Best TV Brands In India (2020) – We have updated our list

Best TV brands in India

As they say, TV is a teacher, mother, and a secret lover. It is something that we can’t seem to live without. We sit, stare and stare, and sit. Therefore, it is pertinent to choose the best television brand if we want to enjoy our time and make it memorable.

When it comes to the best TV brand in India, it is time to upgrade your notion.

Since some known dominant brands are part of history; they are way behind us. We have many new, powerful brands today that are gaining footing and transcending our expectations on all levels. However, choosing any one of them can baffle you.

Before we reveal the best TV brands in India for your home entertainment, first it is important to know what you are looking for, as it can end your bafflement.

Things To Consider While Buying a TV

The Screen Size

It is perhaps the most noteworthy choice you are going to make while looking for buying the new TV. There are no hard-and-fast rules for deciding the screen size, but it facilitates greatly in picking the right model quickly.

Screen Resolution

Is it going to be 4K, 8K, or HD? The resolution of the screen defines the number of pixels that make up the picture. More pixels means finer details. For that reason, try to choose a brand that offers a higher resolution.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The High Dynamic Range feature is all about your TV’s color, brightness, contrast, etc. It is responsible for making your picture look more like real life. The HDR feature also assists in producing more vibrant and varied details.

The Refresh Rate

We are confident most people don’t ponder the ‘Refresh Rate’ while buying a new TV. The refresh rate tells how many times per second a screen is refreshed. If it is less than 60 Hz, the rapidly moving objects can be blurry.

HDMI Inputs

Pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs your desired brand is providing. In order to shave off the costs, some brands offer fewer HDMI plugs. It can’t be good if you are planning to connect many devices with your TV.

Pondering these points is essential for choosing the best TV brand that provides the latest features and has the best capabilities.

10 Best TV Brands In India

Shopping for a new TV in India can be challenging.

We have more options now than ever.

Below are our top picks that are known for their best and top-rated products. They are the trusted name in electronics and their TVs are tested and recommended by the professionals also.

1. Samsung


Samsung is a large-scale manufacturer and has built up a solid reputation all over the world.

The secret of its success in the electronic market is it caters to each and every consumer’s needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an economical 43-inch economical version or a 4K range, it has everything to meet your requirement.

If we compare it with other Indian TV brands, it is definitely among the top two in terms of picture quality. It takes television viewing to an utterly new level.


  • Its recent models are packed with new technologies.
  • They have one of the best color technologies in the industry.
  • Their one connect system minimizes the cable clutter.
  • They have a good stylish design.


  • The remote of this brand isn’t innovative.

2. Philips


Every TV model of the Philips brand is worth the price tag.

Due to its new model, Ambilight TV, it has the extra wow factor over its competitors. In a saturated market, full or near-identical designs, you get something exclusive with this brand in terms of features, particularly.

For example, its display has a striking effect you don’t see with any other manufacturer. You experience an increased perception of contrast that makes the picture seep out of the TV.


  • It has a distraction-free functional design.
  • It is packed with multiple connectivity ports.
  • The motion processing in its models ensures motion looks smooth.


  • Philip’s interface is functional, but it is not as polished as most other TV brands.

3. Sony


Sony’s brand is generally a pretty safe bet.

The build quality of this brand’s TV is better than average. Though high-end TVs aren’t so great, the mid-range options are among the best and can challenge the top brands in the industry. Their emissive technology results in infinite contrast ratio and perfect blacks.

If you are specifically looking for something good in the budget category, go for this brand. It has smart features even in the standard models and a wide selection of apps.


  • It is a decent brand you can have without breaking the bank.
  • Pioneer of motion features.
  • It is good at upscaling lower resolution content.
  • The interface of this brand is quite simple to navigate.


  • The refresh rate of the Sony brand isn’t impressive.

4. Panasonic


Panasonic has the best combination of size and quality.

It is the game-changer in the TV industry and masters in fast picture rendering and smoother upscaling. If you require accessibility options specifically, it will satisfy your needs. 

The reason why we love Panasonic TVs is they have great sound quality and Freeview play. Both of them play a great role. Especially, because of Freeview Play, one can scroll backward through the onscreen TV guide and watch the programs that he has missed.


  • The recent TV models are rather slim and look gorgeous.
  • All their products have a premium build quality.
  • They have more options to meet the demands of all customers.
  • Deep blacks in the picture are delivered strongly and better than other brands.


  • In terms of market share, this brand is a tad unlucky but deserves 4th rank in our list.

5. LG


LG has proven itself to be a great brand over and over again.

It is one of those brands that not only looks great but also beats its competitors when it comes to functionality. Its TV models present endless possibilities and allow the customers to customize their experience in any way they want.

If you have never owned anything from LG in India, try this time. You will be the happiest customer after relishing the clearest picture, most amazing colors, and excellent sound quality.


