The 7 Best Chromecast Alternatives to Buy in 2021

Chromecast Alternative

Streaming devices such as the Chromecast is the best way of upgrading your simple television to a smart version without spending much.

But the catch is engaging a mobile smartphone device. Basically, devices similar to Chromecast mirror your smartphone screen to a larger display with good audio-video quality support.

But it is 2021, and you don’t want to stay stuck with television sets by engaging one smartphone. 

On the other hand, there are several alternatives to Chromecast, which you can consider expanding your device capability for just a regular LED TV to something much more exotic.

Flaunt your streaming media onto one single larger screen using these superior alternatives.

Best Chromecast Alternatives

There are a number of Chromecast like devices that can make your day.

We have carefully curated the list of devices to best suit all your casting and streaming needs.

7. Anycast M100

Most Budget-Friendly 4K Screen Mirroring Device 

Anycast M100


  • Supports both Android and Mac devices
  • Supports 1080 and 4K streaming
  • Works with H.265 encoder


  • Setup can be difficult
  • Mirroring is not instantaneous

Anycast is one of the cheap Chromecast alternatives that support Wi-Fi screen mirroring for most devices. This budget device doesn’t offer connectivity features such as powerful streaming devices, but it does the job fine!

The box comes with a Wi-Fi module, HDMI cable, and a dongle. It supports Android, iOS, and Mac devices.

Android users can download the EZmira application from Play Store.

Apple users will have to connect to the dongle SSID, launch a browser with a dedicated IP address, and select Airplay Mirroring as well as the dongle to use this device.

Anycast supports dual-band Wi-Fi, both 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz frequencies. Mirroring is smooth and will not leave you much room for complaint.

However, there can be some sluggishness with high-res content although you can blame it on your Wi-Fi or its network coverage area. Changes made on your device may take some time (a second at most) to reflect on the bigger screen.

Price: Around $30


Anycast M100 is the perfect partner for your usual Wi-Fi streaming needs. This device comes with a regular firmware update. However, don’t expect support for protocol-protected applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Videos, etc.

Also, this is a budget gadget and best suited for first-time users only.

6. MPIO Wireless HDMI Display dongle 

Cheapest Chromecast Alternative 

MPIO Wireless HDMI Display dongle


  • Simple to install
  • Utilitarian
  • Only 2.4 GHz band


  • No power adapter
  • Only offers screen mirroring

The MPIO HDMI display dongle is one of the cheap Chromecast alternatives that allows you to mirror your device screen onto the TV screen.

This device comes with a dongle and Wi-Fi cum power cable. It is one of the smallest and simplest devices to install for mirroring purposes.

Connect the power cable and HDMI cable with the dongle, turn the power on, and connect to your MPIO dongle’s Wi-Fi network.

Go to Setting and select Cast from the connected device option on Android. Apple users will have to use the Airplay Mirroring to cast their smartphone onto the bigger screen.

The device supports up to 4K resolutions as well as accurate support for 1080p and 720p, although we do recommend sticking to lower resolutions if you want to enjoy a smooth experience; it only supports 2.4 GHz.

Overall, it is a simple installation process that allows you to revert the display from your smart device to a larger display.

Price: About $30 


Best suited for medium-res screen mirroring, expecting anything else from this device will be a long shot. If you have just a LED TV with an HDMI port, you can use your smartphone to stream content with this screencaster at 720p handsomely. 

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best Streaming Device for Prime Users

Amazon Fire TV Stick


  • No subscription fees
  • It can even stream 4K content


  • Too big
  • Frequent Amazon Prime membership reminders (Unless you have one!)

Amazon Fire TV is one of the best streaming devices you can plug into your television set. It offers broader media coverage from reputed streaming websites such as their own Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus. You can also use Hulu, ESPN, HBO, sling, and many other similar services.

You can even purchase a lot of bundled devices along with the Fire TV set. You get 8 GB of storage on the Fire Stick which is powered by a Quad-Core 1.7 GHz processor including a dedicated IMG GE8300 GPU.

This stick also features a Micro-USB port to keep it powered while it is connected with the TV using the HDMI cable. It is one of the best alternatives to Chromecast. 

