How to Watch Movies with Friends Online? 8 Best Apps & Extensions

Watch Movies with Friends Online

Movie theatres are, well, closed. Although you can Netflix your time away, you’re the lone wolf without the gang. Nothing better than you can do in this post-COVID normal though. Meeting up and hanging out is not advised.

So, you have to watch movies alone. Well, not really.

Here’s where technology and IT come into the picture. You already have multiple apps to watch movies online. Further, you have apps and extensions to stream it with your friends and watch together too!

This is how to watch movies with friends online. Right below, we have shortlisted the best ways to watch movies with friends online. Have at it!

Best Ways to Watch Movies with Friends Online

Previously, you had the option to either stream the videos together from a single location or keep trying to synchronize the movie. Either way, chances are you have already tried it and got tired of the old methods.

Every problem has a solution, and necessity drives innovation. Just so, there are a number of services that facilitate synchronized content streaming. Use these applications and websites to stream movies with friends.

1. Syncplay


Syncplay offers multiple platform support, including Windows, macOS, and LINUX. It is also compatible with almost all the available video player applications including, VLC player, KM player, and Media player classic. Syncplay is free to download application, allowing you to stream videos with friends in sync.

Syncplay requires all individuals intending to enjoy a movie together to have the same file stored locally. For this to work, one of your friends can download the movie file and share it with all the others through free file sharing applications. (We suggest you use Dropbox Transfer.)

Once everyone has installed the Syncplay application and the movie is stored locally for all parties, all it takes is one click on ready to watch and hitting the play button. Any of you all can play, pause, and rewind the movie as per their convenience.

It supports multiple operating systems, developed as open-source software. You can check the GitHub code from here. Users will get the option to report bugs and chat with their support team in case of inconvenience or can even email their team via

2. Watch2gether


With Watch2gether, enjoying movies with friends is a straightforward and simple task. There is no requirement for registration or make any login through Facebook or Google. 

The best part?

Watch2gether is available as a browser extension and website.

To start watching, click on Create your room icon. It will redirect you to a new webpage with a user-friendly interface. At the bottom portion of the website, you will have the option to upload your image and add a nickname to your profile.

This website even allows you to enable your webcam and microphone so that you can enjoy each other’s expressions too.

Here, you can either invite friends to your chat room or join an existing group for a chat session. Unlike the earlier application, this website doesn’t require the storage of any content locally.

You can use Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion videos to stream. It also offers a premium service, PLUS that offers ad-free streaming for just €3.49 per month after the 30-day trial period. Trust us, paid apps are better (and safer)! This is one of the best extensions to watch movies with friends online.

3. Gaze


Gaze is the perfect YouTube streaming application. There is no need for registrations or sharing your google or social media authentications. Just press Start Gazing and you’re ready to go!

Gaze doesn’t have a software or windows extension. You should bookmark this website for further use.

Select Start Gazing and you will be redirected to a new webpage with a link to share with your movie partner. You can either copy and send the link through your email or messenger or use Facebook and Email redirect link mentioned on the webpage.

As there is no login page, the individual creating the sharing link will have to keep his tab open. Otherwise, the sync will fail. After you have shared the link with your friend, it will ask them for webcam and microphone permissions.

You can use Gaze for video calls, sync-watching movies, or watch YouTube together with your friends. You can even watch your locally stored videos together.

Unfortunately, Gaze allows connection between only two parties simultaneously. Not recommended if you have more than one friend. This is one of the best free apps to watch movies with friends online.

4. Kast


Kast is a one-of-a-kind service, and unlike the other sync streaming applications and websites, it is not just limited to only synchronizing video streams. It allows a total of 20 users to share their screens simultaneously while allowing 100 users to watch.

You can even use your smartphones to watch Kast streams, but currently, its streaming is limited to desktops only.

Kast allows browser sharing, which enables users to synchronize content with multiple individuals online. One might consider it to be a Netflix or YouTube synchronizing application, but Kast can also help you synchronize documents, games, and lots of other applications.

Using Kast is a breeze. Simply head over to its website and select Start a session. You will have to register yourself through Google or email id before using its features.

Kast also offers premium services, which include an ad-free experience and HD quality video sharing. Its premium services are available for $4.99 per month and also offers an annual pack at $49.99.

The premium service offers shows on-demand and Picture in Picture sharing with an ad-free experience.

5. Teleparty


Formerly known as Netflix Party, Teleparty a Google chrome exclusive service which is available only on PCs. Teleparty allows users to synchronize videos from Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO, and a lot of other additions. It is currently being used by over 10 million people to enjoy long-distance group video streaming.

Teleparty is currently available only on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. All you need to do is click on Install Teleparty and select Add to Chrome. After it is installed as a chrome extension, open any video and select, Create a teleparty to start the streaming process.

Its support for a large number of content streaming websites allows you the flexibility to watch a large number of site-specific content with your friends online. Teleparty currently allows stream HD quality video streaming without buffering.

It even allows chat while watching movies, just like an Instagram comment thread. You can use a lot of fun user icons and nicknames.

Get this!

Microsoft Edge supports Ultra HD or 4K Netflix streaming. The developers of Teleparty have recently launched for Microsoft Edge via Add-on Store.

So, watch movies with friends online in 4K. That is, if everyone has a 4K monitor!

6. Sync Video

Sync Video

If privacy is what you are after, Sync-video is the streaming service for you. It was developed to offer better privacy for synchronized video streaming for free.

But for better security, you have to do away with the habit of streaming without registration and you will have to create an account to use it. The upside of all this registration being, you get your own permanent virtual room which you may return to every time you want to use its service.

Invite your friends to watch videos online with a share link. It supports Vimeo and YouTube videos, allowing users to add and even save to playlists, accessible in your virtual room any time. You can also create new rooms to nullify internet trolls.



MY CIRCLE TV is a huge service incorporating VoIP capabilities. My Circle TV offers free voice chat while watching the video together. Most pro users crave this feature when comparing free of cost services. You can invite other users by link sharing via social networking sites or Email.

It is not mandatory to register but registered users are allowed a lot of extra features. My Circle TV allows sharing Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube videos in the voice chats. They are also allowed up to 5 GB of custom userspace, which can be used to upload a wide range of video and audio formats.

Unregistered users will not be allotted the 5 GB of free cloud storage, and they won’t be able to access their profile or view invitation history. It doesn’t offer high quality video streams but nullifies this downside by offering free cloud storage.



Plex VR takes syncing video to an entirely different dimension. Instead of screen sharing, Plex VR provides a virtual world to share with your friends. Users are allowed to chat and watch videos together. It doesn’t require every user to have the source file. PLEX VR can stream a file directly from the Plex media library to all other users.

Videos are then synchronized so that all users enjoy the video simultaneously. Users can even change the size and position of the screen on their profile as per their wish. It shows users in a Lego-like avatar. PLEX VR is by far the most complicated way of sharing videos with remote friends.

To enjoy Plex VR (Virtual Reality!), users will need to have a VR headset (Google Daydream, Gear VR, or Oculus Go), an Android smartphone, and the PLEX VR application. This is priced at $4.99 per month of service.


No matter how persuasive a free service might be, you will always be paying for it in one form or another. The source of revenue for free services is user information acquired through cookies. A premium service is always advisable. Spending a few bucks for security is far better than enjoying free service at a greater cost. Plus, think about what you want to watch movies with friends online – voice chat, security, cloud storage, local storage, chat rooms. We have listed out the best extensions and apps to watch movies with friends online. Make a choice and start a stream today!