for a big room

 8. Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar  

For a powerful groove and a cinematic experience, use the Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar. It uses a 2.0 Channel output of 10W to produce the best sound quality that you can completely immerse in to. 

 This soundbar is aesthetically designed with a quality fabric grill front and a beautiful black finish that denotes fashion and style. It has a 41cm length and an ergonomic design to make your TV area quite attractive. Its passive radiator design produces a deep, rich and bass sound. 

The Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar comes with two powerful speakers with a full range of drivers to produce a crystal-clear sound. It comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free talking, and its battery life is quite long. To ensure that you connect any media devices to the soundbar with or without Bluetooth, this soundbar is fitted with 3.5mm aux port.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Long-life battery
  • 3.5mm Aux port
  • Supports hands-free talking
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Universal compatibility


  • It must use a remote control
  • When hanging on a wall, it leaves no space for USB connection

9. F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Soundbar 

The 11 Best Soundbars in India Under 10000 INR 3

F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Soundbar is another great soundbar sold in India under 10000. With its slim design, it matches your flat TV screen and creates an elegant décor that compliments your entertainment unit. It produces a 3D surrounding sound effect to give you a cinematic experience. 

It uses CSR 4.0 Bluetooth solution to support all smart devices with a working distance of more than 10 meters. The Bluetooth’s A2DP profile makes it easy for you to pair your device to the speakers. The front is fitted with a LED display light that contains controls like standby mode, TV mode, muted mode, and Aux mode. It supports various input types including USB, optical, auxiliary and coaxial cables. This product qualified by SIG certification as a mark of quality.


  • Supports multiple input types
  • It matches beautifully with most TVs
  • High definition sound
  • Silk tweeter and high-quality 3-inch full-range driver


  • It’s challenging to operate without a remote
  • Too much treble
  • Does not come with a woofer

10. Rhythm & Blues SB100 120W

The 11 Best Soundbars in India Under 10000 INR 4

For a powerful groove and a cinematic experience, use the Rhythm & Blues soundbar. It uses a 2.1 Channel DSP to produce surround sound music that you can completely immerse in to. With a powerful 160-Watt output, you will experience bombastic bass capabilities to match any theater experience.

To allow you to play music from any source, the Rhythm & Blues soundbar comes with a TOSLINK AUX. Whether you are using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, you will be able to enjoy the great sound produced by this soundbar. You can also play your music via Bluetooth, which has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz. To set your sub-woofer for the Bluetooth connection, place it within two meters of your soundbar.

This soundbar is aesthetically designed with a sleek look and beautifully curved corners. Its finish is premium with glossed tops and matte grills to make your TV area quite attractive. You can also mount this soundbar on the wall for a better experience.

It comes with a remote control to give you complete control over the sound. You can transition between different modes like news, movies, and music, as well as adjust the level of bass. You will also enjoy a warranty for a year.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Rich cinematic experience
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Sleek design
  • Surround system


  • A bit of lag in the bass
  • Some products come without the remote

11. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Soundbar

The 11 Best Soundbars in India Under 10000 INR 5

The Creative Stage soundbar sets the sound standards a notch higher through its high-performing speaker system, which is a 2.1 channel with a 160 W peak power. For enhanced dialogue clarity and stunning mid-range, it comes with two customized mid-range drivers. It produces a deep thumping bass, to immerse you in your movies and music.

With a sleek and subtle design, you can mount it on a wall or fit it under your PC monitor to naturally fit into your room. It is easy to operate this soundbar which is powered by a built-in power plug to declutter your living area.

In addition to a portable remote control, it also comes with in-built remote control at the side of the soundbar for hassle-free control. The remote control allows you to access EQ selections like music, movies, or gaming, as well as playback and reduction and increase in bass settings.
You can connect your TV, mobile phone, tablet or PC through a myriad of ways like Bluetooth, Aux-in, optical audio input, ARC and USB.


  • Deeper and louder sound
  • Customization and added convenience
  • Ease of use through plug and play
  • Clutter-free
  • Sleek and neat design


  • Limited Bluetooth range
  • USB charging port damages easily

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Soundbar In India

Soundbars are great at fixing your TV sound and making you enjoy your home theater when watching movies, news, or listening to music. However, the right soundbar for your TV set may not be easy, especially if you do not know what to look for. There are tons of the best soundbar in India under 10000 and to help you make the right choice, we give the features to look for before making a purchase.


Although any soundbar you choose greatly improves the quality of your TV’s sound, you still need to decide whether to buy a soundbar with a sub-woofer or not. A Sub-woofer is a speaker driver that is meant to reproduce low-frequency audio. A soundbar with a Sub-woofer adds punch and rumble to movies creating a fuller sound that is well distributed throughout your space. If you love action movies and epic music, then a Sub-woofer is a must-have.

Some Sub-woofers are dedicated to the soundbars that they come with, but you can also purchase them separately. If you decide to buy a dedicated sub-woofer separately, ensure that it is compatible with your soundbar. Although Sub-woofers are wireless, they need a power source and you may need to position them near wall outlets.


To connect a soundbar to your TV you will need just one cable in most cases. Although optical cables work well with most soundbars, an HDMI cable is the best choice. This is because it supports more audio formats than the optical cable, producing higher sound quality.
The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is now available in the newer models and it allows your TV and Soundbar to exchange your information easily. It is also able to route video to the TV and sound from the TV using just one connection. The soundbars with HDMI ARC can allow you to control the volume and power using a single remote.

Channels and Dolby Atmos

Soundbars come with number labels like 2.0, 3.1, or 5.1 which indicate the number of channels of a soundbar and if it has a Sub-woofer or not. A soundbar with two channels means its just right and left, while those with three channels have one at the center. Those with five channels have them for rear speakers or surround sound speakers. If a third number is included, it means that the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos. The last number indicates the number of dedicated drivers used to fire upwards and bouncing the sound down to create an immersive effect. They simulate dedicated height channel speakers and they can process 128 unique objects at once.


Soundbars are slender, unobtrusive and easy to install, and the best Soundbar in India under 10000 can emulate a surround sound system to give a cinematic experience. Although choosing the right one for your space and needs may be a bit tricky, the above guideline will help you make a better choice.


According to what we have reviewed, we highly recommend the BLAUPUNKT SBW-02. It is indeed one of the best soundbars in India under 10000 INR. Let us know which one did you choose.