Drone X Pro Review: Is It Scam Or The Best Budget Drone?

Drone X Pro Review
Drone X Review: Gadgetrivia Rating
Best Budget Drone
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  • Next generation miniature drone  
  • Capable of flying at the speed of 12 meters per second.
  • It offers a transmission range of 100 meters.

Since the launch of Drone X Pro, the entire quadcopter-based drone industry has been revolutionized by the idea of developing something smaller yet practical, Compact yet loaded with features, by now, you already know a bit about it.

Enjoy a whole new range of dynamic photography made possible by the Drone X Pro. The X Pro’s surging popularity within a few months of its launch comes down to the excellent capabilities, utilitarian features, portability, and an extremely pocket-friendly price tag.

Be it setting up the drone, carrying it, charging batteries – everything, from the basics to advanced features, is a notch above of the competition.

In fact, this device’s price is so affordable that the Drone X Pro has become the go-to drone for first-time and amateur users alike. Capturing a selfie or high-resolution video is easy and straightforward, but perhaps the best takeaway as far as the features are concerned is its ease of usage.

The device itself is a marvel, packed with sensors and circuits, significantly improving from its processor. Other than that, you have several pre-set conditions that enable the drone to maneuver in difficult winds.

This 8-blade quadcopter can wade through low windy scenarios thanks to its high torque motor. In this detailed Drone X Pro review, we have covered almost everything you need to know about the Drone X Pro.

We will be dissecting its abilities, features, build quality, and various other factors you need to know before buying. 

Drone X Pro- What is it?

Drone X Pro Review: What is it

The Drone X Pro is the latest version of the Drone X series quadcopter. This quadcopter drone is an example of engineering excellence combined with amazing features and robust build quality at a mind-blowing price.

Drone X Pro price – You can get your hands on this piece of tech beauty for just $100. At first look, the appearance of this device is like a camera lens kit. Unboxing will receive a miniature apparatus but don’t let the size fool you. This is a full-blooded flying machine.

Once the blades are retracted, it is no longer than an iPhone 11 pro. After charging the drone battery, you can fly this drone with just the push of a button, which has been advertised as the one key take-off feature.

Pressing the button on the controller lifts the drone to a height of about 3 feet, and thereon, you can control the direction. Drone X Pro also comes with night lights to help you pilot this drone even in low light/dark conditions.

You get dual-axis control settings on the controller. The left-hand joystick controlling the drone’s height while the right-hand joystick controls flight directions from the front and back as well as left/right. Whenever a key is pressed, a beep sound is generated through your controller mic signaling the response from the drone.

The controller and drone both operate on battery power, but its controller requires 3 AA battery. On the other hand, the drone operates on a 600 mAh battery that can be charged using the USB cable provided with the case.

You can optionally use a micro-USB charger to the same effect. There are LED indicators on the battery, which will inform you of the full charge. Particular attention should be given while charging as such batteries can easily be overcharged and significantly reduce battery life over time.

Drone X Pro Review: Accessories Bundled-In

Drone X Pro - Accessories Bundled-In
Drone X Pro Accessories

With the Drone X Pro, the manufacturer doesn’t disappoint at all. At first glance, you get a sturdy looking hard-secure case to protect your brand-new drone. Each accessory comes packed inside a thick layer of Styrofoam including, viz. –

  • Blade Protectors: Since these propeller blades are made up of plastic, they can easily be damaged if they do contact surfaces or objects. These blade protectors can be inserted in slots under the propellers to add at least some rigidity. The protectors are of steel and will increase the overall weight by a few grams but using this accessory can prolong product life.
  • 4 Extra Propeller Blades: The extra propeller blades will come in handy in case your drone gets damaged, or the blade loses its shape. But do not take it for granted, as this quadcopter operates on 8 blades. So, if you crash this drone you will have to purchase new propeller blades, that the manufacturer does not ship.
  • Screw Driver: You also get a small Philips screwdriver to open your controller’s battery compartment and swap the batteries. It can also be used to made propeller adjustments.
  • USB Cable: A Type-A to micro-USB cable is bundled-in. Although you will have to connect the USB cable with an adapter or power outlet, you can even charge the drone’s battery using your laptop USB port.
  • User Manual: For a quick walkthrough on the functions, the different buttons, drone controls, and most importantly, shooting pictures and videos through the mounted lens, we recommend using the bundled in manual. Your Drone X Pro manual will come in handy at some point in time. Worth mentioning with this Drone X Pro review, this is one of the best user manuals around for commercial drones!

