The 5 Best Soundbase In 2021

Best Soundbase

We all want a sleek soundbase for our TV that practically disappears beneath it yet delivers deep booms and crystal clear sound required for an ultimate Home Theatre experience.

If it can seamlessly pair with Subwoofers, the level of immersive entertainment would then have no limits to it. Apart from delivering a brilliant sound, it should be easy to set up and simple to customize.

Wait, before you start looking for such an ideal soundbase, it’s imperative to get some basics clear.

Most people think Soundbar is the same as a Soundbase and regret over their decision after purchase. So, it’s better to understand the difference between the two in the first place.

Soundbase Vs Soundbar: Which is better?

A soundbase is a compact loudspeaker on which your TV sits, unlike a soundbar which is also a slim speaker but can be placed anywhere to step up your TV’s less-than-ideal sound quality.

But which one to go for? Well, a soundbase can only be placed above your furniture and below your TV. It makes enough room to absorb your subwoofers so that they don’t block your screen.

On the other hand, soundbars are slim and can be your only option to extra sound profile with a wall-mounted TV where a sound base may fail to be at your service.

But how to find a true-to-life soundbase that ticks all the boxes desired for outstanding performance?

Well here are our top 5 best soundbase picks to ease your pain.

Top 5 Best Sounbase In 2021

1. ZVOX SoundBase 670

ZVOX SoundBase 670

At a whopping 26 pounds, the ZVOX SoundBase 670 is sturdy enough to accommodate the weight of your TV. The humongous soundbase comes packed with three internal speakers that give you multiple channels of sound.

These speakers also offer crisp and clear voice reproduction, and the built-in AccuVoice feature produces ultra-clear dialogues using the latest hearing aid technology.

Because of its height – just 3.5”, the Soundbase 670 gets easily disguised as part of your TV itself and doesn’t look out of the place. The best part about this TV soundbase with subwoofers is that it offers 3D sounds experience without having to place speakers throughout the room.

It is quick and easy to install, and the device is equipped with aptX Bluetooth wireless connectivity that allows pairing with your phone or tablet. The multifunctional remote comes with a number of useful buttons such as the O/L (Output Leveling) that automatically controls the loud TV commercials.

Labeled as the ‘genuine audiophile system’ by Seterophile Magazine, SoundBase 670 comes in a low-profile wooden, hand-crafted cabinet that blends simplicity and elegance together.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 16.5 x 36 x 3.5 inches | Weight: 26 pounds | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Placement Options: Place under TV or place on shelf | Max TV Weight Allowance: 120 lbs


  • Phenomenal Bass
  • Easy ‘Plug n Play’ installation
  • Sturdy yet unobtrusive


  • No Surround Sound

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2. Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase is an elegant decor-friendly soundbase which is a great choice if you are looking forward to building a Sonos home system. This sound base is the successor of the popular Sonos Playbar but comes with some added and modified features.

This all-in-one speaker offers a rich bass, ease of use, and a sturdy platform to place your TV- making it one of the best soundbase available in the market right now. To add to this ease, you can also connect the Playbase to any Alexa device for voice control.

Cased in a clear matte-finish, the Playbase is available in both black and white. Under the hood there are ten amplified speaker drivers, ensuring that you never miss out on any dialogues or even the slightest of whispers.

The Sonos app, available for Android and iOS, provides guidance for the set up of the Playbase, which takes only a couple of minutes. The app also allows you to add 80+ music streaming services such as Google Play Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify.

Apart from that, you can directly play music from your iPhone or iPad using the Apple AirPlay 2.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 28.4 x 15 x 2.3 inches | Weight: 18.85 pounds | Connectivity: Wifi | Amplifier Power Wattage: 100-240V | Placement Options:  Place under TV | Max TV Weight Allowance: 75 lbs


  • Sleek and trendy
  • Seamless functioning with other Sonos devices
  • Detailed configuration via Sonos App


  • TruePlay calibration available only on iOS

3. Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2)

Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2)

The Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2) comes with two 57mm BMR (Balanced Mode Radiators) that provides a more comprehensive sound dispersion. The BMR speakers, connected by dual 6.5-inch downward-firing subwoofers, create an enhanced sense of soundstage depth and height.

