Infinitikloud Review: Is It Scam or Worth Buying USB Stick?

Infinitikloud Review: Is It Scam or Worth Buying USB Stick? 2
  • Crafted to speed up the entire process of backing up your data without breaking a sweat.
  • Infinitikloud works with all three major platforms Windows, Mac, and Android.

Today, every sector is dependent on computers for one or many processes. There is absolutely no doubt in the capability of social media and advertisement campaigns in drawing potential customers. But it also gives cybercriminals a backdoor to set malware traps.

On one side, where computers and the internet have made personal and business connectivity a simple feat. At the same time, they can make you prone to cyber-attacks, data theft, and system failures.

Ransomware-grade malware uses cryptovirology, which is among the most dangerous and harmful malware of the decade. Businesses and professionals have ended up paying millions of dollars to gain access to their data blocked by ransomware extortionists.

Considering such situations, it is better to be prepared beforehand. Manually creating backup files without adding duplicate files on to an external drive seems impossible when backing up over 100 GB+ of data.

Normal transfer speeds are not high enough to make manual backing a recommended solution.

As the common saying goes, for every sword there is a shield. We bring you the comprehensive Infinitikloud review.

What is Infinitikloud?

What is Infinitikloud

A lot of cloud-based services offer instant data backup in the background without compromising your bandwidth by setting a backup time. The security of cloud data always brings a question mark. After all, its server is owned by a 3rd-party, which can always crash or be hacked. Hence the solution of using cloud services for backing up your data is out of the question for many.

Infinitikloud can be the complete backup solution. On paper, Infinitikloud is the solution to all your problems. It is a USB stick that is a complete backup solution. Currently, it is rated as one of the safest ways of securing and backing up your data, which you can even carry with ease.

You don’t have to be a computer geek to handle this little device. No need to worry about any subscription or annual plans. It comes with a USB Type-C cable convertor for devices only having a Type-C port. Yes, this device works smoothly with all major formats: Mac, Windows, and even Android devices.

The best thing about Infinitikloud is that you don’t need to attach or select the files. It will perform all the operations on its own.

The only assistance it will need is inserting it into a USB port and clicking on the save buttons to create the backups. You will even have the option of segregating your images, music files, and documents.

Infinitikloud uses USB 3.0 architecture that enables it to offer a high read speed of 100 MB per second. It is reverse compatible with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports so that you can also use this device with older PCs.

How does Infinitikloud Work?

How does Infinitikloud Work

You need to plug-in the Infinitikloud USB stick to your USB port directly. The device will create a desktop folder over which you need to select the autorun tool for the software on the USB stick to start working.

  • Accept the terms and conditions for use.
  • Enter the product license key.
  • Once it has been accepted you will be displayed to available space and backed up data on the USB-stick.

With this device, you don’t need to attach or select the files, it performs all the processes and creates the backup on its own.

The only assistance it will need from you is inserting it into a USB port and clicking on the save buttons. You will even have the option of backing up only images, music files, and documents using its classification tools.

This USB backup device uses a USB 3.0 architecture making way for a higher read speed of around 100 MB per second. This means you can backup 10 GB of data in just about 2 minutes!

Infinitikloud is even reverse compatible with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports allowing you to use this device with older PCs too.

Infinitikloud Review: Is It Worth It?

Infinitikloud Reviews: Is It Worth It

We have scrutinized every aspect of this product to weigh its worth. We have discussed more of its features, user-friendliness, safety, and pricing in the current competitive market with a complete Infinitikloud review.

Infinitikloud Features

Infinitikloud Features

It offers a fair share of features over any traditional backup service, viz. –


The most annoying thing about backup services and devices is a slow read and write speed, making the entire process of data backup and restoration a time taking task. Infinitikloud  (Check it out Here) offers a high read speed of 100 MB per second in devices with USB 3.0, but this speed will get bottlenecked in devices with only USB 2.0 support (Which is rare these days).

Theoretically, this speed converts to a read speed of 6 GB per minute, which is outstanding. So, you can essentially create a much necessary complete memory backup of the whole PC in under an hour.