  • It has the leading edge of TV technology.
  • This brand has enhanced contrast that aids in delivering great picture quality.
  • Multi-dimensional sound gives a cinema-like experience.
  • The Magic Motion remote is Bluetooth based.


  • It is a bit expensive, compared to the Panasonic brand.

6. Micromax


When it comes to Micromax, entertainment has a whole new definition.

It is a luxury for any household in India. People who have a fascination for a big-screen TV but don’t want to burn the holes in their pockets either, they should place their hands on this brand. It has all the features that you find in a high-end TV and it is easy on the pocket too.

The thing that stands out in Micromax TV models is the durability. The structure is robust and the material is good compared to most LEDs in the market.


  • The screen manages to deflect light that comes from surrounding.
  • It has an excellent picture with a much lower price tag.
  • The levels of black in the picture are deep.
  • The sound system is sufficient for most room types.


  • Most of its models have a little bulge on the rear.

7. Vu TV

Vu Tv

Vu TV brand provides good value for the money.

However, it is aggressively priced. This is something that opens the floodgates of trouble for this brand. But when we assess its features, we realize that the Vu Company has done enough research and development to bring new technologies in their system that challenges the big international brands.

For instance, they give you access to Google play store for apps, they have a plethora of ports, and you have built-in Chromecast as well.


  • They have a customized PatchWall interface.
  • Amazon Fire Stick can be used to access your favorite shows.
  • It comes with pre-loaded official apps.
  • It also comes with native Netflix support.


  • The remote of Vu brand TV isn’t user-friendly.

8. Haier


Haier brand seems to be growing rapidly in the Indian market.

We can recommend this brand for many reasons. First, it is well-designed with a focus on quality. Second, you don’t find any missing option in the specifications. The specifications and features that you find in the Haier brand are almost the same as Sony and Samsung TV brands.

In addition, the design of the remote is small and sleek; it looks inventive.


  • The sound quality of this brand is pretty good.
  • The picture quality is above average also.
  • It has multiple A/V inputs.
  • It has a slim profile and overall compact dimensions.


  • It does an ‘OK’ job with the color black.

9. Hisense 


Hisense is a brand that deserves to get noticed.

We were skeptical about adding this brand in our list of best TV brands in India, but the price tag compelled us to reveal its benefits. It appears cost-effective; the features are ‘exceptional’ though. It is hard to believe how Hisense Company is offering cutting-edge technology at a low price.

The first thing you notice is the design; it is handsome and lightweight, just like Samsung. Apart from this, ready to expect a good picture for so little cash. It is comparable with top international brands. Its 600 nits are enough to make HDR pop reasonably well.


  • Its blacks are far better than expected.
  • The screen uniformity is great as well.
  • The overall fit and finish of this TV brand are good.
  • It is a must-see if you are trying to save money.


  • If you reduce the sharpness, it can result in a corresponding loss of detail.

10. Sansui

Sansui TV

The quality of the Sansui TV brand complements its cost.

They have models in many sizes; all of them give a superb visual experience. Its HDR especially improves the dynamic range of the images and makes everything more prominent. We also have seen multi-viewing modes in its models that also cover the details with efficacy.

Sansui Company allows you to download movies and apps from your smartphone. This is something that we see only in the expensive TV models only.


  • It features faster-control switching between apps.
  • The frame design is thin for a deeper immersive experience.
  • HDR technology makes the picture more prominent.
  • Some of its models offer four layers of color processing.


  • This brand doesn’t have social proof; this damages its legitimacy.

FAQsBest TV Brands In India

Here are some of the most popular frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best TV brands in India that will make it easier for you to see exactly what you are purchasing.

Which brand of TV is the best?

Our vote is for ‘Samsung’. It is expensive, but without a single doubt, this brand’s TVs are currently dominating the market, and they are going to be in the charts of best-selling too.

Which brand is best for Smart TV?

People who are interested in smart TV should pick either Samsung or Sony. Both enhance your smart home lifestyle and give you hands-free control as well.

Which LED TV is best in India?

For LED, try ‘Panasonic’. It has a good blend of great picture quality and extraordinary sound.

Do these brands give any warranty?

Yes, almost all the TV brands on our list have an almost 1-year warranty that is linked to the warranty card, though it is better to consult their customer support team for more information.

Can you buy them online?

Of course, it is one of the safest ways, as you cannot only read the reviews before investing your money but also compare them with other brands to make the right decision.


All in all, the TV brands on our list are for everyone. If the money has no bar, get a feature-rich product from Samsung; it will give you the best experience. But people who are unable to challenge their pockets can count on Panasonic or Vu TV. Both of them give you deep blacks and rich colors. The sound quality is also great; you hear every word and note from movies.