50 Cool Websites to Kill Time When Bored in 2021

cool websites to visit when bored

We are probably used to killing boredom on the internet by going through our Facebook and Instagram feeds or scrolling down our Twitter timeline. While this may help, it is only a matter of time before we get bored again since we’ll repeatedly see almost the same thing on these social media. 

Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic that has kept us locked at home, limiting the number of activities used to help us kill time, there has been this spike in search for interesting websites (aside from our traditional social media) we can spend time on.

If you happen to be looking for fun websites, then relax and allow me to give you 50 sites to choose from. 

50 Cool Websites to Visit To Kill Boredom 

1. Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow

This site is easily accessible. All you’ll need to do here is increase your computer’s sound volume and use your cursor to find the missing cow. The closer you are to the cow, the louder the sound. I successfully found five cows at an easy level. The more challenging level involves you disabling your cursor from changing. You’ll have a great time here as it is one of those cool websites to visit. 

2. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2

On this site, you’ll be transforming materials into different things by combining them. The game starts by allowing you to combine Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. When I combined Earth with Fire, it gave me Smoke; visit the site and make your combinations. They give you no rules; you can combine as you like.

Since the site never runs out of materials or elements to mix, you will sure spend so much time on it. Little Alchemy 2 is a cool website for when you’re bored. 

3. Wait But Why

Wait But Why

I have always been a big fan of sites that write from the first-person pronouns. They somewhat seem relatable, and you know we all love a story, write up, or article we can relate to. If you need a site where you can read about stuff, you should check out WaitButWhy. 

Tim Urban, the writer behind this site, dishes out interesting articles to help kill boredom. It is one of the most exciting websites on the internet I have ever come across. With this site, we can read articles online that aren’t about the latest news in the Whitehouse or Tesla stocks’ price.

Get in here and relax while taking a stroll in Tim Urban’s world. 

4. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

They are just so many things we have come to accept without really asking questions. If you have a curious mind like mine, you’ll love to find out how things work.

Why does my key open only this lock?

Why do I keep recalling things that has never happened?

Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?

They are countless questions we will love answers to, and no better site can give you a clue of stuff like HowStuffWorks. 

The writers and makers of this website ensured they are correct on their facts. Based on the amount of knowledge you’ll gain from this site, I’ll call it one of the best websites to waste time on. 

5. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Flossing your teeth is something everyone loves doing; how about flossing your brain?

They are just so many things we think we know that we have zero clues about. This exciting website is somewhat similar to the one above.

Do you have any idea of the man who picked the Victorian London’s unpickable lock? I don’t too, visit Mental Floss to find out this and much more. 

6. The Useless Web

The Useless Web

The Useless Web is one of the coolest websites to waste time in. It indeed lives up to its name. What this site does is generate more useless sites for you. So if you have much time on your hands, then drop by here. On the bright side of things, you’ll see the crazy things or sites people spend their time creating online with this website. 

7. Virtual Gym

Virtual Gym

At the beginning of last year, I promised myself I would frequently go to the gym; well, guess who kept to this promise? NOT ME. In my defense, the pandemic kept me home, but deep down, I know even if the were no pandemic, I wouldn’t have gone *wink. 

Well, well, I recently discovered this site, and I must assure you, I am on the journey to be the sexiest person alive, haha. Muscle Wiki provides you with exercises you can do from the comfort of your room. So, if you just asked yourself, “I am bored on the internet, what should I do?” Well, dear friend, you should visit Muscle Wiki. 

8. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be a hacker?

Well, don’t wonder again, as you can have that feeling first hand from this site. No, no, you wouldn’t be learning how to hack from here, at least not entirely, but you can freak out your boss, friend, partner, or parents when they see you typing codes that look like what a hacker will type.

When you watch hackers in the movies, I bet they use this site to do what they do. Hacker Typer is one fun website to check out. 

9. Vsauce 


Another cool website to check out is Vsauce. On this site, you’ll find interesting articles to read when bored. Vsauce is a network of the top science and education channels on YouTube (as the website puts it). If you are hyper-curious, then you’ll love it here. 

10. Your Web Browser Knows You Better

Your Web Browser Knows You Better

Your web browser knows you so much. It is easy to say you stop Facebook from knowing details about you by curtailing what you reveal. But do you know your web browser knows so much about you, yes, including what you do in incognito?

This is almost an unarguable fact as our browsers are the second thing most of us often open after our media Player. 

What this site does is show you everything your browser knows about you. If you are big on your privacy, then check out this cool website. Another interesting fact about this site is that it advises you on protecting your privacy. 