Drone X Pro Review: Features

Drone X Pro - Features

Despite being a smaller sized-lightweight device, Drone X Pro comes with a lot of different modes and features for aerial shots. What’s more? All features are recorded on the SD card. There’s a lot more to this small compact drone – read on!

Battery Life

The most critical aspect of using any mobile device is its battery life. Battery life is also considered the lifeblood of mobile drones. With a claimed operational time of 12 minutes, the Drone X Pro flight time is among the best in class, given its compact size.

Camera Quality

The Drone X Pro comes with a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting videos at 720p resolutions. Its 120-degree wide-angle camera can deliver decent performance in panoramic modes. The drone system comes with multiple pre-programmed camera shots – this is a worthy addition for any serious amateur/pro photographer.

It can even capture 360-degree photos in panoramic modes. While the picture is not as sharp as a DSLR, the type of shots possible with this camera does makes it worthwhile.


The Drone X Pro range is estimated to be around 80 to 100 meters. However, the device can go beyond 100 meters in ideal conditions. Expect limited range in urban locations though due to the commonly used 2.5 GHz bandwidth that will cause distortion in signal quality and reduce max achievable range.


The best feature of the Drone X Pro specs is its portability. Being an extremely lightweight device weighing in at under 1 pound, it is relatively more comfortable to carry. Complimented with a foldable design where all its wings and arms retract, replicating a turtle hiding in its shell, this is a pocket-friendly drone. Imagine that!

The foldable design brings a dynamic change in the overall ways you can carry this device without worrying about damaging the blades or tearing your carry case.


While the Drone X Pro offers a durable design, its body is made up of plastic, which does make it prone to damage upon sudden impact or heavy stress.

How To Fly the Drone X Pro?

How To Fly the Drone X Pro

This drone can be controlled in two ways. You can either use the controller provided with the carry case or download the application and use your smartphone as a controller instead. You will have to use the Drone X Pro app such as JY UFO application, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Before you begin a flight, ensure that both the controller and drone battery is fully charged. The function of the joystick and the smartphone controller are similar.

  • The left controller is for height control, while the right joystick is for directional control. 
  • Turn on the drone and controller. 
  • Both devices will start emitting blue LED lights.
  • Retract your controller antenna and begin with one press take-off. Ensure steady control and enjoy your piloting experience.

We recommend using the controller to avoid network issues or a sudden phone call which can disrupt operations via the smartphone app. This package works on the most used frequency band – 2.5 GHz. Hence, there can be distortion or signal issues if there are other devices nearby using the same bandwidth.

Should You Buy the Drone X Pro?

Should You Buy the Drone X Pro

As the Drone X Pro is very competitively priced, this quadcopter model is one of the best cheap drones you can get your hands for $100 or less.

Its camera lens will add new dynamics to your overall photographic repertoire and offer you great transition shots, especially if you are considering videography using the Drone X Pro.

Moreover, the lightweight and retractable design make it highly portable.

But we recommend using a carry case to protect the drone from accidental damage. After all, an integrated electronic device should be kept safe inside the case. This device can deliver a fantastic drone handling experience, which can ultimately change how you perceive things. You can buy this drone even for personal usage.

Is Drone X Pro any good?

Is Drone X Pro any good

The ease of accessibility offered by drones in ariel shots has changed the ground reality of photography. Drone X Pro is the best $100 drone.

Even an amateur photographer can take amazing photos with these drones, which are otherwise impossible with a still camera. It’s funny how technology developed for military reconnaissance has made a multitude of tasks a simple job!

But sticking with the productive and functional drones for photography, we have several devices that have a lower weight and offer portability without any issues. The fact that they can fly over 100 feet provides a lot of unique viewing angles.

Several factors cumulatively enable a drone to take flight and maintain height, but the design and build quality are of primary importance.

In short, this is probably the first drone for anyone who simply wishes to enjoy the experience of owning a flying device. That it comes with a mounted 12 MP shooter only sweetens the deal and successfully targets a more niche range of prospective buyers.

What If the Drone Goes Out of Range?