As a bonus, this steaming device offers you all the features of Amazon. Once plugged into the HDMI port of your television, streaming will be just a push of a button away.

The only downside of a user experience is promotions. But, if you are already a Prime member, this should be your first choice.

Price: Around $50


The Fire Stick is convenient to use and best for those who already have an Amazon Prime Membership. With Alexa integration, scrolling through the streaming services is far enjoyably convenient making it a top choice. 

4. Xiaomi Mi Box S 

Best Budget Multi-Tasking Mirroring Device 

Xiaomi Mi Box S


  • Google Certified Android TV integration
  • Consistent firmware updates to reduce bugs
  • Supports gaming and a large number of streaming devices


  • A lot of bloatware
  • Doesn’t support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • No Ethernet connectivity

Xiaomi Mi Box S is a device that sits between the high-end expensive streaming devices and the cheaper variants.

You get a capable device with many additional features, including one stroke Netflix or Live TV access with full 4K support.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S supports a large number of popular devices such as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, HBO Now, ESPN, Sling, and a lot of other streaming sites.

You get a set-top box that has one HDMI connection and a power connection port. While the remote even features a one-stroke voice command with support from Google Assistant. 

Mi Box S will transform your TV experience and even offer slight gaming support. However, the gaming experience will not be comparable to other powerful streaming devices.

You get 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage along with a decent processor and GPU unit.

The best part of getting the Mi Box is that it’s cheaper than your Chromecast-ultra device. On top of that, Mi Box S has the in-built Chromecast-Ultra features. The features of this device make it somewhat better than Chromecast.

Features are limited to casting, and Mi Box S offers a complete Android TV experience including a streaming service to access the user interface.

On top of that, Mi Box S is a Google Certified Android TV integrated device!

With that, you have access to the Google Play store so you can download more applications and even browse the web.

With Google’s intention of offering official devices with faster updates, Mi Box S can be upgraded up to Android 9 Pie. This upgrade would mean native support for a web-cam, video conferencing, and the PS4 Dual-Shock controllers!

Price: Around $60


For less, you get complete Chromecast support along with a full Android TV experience. This makes the Mi Box S one of the cheapest TV streaming variants on the market with authentic Android TV certification.

3. ROKU Ultra 2020

Best Chromecast Alternative for Watching TV

ROKU Ultra 2020


  • All-in-one user-friendly remote
  • Comes with an audio jack and headphones
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound


  • Poor Voice Assistant
  • Bit pricier

Roku Ultra 2020 is the latest edition of their streaming device. It now comes with complete 4K support, along with HDR and HR content as well. The device is well-designed and features an LED for notifications.

Roku Ultra offers you dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Sling. You get a USB port, HDMI connectivity, an Ethernet port for uninterrupted internet connection, and a power port at the rear.

There’s a find my remote feature added in as well! That way you will never have problem losing your remote like you do when you lose your firestick remote.

On top of streaming, you get over 100 free local channels to enjoy an uninterrupted TV experience.

Another intuitive feature is the headphone jack on the remote-controlled. It essentially helps you watch TV at zero inconveniences to others.

This device supports Vudu, HBO, Apple TV, Prime Video, Roku, peacock, and a lot of other features. The latest update even supports HBO max. 

This device could satisfy the Apple users since Roku ultra comes with Apple airplay support, allowing users to stream from both iOS and Macs. Android users can also use screen mirroring.

Price: Around $80


Other than a difficult voice assistant, this device can be the perfect Chromecast alternative for watching TV – there’s enough content available through this device to keep you busy. It’s not powerful enough to support games though and that does put a question on the value-for-money ticker.


Best Chromecast Alternative for Apple Ecosystem



  • Dolby Vision Support
  • Works perfectly with 4K contents
  • Can be integrated with leading Apple services


  • Expensive
  • Not easy to carry around

The Apple TV 4K device is their answer to devices like Chromecast. Where Smart TV has made streaming devices somewhat extras, the Apple TV offers a lot of features and connectivity options to make you consider getting one, especially if you live in the Apple tech ecosystem.

Being an Apple product, this device enjoys a lot of support from third-party applications and the App store. It supports many streaming platforms, including Netflix, Prime Videos, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO max, and Apple TV plus.