11. Imgur


Instagram might be the most prominent image sharing site at the moment. However, the images there are entirely predictable, and we may get bored of viewing the same thing repeatedly.

If you need a breath of fresh air and wish to see memes and funny pictures, go to Imgur. This addictive website doesn’t only show you images but funny short videos to help light up your day. 

12. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal

If the sites listed above don’t give you the type of articles you’ll love to read, then why not check out The Oatmeal? 

It is a cool website for when you are bored, containing a wide range of excellent articles for you. You’ll be getting comics, games, books, blogs, and so much more. Put on your reading glasses and take a walk on this site. 

13. A Good Movie To Watch

A Good Movie To Watch

I am the type of person who gets confused about what movies to watch. Yes, I know of Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and other movie review sites, but most times, these reviews aren’t reliable.

With a site like this, I’ve had an easier time picking a movie to watch. Whenever I put on my Netflix account, I give up and watch YouTube or music vides instead. So, if you fall into my category, this site is perfect for you. 

This site gives you access to many movie ideas ranging from your favorite genre down to movies that will fit your mood. Here they take into consideration many factors, not just mass media reviews but quality. You should check this interesting website out. 

14. Paper Toilet

Paper Toilet

I enjoyed wasting paper toilets in those days, but these days I can’t, and to make matters worse, the pandemic caused a surge in toilet paper demand. If you want to relive those happy toilet wasting days, get your cursor ready and visit the paper toilet. 

15. MUBI


If you are still in search of a good movie site, then MUBI is for you. Unlike A Good Movie To Watch, MUBI gives you a limited amount of incredible movies to watch; with this, you’ll not have thousands of movies to pick from, which is often confusing.

Here, they host 30 films at a time; they add a movie daily and remove one. If you are a movie freak, then this site is for you. 

16. Supercook


Most times, I’ll have so many ingredients at home and still have no idea what to cook. If you’ve ever been in this situation, then Supercook is for you.

On Supercook, all you have to do is tell it the ingredients in your fridge or kitchen, and Supercook will do the job for you. It will give you a recipe to prepare. This is one fun website to visit. 

17. 100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars

Dive into the world outside our planet and see what it means to be a star. From this site, you’ll be on one of Elon Musk’s spacecraft and take a wide tour of the universe. The starting point is the sun; this site will show you things you don’t know about the internet. I recommend this site for that mind that loves to wander far and wide. 

18. My Fridge Food

My Fridge Food

This site is somehow similar to SuperCook. If you can’t reach out to mum or your roommate who does the cooking isn’t around, you can make use of this site to leverage whatever ingredient you have in the fridge. Just like Supercook, you’ll tell it what’s left in your fridge and allow it to work out a recipe for you. 

19. The Moth

The Moth

Stories are one of the things that have kept us going. I believe that “to be wiser, I need to learn from other’s stories,” and The Moth has been instrumental in doing that.

Do you recall what I said about reading articles in the first-person pronouns? Well, this is a bit more. Here you get to know things about people, and if you can relate to what they say, you might have an idea of how to deal with yours. Visiting The Moth is one of those things to do on the internet when you’re bored. 

20. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

Another site to waste time will be Pointer Pointer. Uhmm, you are wasting your time, no doubt, but for some reason, you will enjoy it. Visit Pointer Pointer and find out why the site is Weirdly Interesting. 

21. XKCD


Do you, by chance, love Mathematics? Then what are you waiting for?

Open a new tab and check out this site. This exciting website contains original comic strips related to math. Well, not only math lovers will be having fun here; if you are a fan of romance, sarcasm, and language, you will have a good laugh from visiting XKCD. 

22. Listen To Radios Around The World With Global Radio

Listen To Radios Around The World With Global Radio

When I was a kid, I always wondered what the radio in Dubai would be broadcasting since my dad sometimes visits there and loves listening to the radio; since I found The Radio Garden, my thirst has been quenched.

From the comfort of your room, you can listen to whatever radio station irrespective of its location with ease. 

23. Conspiracy Theories List Via Wikipedia 

Conspiracy Theories List Via Wikipedia

When you listen to most conspiracy theorists speak, you might think they are crazy, but when you check out this page and see what it offers, you may start to question your believe a bit.

Most conspiracy theories are just a piece of evidence away from the truth. Who knows, you might be able to prove one theory written here; this page for me is a site like bored panda. It will help me kill time while introducing you to a world that will trigger your imagination. 

24. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

Another way to kill boredom and waste your time a bit is by visiting this cool site. All you need to do here is make the lady dance by moving your Pointer. Please, note that if you move your Pointer too fast, you’ll see flashing images; if this would affect your eye, you can skip to the next site. 

25. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH Shark Tracker

Let’s go track some sharks, hold on, not literally. You can while away time and step into your world of imagination by tracking sharks and swimming around the world.

Marine Research Group OCEARCH created this Shark Tracker tool with it; you can know where certain tagged sharks are – yes, they have names. With this tool, you can zoom in on that body of water closest to you and find out which Shark came around you. It is a fun way to kill time. 

26. The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out

I am a big fan of comics; the funny ones are one of my favorites. With a site like The Odd 1s Out, I can never run out of hilarious comics to keep me busy. If you aren’t okay with visiting this funny website, you can check out their YouTube channel, which delivers enough funny comics to make you laugh out your guts.

27. Apartment Therapy 

Apartment Therapy

You know you can also spend your time learning new ideas to make your kitchen and bathroom look visually less clustered. If you are a big fan of decoration or have some free time, I think you should visit Apartment Therapy and add some style to your room. 

This site offers different categories like a house tour, style, how to organize and clean, and so much more. It doesn’t matter how small your room is; the site has a Small Space series for you. You can also check out their Before and After series. You can never run out of ideas with Apartment therapy. 

28. Bees Bees Bees

Bees Bees Bees

Let me share one conspiracy theory with you, Oprah Winfrey has so many secrets she’s hiding, and this site has them. Just visit the site and check out Oprah’s greatest secrets. 

29. The American Life 

The American Life

Check out these crazy stories WEBZ Chicago has put together. Here, you get to see stories that will bring tears to your eyes. I know we’ve all had it bad at some time, but they are levels to this.

You’ll not be meeting the typical human error, random fumble, common mishaps, usual mistakes in this site. However, you’ll be entering the world of really massive breakdowns.

After reading a few stories from this article, I knew my most embarrassing moment wasn’t as bad as most people have had. 

30. My Car Makes Noises

My Car Makes Noises

I have heard a few strange sounds from my car, and I wish I had known this site when I had those experiences. Yes, your car is beautiful and the latest model in town, but like every other technology work, a few mishaps or strange occurrences may occur. 

With this site, you can have a glimpse of what is making those strange sounds in your car. All you have to do is click on the part of the vehicle you are suspicious about, then compare it to the sound from your car; with this, you’ll know what to look for. 

31. Bored Panda

Bored Panda

My list of cool websites is incomplete without having Bored Panda. If you need something funny in the world of the internet, then go immediately to Bored Panda. This site was founded in 2009, and for a decade-plus, it hasn’t stopped dishing out quality contents to keep its users coming back for more.

Bored Panda contains exciting articles to read when bored; it is my #1 website to cure boredom. 

32. Soft Murmur 

Soft Murmur

I fall into that group of people who could get easily distracted by random sounds so that I can attest to the instrumental Soft Murmur has been to me. You know, when you are working with natural sounds, you tend to concentrate more. 

Most people focus on music, others on natural sounds; if you fall into the latter, then Soft murmur is for you. This site gives you ambient sounds like waves, birds chirping, cricket sounds, fire, rain, and much more. 

33. The Way Back Machine 

The Way Back Machine

Everything has seen dramatic improvements over the year, even our websites. If you’ll love to see what your favorite site looked like years ago, the Way Back Machine has you covered.

This site takes you back in time to show you what sites were when we weren’t focused on speed or mobile visits first.  Check out what Amazon looked like back in 2001.

34. Shady URLs

Shady URLs

You can scare a friend by sending them a URL masked to look like a virus. All you have to do is copy the URL, paste it into the text field provided, and hit Enter. The site then gives you a URL that looks like a virus that you can share with friends, put a little fear, sorry smile on their faces. 

35. LEGO Videos

LEGO Videos

When I say LEGO, what pops into your mind? The latest movies, right?

But are you aware there’s a Star Wars version of LEGO? What about its Harry Potter version?

Well, visit this site and see for yourself. Before we saw LEGO in the cinemas, they have been in operation since time immemorial, dishing out excellent contents. You’ll have to do a little digging around to find something interesting.

This is one cool website for when you’re bored. 

36. Cracked 


Another site like Bored Panda is Cracked. On cracked, you’ll never run out of contents to make you roll on the floor laughing. Freelancers are responsible for these contents; however, they are appropriately vetted before posting.

Get into the world of intense humor with the Cracked website as your guide. 

37. The Oregon Trail

If you are a Gen X’er you’ll absolutely love this site. It has that old addicting games or should I say series of games called Oregon Trail. No, you can’t access the game from its official site, you can only access it via the Internet Archives, yes the makers of the Way Back Machine. You should definitely check it out if you are a 90’s Kid.

