Gamer Sensei Review: Is It Worth Paying For?

Gamer Sensei Review

Gamer Sensei is a popular coaching platform for pro and semi-pro gamers. Here gamers can connect with experienced senseis (teachers) across the world to enhance their gaming skills in 15+ popular esports titles. The platform can match you with the best sensei to receive even personal one-on-one training lessons.

Though all coaches are marketed as elite esports players, trainees give a second thought considering the price involved to subscribe to the classes.  

But is it worth paying for?

Should you really opt for Gamer Sensei to horn your skills?

Or is it better to learn from free YouTube videos and let your own mistakes turn your teachers?

You also must be having a lot of such questions like how does it work, what if you need a refund, is it legit, etc. and this post we are going to address just that.

So Relax! Let’s find out answers for all.

Origin Story of Gamer Sensei

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According to Jim Drewry (CEO of Gamer Sensei), the story of Gamer Sensei starts from one of its founders, William Collis. It all started when he was playing Heroes of the Storm on a semi-professional level and the team captain warned him about his losing gameplay strategy.

That’s when he decided to visit a pro-level coach to improve his gaming skill. Reportedly, it took him a lot of time to find an ideal guru to master ninja game techniques.

Post his emergence as a successful gamer, he took his overall success story to Twitch and Twitter for many others to get inspired. When he received an amazing response, he realized the world was in the need of expert coach in digital gaming. He discussed about his intuition with his few close friends and that’s how the idea of Gamer Sensei came in to picture.

How Gamer Sensei works?

Gamer sensei is a two-way marketplace with gamers and teachers on either side. It connects novice gamers with elite professionals to benefit each other. Apart from creating a common platform for knowledge exchange, it provides customized features and tools to make learning a hassle-free affair.  

Gamer Sensei has a Sensei connect feature for games without any built-in Coplay tools. In this tool, gamers playing the console version of Fortnite and other games can play with professionals side by side. They can record and share their gameplay with professionals for seeking evaluation. There is also a sandbox mode to provide the same service at an improved version.  

How much does It Cost To Hire a Coach In Gamer Sensei?

Gamer Sensei is a paid service and you have to pay your guru for their time, skills, and energy. It starts from $5 per hour and goes up to even hundreds of dollars per hour depending upon teacher’s popularity. You can use filters to find your trainer as per the level of popularity and budget concerned.

There are two ways to schedule training – one-time session and recurring sessions.

If you like to carry your training sessions for the next few months, opt for ‘subscription’ option. When you select a teacher and click on purchase, it will appear just below the ‘Submit order’ button. Once subscribed, you will be billed on a monthly basis.

You can save more on your training by opting for long-term sessions and the prolonged lesson hours. Moreover, you are free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at anytime you want.

How to Sign-up?

There are two types of registration process -for students and for coaches.

Enter your preferred account name, social media information, game details and you’re in. It makes use of this information to power its algorithm to find you best matches. The more details you provide the better.

Can you sign up as a sensei even if you already have a job?

Game Sensei doesn’t have any such rules. Even though you have a full time 9-5 job, you can still be a coach for thousand of aspirants from all over the world. All you have to do is select your schedule (even for one hour a day) and give your best to your students.

Furthermore, if you teach some students outside or within Gamer Sensei, you will have to use a direct booking page to promote your coaching service independently. Moreover, you can share the link for referrals, for which you receive promotional codes as a reward.

How to activate your Gamer Sensei Account?

You have to provide an email account to register on Gamer Sensei. After you create an account, you will receive an activation link in your email. In case, you don’t find the confirmation mail, you may have to check your spam folder, otherwise, contact the support team for the same. Once you click that link, your account gets activated.

How to find Coaches in Gamer Sensei?

You can search for a coach by entering a few details. The availability status of each coach will be on the display. Go to the dashboard and look at the left-hand side to find the ‘Unscheduled hours’ option. Click ‘Schedule’ button to check your sensei’s availability status. You can schedule your class accordingly.

Even if you belong to a different time zone, the platform automatically synchronizes your browser’s time zone with that of your sensei in order to make it easier for you to take the decision.

How to Schedule/ Reschedule a session?

Once you purchase and schedule your lessons with a coach, you will receive a lesson in the ‘List View’. There you will find the skype and Discord’s contact details of your coach. From there, you can contact your coach to schedule your classes directly.

Similarly, rescheduling sessions is equally easy on Gamer Sensei. To manage your booking, click on the reschedule option under ‘List View’. Your trainer will receive a request for class reschedule automatically. Once your coach nods positive, revert with a new proposed time and you’re done.

If your coach doesn’t respond within a certain time limit, you can seek customer support help to cancel your class directly. The canceled hours will be added to your ‘Unscheduled hours’ tab. From there, you can schedule again or ask for a refund in your Gamer Sensei Account.

How to get a refunding?

You can ask for a refund of your unscheduled hours in the form of credit in your Gamer Sensei account. Also, you can see your credit at the top right window which you can use to buy lessons in the future.

Only canceled lessons are subjected to refund, which you will receive back in your ‘unscheduled hours’ tab. Upon clicking the refund button, you can see the number of hours and the amount of credit refunded.

 Meanwhile, you may not get a full refund on hours purchased at discounted price. 

Does Gamer Sensei offer expert advice to a whole team?

Yes. Currently, Gamer Sensei is offering expert advice to Becker College’s Esport Team. If you want to train students from your college, you can use the platform to work with top senseis. Each team will receive a personal account and dedicated hours to learn from an experienced sensei. You can also schedule one-on-one and full team sessions with the sensei.

Is Gamer Sensei legit?

Yes, Gamer Sensei very much legit. It is a registered trademark of RoCo Group, Inc. Based on gamer sensei review in popular platforms like Glassdoor; it appears that the platform promotes a professional work culture. Besides, you will also find a fair amount of positive reviews in Reddit. So, it is good to go.

Final Thoughts

Gamer Sensei is a popular coaching platform with a stellar reputation worldwide. Keeping aside everything, it is a best platform for all pro and semi-pro gamers to sharpen their gaming skills through experts. Just verify your coach’s credibility before sign up and you are all set to learn ninja techniques to play in your best version.