As a unique feature for game lovers, the Apple TV stick supports most mobile games. You can connect your Xbox or PlayStation controller to turn the Apple TV into an arcade device (YouTube too is available on Apple TV sticks above the 4th generation).

You can use Apple TV 4K to store 64 GB of virtual data and connect with all Apple devices. It supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz W-Fi bands.

If you are working on a Mac PC or laptop, you can easily mirror the display to the big screen. It will come in handy during presentations, mirroring your monitor screen into an extended display can get a lot easier with this.

Price: Around $200


Apple TV 4K is perfect for streaming multiple platforms on your television. You can even enjoy arcade games and allow better file mirroring within the Apple ecosystem

1. Nvidia Shield TV Pro 

Overall Best Chromecast Alternative

Nvidia Shield TV Pro


  • Offers GeForce Cloud streaming 
  • Good 4K support
  • Built-in Chromecast 4K and Google Assistant


  • Very expensive!
  • Huge and not portable

Next up is the Nvidia Shield TV pro with 4K capabilities. Now, this streaming device is unlike anything else on the market.

Not only does this pro streaming device offer you connectivity to a large number of Live Tv and Entertainment streaming apps, but it also provides AI and cloud-powered rendering and a mighty processor to handle multitasking!

This device comes with the flagship Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor. The X1+ is the brains behind AI-enhanced upscaling. It enables Shield TV Pro to convert an HD video into 4K.

It can even transform your television into a gaming console, primarily when used with GeForce Now cloud streaming.

Other than NVIDIA Games, Shield TV also comes with YouTube, NETFLIX, Prime Videos, Disney Plus, Hulu, Google Play services. Nvidia Shield TV Pro would allow you to further download more applications since this system works on the Android platform.

The device console features many ports such as a Power port, Ethernet Port, HDMI 2.0 port, and Dual USB 3.0 ports.

It even supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to further amplify the streaming experience. On top of that, Shield Pro has a built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast 4K.

The combination of all its features enables this device to level up your entire TV streaming experience.

Price: Around $200


A streaming device that can transform your TV streaming experience, provide all Chromecast features, and deliver high-end graphics rendering to double up as a gaming console – the Shield TV should be your first choice as a Google Chromecast alternative if you have the budget for it!

Final Words

Chromecast is just a wireless receiver, and with the release of smart TV and better streaming devices, Chromecast offers limited applications and benefits.

On the other hand, there are devices such as the Fire TV stick, or Roku Stick, that can support screen mirroring along with the support for turning your regular LED TV into a smart streaming TV.

Technology is adapting and sticking with the latest is your best bet for long-term usage. The use of Chromecast is limited only to older LED television sets. There are powerful devices such as Xiaomi Mi Box, Apple TV 4K box, Nvidia Shield TV Pro that convert your TV into a Smart TV. 

After that, you can easily enjoy all your streaming content directly on your tv without engaging your smartphone. All of these devices have in-built Chromecast ultra to complement smartphone mirroring.

Some of them even support Alexa and Google Assistant for immersive voice commands. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.


Is Apple TV better than Roku Ultra?

Roku Ultra is a cheaper variant as compared to Apple TV. If you intend to enjoy Live TV networks, Roku Ultra 2020 will be more inclined to satiate your needs. On the other hand, if you have many Apple devices, Apple TV will be better suitable for all your needs.

Is Xiaomi Mi Box S Google certified device?

Yes, Your Xiaomi Mi Box S device is google certified. The benefit of being google certified is getting faster updates. Moreover, it adds confidence in using the device.
The fun fact is the cheaper price of Xiaomi Mi Box S as compared to Chromecast Ultra, when the Chromecast Ultra features are already built-in to this device. 

Is Nvidia Shield Pro worth it?

Nvidia Shield Pro can be totally worth it if you intend to use a whole lot of features available on it. It is not any ordinary streaming device.
You can stream 4K content from leading streaming platforms and even gain access to Google Assistant and Chromecast Ultra features.
On top of that, the Tegra X1 plus processor will enable you to play games using the built-in GeForce Now cloud streaming.
Shield Pro is a great advantage for those who want to play games on their TV and also want to use it for content streaming on a larger screen straight from their smartphones or tablets.