Cherry MX Brown vs Red: Which Is The Best Gaming Keyboard?

Cherry MX Brown vs Red

A switch is the heart of any mechanical keyboard. It is present beneath the keycap that actually gives the sensation when pressed.

Those associated with PC gaming have an impeccable craze for Cherry MX switches for their flawless performance. However, most users face it difficult to choose between the number of options available in the Cherry MX switches chart.

While customizing a keyboard, it’s important to select the right Cherry MX switch type to experience optimum performance. Every Cherry MX switch is special as per actuation force and operating characteristics. 

Additionally, when you take into account its categories (tactile, linear, speed, silent, and low profile), you get a unique character switch dedicated to a particular group of users.   

In this blog, we will talk about Cherry Mx Brown Vs Red. We will put them under a microscope to discuss their key technological aspects and come to know which one is better for which group of users in particular.

Let’s begin!

Now before we dig deeper into their technical aspects, let’s talk about why Cherry MX switches are in demand amongst gamers.

Why Cherry MX is ruling the market?

Undoubtedly, these switches have some technological edges over the others available in the market. Let’s have a quick look at its unique selling points.

Cherry MX Brown vs Red keyboard

Positive aspects in a nutshell

German Product Perfection

Cherry has its own in-house team for planning, production, and quality control. It has helped Cherry improve its technical specification in terms lifespan and bounce time better than the others.

  • 100 million actuations: Cherry MX switches come with “Hyperglide” technology that offers them more than 100 million actuations. When a switch operates so wobble-free, it’s obvious to grab eyeballs.
  • Shorter Bounce Time: The main unique selling point of Cherry switches is its gold-based cross point contact. In the recent past, the company updated its Gold Cross Point technology. By bending contact radius, it optimized the contact force. As a result, it has significantly shortened the bounce time- less than one millisecond.

Now it’s time to know them well

1. Cherry MX Brown 

Cherry MX Brown is a tactile Key switch, which gives a bumpy response when users apply pressure on or near it. The engage point registers the keypress before the users reach the bottoms out. As a result, users can smoothly activate a key without applying maximum pressure on the switches.

Cherry MX Brown Key Switch

When compared to other key switches, tactile switches like Cherry MX brown emerges as an ergonomically promising product. Once the fingers become familiar with tactile feedback, it becomes easier for users to optimize their typing performance by putting less effort into keystrokes.

Moreover, compared to conventional rubber-dome key switches, tactile key switches allows more durability and flexibility. Cherry MX Brown switches are more likely to enhance the typing performance for programmers, writers, and individuals whose works revolve around heavy typing.


  • Tactile Feedback: The feature is highly beneficial for typing accuracy and gaming. The sense of acknowledging the press results in more precision. Tactile feedback is extremely crucial while typing sensitive data, or playing games where accuracy matters more than speed.
  • Easy Activation: The keys are easily activated due to their 2.0mm pre-travel distance and 45 gm of actuation force. Users can activate the keys just by pressing halfway through it, which further helps with the longevity of the device.
  • No Stress on Wrists- As the key switch is easily activated with less actuation force, it considerably minimizes the bottoming out of keystrokes. As a result, it puts less pressure on your fingers and wrist thereby enabling you to type more without facing muscle fatigue.


  • A little noisy- The key switches generate noise during the full bottom out. Although individuals will not find the difference while typing, hardcore gamers may find the noise distracting.

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2. Cherry MX Red

While tactile key switches work as a boon for some, gamers may find it very interfering. Gamers might find cherry MX Red quite amusing, as they do not have to face the tactile bump during their gameplay. As Cherry MX Red includes linear switches, each keystroke allows a complete downward drop, providing a smooth and noiseless gaming experience.

Meanwhile, the lack of tactile bump may increases the actuation force, leading to a complete bottom out. Thanks to the impeccable Precision coil spring of Cherry MX Red, the keyboard can easily withstand rapid keystrokes without affecting its cycle.

Cherry MX Red Key Switch

The light & ultra-responsive linear switch in Cheery MX Red offers a phenomenal activation rate at a lighter actuation force of 45g, allowing gamers to perform rapid and repeated strokes causing no hysteresis effect.

