CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER: Who Makes The Best Pre-Built Gaming PC?

CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER

There have been two companies, CyberPowerPC and iBUYPOWER in strong competition in regards to pre-built and custom-built PCs. Both the companies are targeting gamers, eSports events and tournaments to garner crowds and capture the market.

In this article, CyberPowerPC VS iBUYPOWER we want to see which of the two companies provide the best value for money for its consumers and how the two are different.

About CyberPower PC


Founded in 1998, CyberPowerPC is headquartered in California and is a computer manufacturer and retailer that specializes in an extensive range of computer hardware specially aimed at gamers. The company is known to cater to all sorts of market with their low cost and high cost custom-built gaming computers. It is however most famous for its high-end line of gaming custom-built machines that not only comes with a huge price tag but also a strong performance.

The company, a privately owned business became the fastest growing in its category in Los Angeles and got listed on the stock market in 2003. The company again made headlines when it consistently came in the top 150 privately owned businesses in Los Angeles.

CyberPower PC specializes in gaming computers that buys and assembles parts or hardware from third party distributors or manufacturers. This might not sound innovative, however, their expertise in the area often results in superb combination of parts and a great custom-built PC.

The company has found its niche by giving more control to buyers and allows them to choose which part they would want in their custom-built PC. 

The brand is known to sponsor and host several eSports tournaments across the world like the summer 2016 Pro Counter Strike Global Offensive Series and more. The company also sponsors many eSports pro players and teams like Luminosity and Team SoloMid. This definitely means that the brand is also producing or putting together custom-built systems specifically designed for eSports.



Founded in 1999, iBUYPOWER is headquartered in California and is most notoriously known for its gaming systems. The company is one of the few to entice passion among gamers since its origination and is a strong competitor to CyberPower PC. They focus on delivering high quality systems for all types of markets like professional gamers, casual gamers, normal daily usage and more. The company has been working closely with market leaders of PC hardware like Microsoft, Nvidia, Asus and more to achieve superior performance, reliability and authority in the gaming systems market.

iBUYPOWER has several options to choose from within the custom-built PC range as gamers can select from Intel or AMD systems. There are many different series that they produce like the Revolt, Snowblind and more. They even offer buyers to configure their own case from the case builder section.

Besides custom-built systems, the company also develops and sells pre-built PCs for gaming and also for streaming games. Since the brand has partnered with a lot of technology market leaders, they are also able to offer gaming laptops specifically made for the iBUYPOWER by Asus, MSI and more.

They offer an easy builder for gamers allowing them to create the perfect PC for them in simple steps. Gamers are required to select the games they would like to play or enjoy playing, the platform they would want to play on (Desktop or laptop), the CPU brand (Intel or AMD) and their budget. This makes it easier for new gamers and also gamers that are confused about what they want to buy.

CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER : Who Builts The Best Gaming PC?

Comparing the two becomes very tricky since these are pre-built systems. We cannot simply compare custom-built systems from the two companies because both of them will have same specs, comparison will only lie in price.

However, for this article, we have decided to compare the lowest-priced pre-built systems and the highest priced prebuilt systems of the two brands.

Let’s compare the lower end systems first.

This will help in understanding the best price value for money which is what readers want to know.

Note : We are purely comparing it on the basis of specs and performances, and not taking customer support & warranty into consideration.

Lower End Systems Comparison

Gaming Instant Ship GX 99024 (By CyberPowerPC)

CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER: Who Makes The Best Pre-Built Gaming PC? 2

Build and Design

The gaming instant comes in a beautiful black and bold three ring front facing LED case that stands out from every point. The case has a great shine that looks attractive, however, might attract finger prints easily.

The chassis used is a CyberPowerPC Masterbox lite 5 gaming case while the fans are 3 120mm Apevia which comes with remote control.

Performance & Tech Specifications

In this pre-built system, Intel i5-10400 processor with 2.90Ghz power is used which also comes with intel brand LGA 65W CPU fan.