What If the Drone Goes Out of Range

This is one of the most faced question for drone technology. A drone is like a remote-control car but with wings providing you with complete control over all its movement dynamics. If you too are trying to identify your drone’s range and capability, the inevitable is waiting to happen.

As older drones didn’t have any complex circuits, they used to drop dead after they went out of range. The Drone X Pro will instead keep flying until the battery dies. 

The latest generation drones come laced with features, and one such part is the Home memory with GPS. This features essentially records the geographical position while taking off. In case the device loses remote access, the pilot of the drone is immediately alerted about the situation, and at the same time, the drone starts retracing its flight path to get back into range. 

However, this feature is not available on Drone X pro.

Other than that, even the latest generation cheaper models have a fail-safe mechanism that would cause the drone to safe land once it becomes out of range. Since the Drone X Pro has a range of merely 100 meters, you do not have to worry about losing your drone.

But make sure to not fly it at fast speeds, as 100 meters is merely 9 seconds away from one bad press on the button! Once your drone is out of range, you will only be able to watch your drone fly away.

Drone X Pro Review: Is Drone X Pro Legit?

Is Drone X Pro Legit

There have been numerous claims about the Drone X Pro scam, which is derived from the fact that many websites are selling similar products from different manufacturers. And since good stuff is always the first one to get counterfeited, it can be a tad difficult to purchase an original Drone X Pro.

You can purchase the original Drone X Pro from its official website. Click here to visit the Drone X Pro official website. The website offers higher discounts on bundled purchases and 50% off on a single purchase.

Note that there are multiple counterfeit products available on top-selling portals (even Amazon!) We do suggest purchasing this product from the official manufacturer.


Since drones have even been allowed for commercial purposes followed by a registration with the Federal Aviation Administration, they have also implemented strict ownership and flying rules.

Federal Aviation Administration’s interim rule states that all drones heavier than 55 grams need to be registered with the respective authorities. All users purchasing drones or intending to use drones with aerial capabilities within the jurisdiction of the country are required to register first.

Registering users below 13 years of age are to be supervised by their parent or any responsible person.

So, before you get this device and start flying, make sure that you have all the legal authorization and strictly adhere to the rules provided by the Federal Aviation Administration. Failure to comply is a strict no-no.

Drone X Pro


This device is perfect for first-time users, given its simplicity and features on offer. Drone X Pro can take static shots and smaller videos from a decent height but has a limit of 100 meters in range. Using this drone requires no prior skills or knowledge. Anyone who has even used a console controller will quickly get the hang of using this drone.

Although it cannot be considered for filming or production, Drone X Pro features a good enough 12-megapixel camera, better than most other drones available in the market in its size range.

Reading a lot of reviews, we found users complaining about missing features which are otherwise available on drones priced way $100. It is unfair to compare the Drone X Pro with these devices. That said though, there are few drones that do offer the bang for bucks as this!


1. Does the drone X Pro have GPS?

No, this device is among the base level drones out there. But you have a 6-axis gyroscope sensor. At this price point, you don’t even get an obstruction avoidance because it lacks a proximity sensor. But you get blade protectors for those accidental brush offs. [Please double-check this answer as we have mentioned before about the drone’s Home feature. It doesn’t have a GPS, a home feature available only with the latest generation high tech drones only.]

2. How long does the Drone X Pro battery last?

After one full charge that usually takes around 60-90 minutes, your battery will last approximately 10-15 minutes of flight time. If it is flying too fast, the battery can drain even quicker. Given its portable size and short flight time, it is impossible to record a lengthier video with this drone. Make sure to keep extra spare batteries if you intend to record more videos using Drone X Pro.

3. How far can the Drone X Pro fly?

The Drone X Pro has a vertical range of over 100 feet, which it can achieve very quickly. The claimed range is about 100 Meters on the flat front but under urban conditions, consider 80 Meters as your limits. Exceeding that range can be potentially hazardous.

4. Does Drone X Pro have the follow me feature?

As Drone X Pro does not features a GPS, [Please double check as suggested in FAQ1 comment. It doesn’t have GPS] it cannot provide users with follow me feature. But since it has such a small and visible range, there is no point in offering such elements on this device. These sensors and modules will add more weight to the device, making it far less functional and portable than the current version. Who knows, we might get a version three of this drone incorporating such features and a higher range.