Conversely, the light actuation force in linear switches can cause more typing errors for users, especially those who are not accustomed to such key switch dynamics. Therefore, individuals with typing jobs may not find it an ideal product of choice. Meanwhile, competitive gamers are surely going to enjoy every bit of Cherry MX Brown.


  • Noiseless- The switch generates little to no sound even during extreme gaming sessionsLess noise means less disturbance and more focus.
  • Indulging- A noiseless bottom out is ideal for games like racing, where gamers need to press the key for a long duration fully. It also promotes indulgence in Shooting games, where gamers have to press a key repeatedly without getting distracted from the tactile feedback.
  • No finger fatigue- Both brown and red come with a low actuation force, making the switches ideal for both typing and gaming.


  • High chances of Bottom Out- With no tactile bump, users may easily get confused, whether they have pressed enough to activate the key. Such actions may pursue gamers to press the key beyond the total travel.

Note: The aforementioned information is not our final feedback since the personal preferences of individuals may differ in some cases.

Cherry MX Brown Vs RED 

Now we are going to compare both the switches in terms of some key technical factors such as:

  • Operating (Actuation) Force– It is the pressure required to apply for activating a keystroke.
  • Pre Travel- It shows the distance traveled to activate the switch, once the user applied the pressure.
  • Total Travel- It indicates the total distance a switch can travel in each keystroke.
  • Cycles- It decides the durability of each switch.
  • Noise- It’s an approximated calculation of the amount of noise generated per keystroke.
  • Types of Switch- Linear or Tactile
Operating force45 grams or 55 CN45 grams or 55cN
Pre Travel2.0 mm2.0 mm
Total Travel4.0 mm4.0 mm
Cycle> 50 million Keystrokes> 50 million Keystrokes
NoiseNo audible clickNo audible click
Type of SwitchTactileTacctileLinear
PrecisionMoreComparatively less
SmoothnessComparatively lessMore

After above comparison, it is still difficult to debate Cherry Mx Brown Vs Red.

Most gamers find similarity between brown and red, in terms of smoothness. Gamers who like precision more than rapid keystrokes prefer brown for its tactile bump.

The smoother clicking and lightweight touch features of the cherry red make it an instant like for gamers. As the linear switch goes all the way down, it enables gamers to play rapid action games in complete silence.

Those who do not like to encounter a tactile bump every time they press a key can blindly go for Red. Gamers get an edge in speed in games that require vigorous double-taps and triple-taps. 

As we know, in competitive gaming, every microsecond counts. Although, that does not mean that one can use them for both purposes.

In terms of characteristics, both brown and red carry equal value. While Red offers better weightage towards hardcore gaming, Brown, on the other hand, favor typing & immersive gaming.

Both Cherry MX Brown & Red meets at the middle ground in gaming & typing. Check out the pros and cons of each switch and the decision is yours.


What is the difference between linear or tactile switches?

When you feel a bump in the middle of a switch, it is called a Tactile switch. It makes a sound when pressed. On the other hand, if a switch feels smooth from top to bottom, it is called a Linear switch. They are silent switches producing little to no sound.

Which Cherry MX is best for pro gamers?

Technically speaking, Cherry MX Red switch type in HyperX Alloy FPS Pro TKL keyboard is best for pro gamers. Its safe actuation weight coupled with linear feedback makes it popular in the group of mid-weight gaming.

Do Reds sound more than Browns?

Technically speaking, No. They both sound similar as there is no audible clicky component here like there are with Cherry MX Blue. Though they have tactile bump like Blues but they do not produce much noise. 

Are they compatible with Corsair k55 keyboard?

No, you cannot put it into Corsair K55 keyboard. The keyboard is not a mechanical one. So, neither brown nor red ones will work for you.

Over to You

After a close analysis, our team concluded that if you want to achieve a top speed in a game without creating much noise in the room, Cherry MX Red ones are good to go. In short, it is for pro gamers. On the other hand, if you are more into typing or official use and occasionally use your keyboard to play games, go for Cherry MX Brown without giving any second thoughts. 

We hope, this blog will help you choose the right keyboard for your purpose between Cherry Mx Brown Vs Red. Comment below if you want to any information extra to make it completely informational for the entire user community.