This is the latest intel processor and a great option for gamers. The brand takes a different approach when selecting a motherboard, one might expect an intel motherboard or Asus, however, the company has decided to include Gigabyte B460M in the gaming instant ship GX 99024.

The system comes with an 8GB DDR4 memory, 1TB SSD, a CyberPowerPC gaming keyboard, gaming mouse and a 600 watts gold power supply unit.

This is the bit that everybody is interested in, the graphics card. The gaming instant ship GX 99024 comes loaded with an Nvidia GTX 1660 super 6GB DDR6 graphic card that is capable of running VR.

It comes with a 3-year service warranty and lifetime support. This system is currently listed for $949 and buyers can avail instalment plans that start from as low as $84 a month.


CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER: Who Makes The Best Pre-Built Gaming PC? 3

Build & Design

The pre-built PC has a similar bold and black shiny look with a 3-ring front facing LED lights. However, the case is their personal built tempered glass iBUYPOWER Slate.

It looks absolutely gorgeous with the black finish. Please do bear in mind that it might be a fingerprint magnet.

Performance & Tech Specifications

The system uses an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor that is capable of pushing 3.6Ghz of processing power. The processor is kept cool using the Deepcool gammaxx 400 CPU cooler.

The processor is fit inside an ASUS prime B450M-A motherboard. The system comes with an 8GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB SSD and a 500-watt power supply unit.

The graphics card used in RDY SMRRR202 is the Radeon RX580 4GB GPU which is also virtual reality ready just like the CyberPower PC.

The system comes with a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and also an Xbox game pass for PC game bundle.

Currently, the iBUYPOWER RDY SMRRR202 is listed at $849, however, you can get it on instalments for as low as $75 a month.


It’s time to compare the two, the Radeon RX 580 is a great GPU for its price tag, however, when comparing it to the GTX 1660, it underperforms.

The GTX 1660 is slightly faster and a better-overclocking capability. The Ryzen 5 3600 processor is a great value for money and has amazing performance.

The intel i5 10400 is also a superb processor and the company has brought the price down to compete with the AMD.

If you’re simply looking for gaming, then the Ryzen 5 3600 is the choice to pick since it is cheaper.

However, if you’re looking towards more performance demanding uses such as streaming with gaming, then the i5 10400 is the right processor for you.

Here is the bit that everyone is looking forward to, the winner. Its not a clear answer since both are great PCs.

If you’re new to gaming, don’t want to spend too much money, then clearly the iBUYPOWER gaming RDY SMRRR202 is the choice for you, given that they also include some peripherals along with the PC.

However, if you want to have a slightly powerful system and have no budget concerns, then the CyberPowerPC GAMING INSTANT SHIP GX 99024 wins due to its slight powerful processing and GPU.

But, if you really have no budget concerns, then you wouldn’t settle for this entry-level system and would go for a rather more expensive and high performing system.

Therefore, the winner for low cost and good performance custom-built PC goes to iBUYPOWER.


High-End Systems Comparison

Lirik 200 (By CyberPowerPC)

CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER: Who Makes The Best Pre-Built Gaming PC? 4
Image Source : CyberPower PC

Build and Design

The most expensive pre-built system offered by CyberPower PC is the Lirik 200. The company made sure that they made no compromise in any hardware installed in the system.

The PC is a large tower system that is all black with orange lighting inside and under the case making it absolutely stunning to look at.

The case is made from aluminium and is a phantom enthoo elite aluminium extreme case.

Performance Specifications

The case comes packed with a superb Gigabyte GA-X299 and a powerful intel core i9 10920X processor with 3.5Ghz processing speed.

Under the hood, the system also has a whopping 64GB DDR4 RAM with a 3TB internal hard drive and a 1TB SSD for quick boot.

The GPU is a proper beast and is the Evga Geforce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB DDR6.

It will deliver around 190fps on the Apex: legends in 1440p and is of course VR ready.

Currently, it is listed for a staggering $7,095 and can be bought on instalments for as low as $230 a month.