Automatic Detection

There is no hassle of changing the setting or adding a folder location. Once connected, this device will scan the entire PC for any new piece of data in form of images, audio, video, or documents and add it to its directory without creating a duplicate file.

Apart from that this device can inform about the presence of duplicate files so that you can make remove them and reduce storage. 


Typical for a USB drive, Infinitikloud is easily portable. You can copy all your files into this device, set a password and encryption, and easily carry it with you.

This device comes with storage sizes from 64 GB to 512 GB, which should be enough to tackle all your backup requirements.

Ease of Use

Infinitikloud Ease of Use

Even a kid with basic knowledge about PCs can use this USB backup device. All you need to do is insert it into a USB port, and click okay on your PC.

The ease of using this device makes it a better device than anything else currently present in the market. It even allows you the freedom to choose the kind of file you intend to backup, making it a highly feasible product for instant backup of the latest document or images.

It even supports multiple languages making it easier for users fluent with other languages in using this device. It currently supports English, German, French, and Portuguese.

Safety and Security

Infinitikloud Safety and Security

When compared to cloud-based services, your data is secured in a personal storage device, which offers a lot of security options. Users can even set up passwords for their Infinitikloud devices to limit their usage.

That’s not all, it can even encrypt the files that can only be decrypted by using the Infinitikloud application.  

Apart from a safety point of view, this device is also renowned for its security services. Infinitikloud USB stick comes with an inbuilt scanning directory.

It can scan your device for malware, computer viruses, and other harmful software similar to the device like FixMeStick. You won’t even need to worry about the possibility of your data being sold to analytics companies! Safety and security are essentially the most fundamental pros of this data backup and storage device. 

Common Issues

The most common issue users face is the problems with connecting this USB stick to their device. It happens mostly with older generations of Windows and Mac.

So, if you have a Windows 7 or a pre-2013MacBook, there is no need to worry about such issues. Your Infinitikloud USB stick will work perfectly well with all operating systems and even on Android smartphones or tablets.



Priced at the higher end of storage devices, it is comparable to the Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB SSD. Currently available for a price of around $200, the Infinitikloud USB stick is not any ordinary storage device. Rather it is a one-stop solution for backing your data and carrying it with you to any place you wish to. 

As of now, Infinitikloud is available in 64, 128, 256, 512 GB models.

Check it out Here!

Pros and Cons Of Infinitikloud


  • Automatic backups
  • Portability
  • Storage options of up to 512 GB
  • Fast transfer speeds of 100 MB per second


  • Expensive
  • Over-hyped features

Does Infinitikloud Remove Duplicates?

Infinitikloud can inform you about duplicate files already present on your system while completing the backup process. You will have to manually select if you wish to remove the duplicate files. The backup data is free from duplicate files, thanks to the scanning capabilities of Infinitikloud.

Is Infinitikloud Legit?

The services offered by a one-time purchase device with no subscription plans are definitely worth considering if you have tons of data to backup. It is the precise reason behind the high number of searches regarding the Infinitikloud scam. In reality, there is no such scam related to this product, and it offers a 100% genuine service to you. 

In fact, where all the cloud-based ultra-secure devices come with hefty annual charges, this device is yours for lifetime usage without any worries.

The brand offers substantial customer support in case of issues with the product or its usage. We consider this USB backup stick to be completely legitimate and authentic.

The developers have also focused their energy on developing different variants of Infinitikloud, which even comes with a wireless version.

Three other versions are Gen 2 Charge, Gen 2 SD, and Wireless.

Generation 2 Charge, which offers iOS compatibility over the original USB stick.
Generation 2 SD offers similar backup with additional SD card backup, encryption, and decryption features.
Infinitikloud Wireless uses an SD card to create backup wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

All 4 models are available in 64 to 512 GB, except the wireless version, which works with microSD cards up to 1 TB.


Our final verdict on this is that in a time of computer security, hacking and system failures, Infinitikloud can help you securely and efficiently store your data. You won’t have to worry about stolen devices or storage drive failures. Just plug in this device and restore the data to a new device and gain access back to all your data. This device is ready to take on the challenges you can throw at it.