The TV5 comes with audio modes (Music, TV, Movie and Voice) based on the EQ adjustments that complement the media. Compared to its predecessors, this soundbase comes with a 50% larger amplifier fills a space with true-to-life sound.

With an impressive mid-range audio profile, it provides balanced tonal and speech adjustments which don’t hurt the ear.

It is also quite a flexible soundbase when it comes to connectivity and installations. You can connect your TV to the TV5 (V2) via RCA stereo, 3.5mm mini-jack, optical digital and HDMI ARC.

The Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth chipset rounds off the entire connectivity lineup, allowing it to store up to 8 devices in the memory.

Instead of a text-based display, TV5 (V2) opts for a single LED which also complements the simplistic MDF bodywork.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 28.5 x 13.7 x 4 inches | Weight: 18 lbs | Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI, RCA, Auxillary | Amplifier Power Wattage: 110-240V | Placement Options:  Place under TV | Max TV Weight Allowance: 66 lbs


  • Solid bass weight
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Flexible connectivity


  • Comparatively less TV weight allowance

4. Fluance AB40W

Fluance AB40W

If you want to experience a genuine home theatre in any given space, Fluance AB40W High-Performance Soundbase is the device you are looking for. As the name would suggest, the AB40W has a high-performing mid-range which provides a host of textures when it comes to audio.

Mirroring a 5.1 speaker system, the AB40W provides quite a stellar audio performance. Packed with a number of high-tech features, it proves to be the best soundbase for the money you will pay.

With the integrated 3D DSP mode, you can opt for an optimized yet immersive room-filling soundstage. You can use the soundbase’s bass-boost EQ setting to increase the volume of low-end frequencies.

Using Grammy-winning sound processing technology, the AB40W sounds glorious with any kind of music. Even though it does not come with built-in subwoofers, the two-way six-driver system will surely meet all your bass requirements.

Connectivity is also fairly convenient due to the three input modes which include TosLink Optical, 3.5mm analogue, and Bluetooth.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 14 x 26 x 3.9 inches | Weight: 22.4 pounds | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Auxiliary | Amplifier Power Wattage: 100-240VAC | Placement Options:  Place under TV | Max TV Weight Allowance: 150 lbs


  • Commendable Sound Quality
  • Room-shaking theatre-like 3D digital sound
  • Dialogue Intelligibility


  • Lacks HDMI ports

5. Magnasonic Soundbase

Magnasonic Soundbase

When it comes to connectivity, Magnasonic’s Soundbase TV Speaker System is perhaps the most flexible soundbase for TV. Starting from Bluetooth to HDMI ARC, AUX, RCA (adapter cable included) and even USB, you can easily enjoy the true-to-life sounds from films, songs, games and more.

Weighing a mere 7.7 pounds, this soundbase is really compact, and yet it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of your TV of up to 110lbs.

A built-in subwoofer paired with a powerful 2.1 channel sound and 60 watts of audio power produce the most immersive of natural sounds. To maintain the distortion-free quality of sound, Magnasonic came up with the acoustically-tuned wooden casing for this soundbase. The wood leads to high-quality audio reproduction and warmer, crisper sounds.

You also have the added advantage of optimizing or upgrading your audio experience by choosing from the 3 EQ presets (Vocal, Music & Movies) to suit the media you are streaming.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 20.7 x 11.9 x 3 inches | Weight: 7.7 lbs |Connectivity : Bluetooth, AUX-to-RCA, HDMI ARC | Amplifier Power Wattage: 110-120V | Placement Options:  Place under TV or place on shelf | Max TV Weight Allowance: 110 lbs


  • Affordable
  • Three EQ Presets
  • Lifetime Customer Support


  • Incompatible with Surround Dolby


There are not a lot of options available for a sound base like you see for a normal speaker. And, it’s hard to select one with all features you want but in a price tag you wish was lower. In this regard, the above ones would be your ideal bet. In case you would like to suggest more options for our readers, we are all ears!