Titan RTX Ultimate Gaming (By iBUYPOWER)

CyberPowerPC vs iBUYPOWER: Who Makes The Best Pre-Built Gaming PC? 5
Image Source : iBuyPower

Build and Design

The Titan RTX Ultimate Gaming is currently the most expensive pre-built system offered by iBUYPOWER.

It is also a full tower PC with a black and bold finish to the case. It looks just like most of the other iBUYPOWER PC and has 3 front-facing ring LEDs.

Performance Specifications

Inside the case, you will find an ASROCK Z390 phantom gaming 4S motherboard and an intel core i9 9900K series processor with 3.6Ghz processing speed.

It comes with a 32GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB SSD.

It also comes with an Nvidia GeForce Titan RTX 24GB GDDR6 GPU, the same as the CyberPower PC.

The system is VR ready as well and can play any high-end game on high settings without fail.

Currently, it is listed for $4,659 and can be bought on instalment for $216 a month.


The difference between the two, Lirik 200 and RTX Titan is an exquisite case offered by CyberPowerPC with the Lirik200.

They also have 32GB more Ram and a 3TB extra storage space. The processor is also slightly better performance, however, the 9900K processor provided by iBuypower PC is more energy efficient.

The GPU RTX 2080Ti is absolutely impressive, however, the Titan RTX 24GB (Double the memory of the 2080Ti) provided by iBuyPower truly shines on another level

All in all, the winner again is a pre-built system by iBUYPOWER. It might not have the best processor or double the ram and storage space; however, it does have a really powerful GPU.

Do bear in mind that the hardware in both can be customized and you can still get similar specs like the CyberPowerPC with a really punchy Titan RX 24GB GPU considerably much less with the iBUYPOWER.

The brand is truly value for money.



Should You Invest In a Pre-Built Gaming PC?

It depends. If you are a console gamer, new to PC gaming or simply do not have the time and want the convenience of a pre-built gaming PC then investing in one is the right choice for you. However, if you are a pro gamer or heavy PC user who understand the components that are required in building a system, then custom-built PC is the right way forward. Pre-built PCs are more practical and convenient.

Is It Better To Build or Buy a PC?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. If you are looking to save on time and want the convenience of having a ready to use plug and play PC then getting a pre-built PC would be the right choice for you. However, if you want particular parts like a much powerful CPU or a different motherboard, your own combination of RAM and SSD and more, then we would definitely suggest building your own PC.
Nobody knows your requirements like you do, right?

What Are The Minimum Specs Recommended For Running New Titles?

Since new games are not only heavy graphics intensive but there are also low graphic requirement games like indie and more. The minimum recommended requirements today focus on a powerful CPU, an i5 that is 7500 and above model.
You would at least need an 8GB RAM and above, recommended nowadays is a 12GB RAM. Hard drive depends on how much you use. The top games take around 80 to 100GB of space or more, we would recommend at least getting a 1TB hard drive.
It would be better to have either a 1TB SSD instead of HDD or get an HDD and a 512GB SSD for quick bootup. The GPU is the main component for a gaming PC. Your PC should be VR ready since that has become a new standard for GPUs.
An intel GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 6GB should be a good graphics card to compliment all the other components. If you want to be future proof for the next couple of years, then we suggest investing in a more powerful graphics card.


In this article, CyberPowerPC VS iBUYPOWER, we clearly saw that iBUYPOWER PCs provide the best value for money compared to CyberPower PC. However, CyberPowerPC might have more add-ons and options that gamers would like to add to their system. iBUYPOWER PCs are more for budget-conscious gamers and those looking for a quick ready to play PCs. Those with time, money, knowledge and expertise in the gaming area would side towards CyberPower PC.

The details provided in this article is as of today and can change at any time. It is best that you conduct your own research to keep updated on the products and services offered by the two companies. Do let us know if we missed a product that you think deserves a spot in this list as a low end or high-end gaming system. Your suggestions are highly valued as it helps other readers just like you to make the right decision.