38. Don’t Even Reply 

Don't Even Reply

If you think you have a lot of time?  Well, wait until you meet the authors of this site. The people or person behind this site took their time to reply to almost all ads on Craigslist.

Of course, they have no plans to buy; they are just funny individuals making the best of their time. Do you need a website to go on when bored? Don’t Even Reply; we have this. 

39. Gravity Point

Gravity Point

I love seeing things move on their own, and this Gravity Pen has me covered. This site was created by Akimsu Hamamuro, and as simple as it is, you will find it excellent.

This site simulates what gravity is like by allowing you to generate gravity centers across your screen that try finding their way to any other gravity point you created. When you play with this site for a while, you’ll love what you see, I can assure you. I’ll call this one of the best sites to waste time on. 

40. Shut Up And Take My Money

Shut Up And Take My Money

If you find the name crazy, wait until you get into the site. This site offers you funny things you don’t need but might surely want them.

If you’ll love to see dogs poop in beautiful places, run to the site and make a purchase. This site is perfect for getting gag gifts; the categories range from Geeky, Cool, Clothing, and much more. Just get in there and see for yourself. 

41. Pokémon Showdown

Pokémon Showdown

If you are a big fan of Pokémon, then you should like this site. Here, you’ll simulate different Pokémon battles. All you need to do is join a group or find a random match and have fun. 

42. Onread


Are you a big reader, get in here and have access to over a million books. I’ll suggest you visit forums, find out cool books to check out, and then get back here and get them.

This site offers you a feature to search for books based on Title, Author, or Series. You can check out reviews or use its community. With over 400k users, you sure will get something awesome to help kill boredom. 

43. Welcome to the Wikipedia of Dogs

Welcome to the Wikipedia of Dogs

This page on Wikipedia gives so much history about dogs. You will know a thing or two about Working dogs (rescue, war, guide, police), heroic dogs, faithful dogs, space dogs, ugly dogs, unique dogs, and so much more.

We can agree that dogs are man’s best friend; they have been involved in our history for centuries. If you are a dog person, I can imagine how happy you will be when visiting this page. 

44. The Toast

The Toast

If you are big on Fiction writing and love testing the power of your imagination, then get in here. Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg put out a new post every day. These posts range from literal characters that never were to female pickpockets of Gold Rush-era San Francisco

The toast offers you so much content to choose from. It contains interesting articles to read when bored. I can’t unravel how much fun The Toast offers; just visit the site and see yourself. 

45. This is My Website Now

This is My Website Now

Another way to kill boredom is by checking out this site. It is a straightforward site that features a collection of games to help keep you occupied.

Aside from the game’s part of the site, you can also read the Bible. They are other exciting stuff like Time Guesser, Bipolar Baguette, Fast Trap, and over ten more things to help you waste time. 

46. Scream into the Void 

Scream into the Void

Is there something you want to shout out but can’t since you are trying to avoid a drama of some sort, then get in this site and SCREAM INTO THE VOID?

You can pour it all out and take your rage on this site. It offers you a text field to type it out, then hit the scream button to let it all out. 

47. GIPHY 


Most times, we don’t have to type it; a small GIF will do. This site offers you millions of GIFs to add style to your texting or reply to those crazy tweets.

With GIF, you can express yourself less offensively. I haven’t seen someone who’s pissed by a GIF. Even if you don’t want to use them, you’ll find hilarious clips from your favorite movies or shows which will bring back memories. 

48. Mix 


Formerly known as StumbleUpon, Mix delivers your favorite content to you with ease. If you recall, StumbleUpon served you topics you were interested in while giving you news and information that are related to those topics.

The Mix takes things higher. With Mix, you can create a profile, then share photos, videos, and articles you find intriguing. There’s never a dull moment on Mix since you’ll be conveniently learning new things. 

49. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Since not everybody has access to a good telescope, this site’s makers have made things easy. Though we can’t compare this to viewing space in real-time, you can still have some fun by viewing these fabulous pictures taken in space.

They don’t just show you images but include a little writing about the photo before your eye. 

50. Big Think

Big Think

You can spend your time reading articles that will leave you more informed. Big Think gives so many research and surveys that are mind-blowing. Telling you how awesome Big Think is, is just me scratching the surface. You need to visit the site to see for yourself. 

Final Thoughts

The internet is a vast community. They exist billions of information there. Aside from our usual social media, you can visit so many cool websites to help kill time when you are bored. We were able to list 50 exciting sites; they are a whole more. Thank you for stopping by, have a great day.