Is FileHippo Safe For Software Downloads?

Is FileHippo safe
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Is Filehippo safe? Can I download software from Filehippo? If you have all these questions in your mind then this is the article for you.

If you don’t know it already, Filehippo is a popular platform to download new and old software in the simplest way possible. However, the users have mixed reviews about the website.

According to some users, FileHippo does always give priority to quality over quantity whereas some have complained about malware infection after downloading software from it.

So, we finally decided to do some research and come with our own data and justification.

It’s time for judgment. Let’s get started.

Why FileHippo Is So Popular?

Let’s see what makes FileHippo so sought-after for software download.

i) Clean Interface

Is FileHippo Safe For Software Downloads? 2

For more than anything, it’s popular because of its ‘pop-up and spyware’ free interface. While most similar websites have slow-acting servers to test your patience, FileHippo has the best servers with 100 Mb connections to save your time.

ii) Faster Browsing

All pages are fully optimized to offer faster browsing speed. On top of that, it allows access through new European and US download servers.

As a result, your browsing becomes more pleasurable as compared to other similar websites.

iii) Full Support

FileHippo facilitates for easy resume of incomplete downloads and offers no resistance to download managers. Moreover, you can receive timely notification of all updates on existing or new software through RSS feeds.

iv) Home to Paid and Free software

This is probably the biggest reason for its all-time popularity after keeping all the above-said points in check. When you have a spyfree interface to download both free and paid software, you’ll stick to it.

But with so many plus points in the kitty, why FileHippo is under the scrutiny?

What goes against FileHippo?

First of all, it’s a third party site for downloading non-customized copies of any software

It largely depends on ad-revenue than user’s payment for running its operations. That’s why you must have faced those interrupting ads in the middle of your browsing.

Though it is much better than pop-up ads still a novice can land on a different software site with one accidental click.

That brings a lot of dilemmas to the table. First, after you land on another website, FileHippo will take no responsibility for your internet security.

Second, if you download any application from that site injected with any virus, chances are there, you may end up sharing your PC-saved confidential data with the hacker.

Sounds like a digital suicide, isn’t it?

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Things You Don’t Know But You Should

I. Softonic Owns FileHippo

Yes, people think these two are different platforms but in reality, FileHippo is one of the several domains run under Softonic Internation, S.A.

Those who don’t know Softonic is the world’s leading software discovery destination. So, it is apparent that these two websites will have the same security policy when it comes to adding any new software to the platform.

II. FileHippo has Strict Software Submission policy

As stated in its policy, FileHippo doesn’t allow publishers to directly feature their software on the website.

In fact, its team analyzes each software carefully through multiple layers of security before onboarding it for its visitors to see and download.

III. It offers HTTPS and SSL encryption

Is FileHippo Safe For Software Downloads? 3

FileHippo is HTTP and SSL encrypted. Now, let’s breakdown these terms to understand the meaning. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol that is used as a protocol to exchange information between browser and servers. When it is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted, it protects your data from getting stolen by hackers in between information exchange for any software download.

IV. Mostly it’s about wrong clicks

When you click on the download button, FileHippo pops an ad with the original link of download at the very bottom.

If you are new to such a digital ad world, you may end up clicking the “Download” ad button displaying in a big bold letter just above the original one.

Eventually, you will download something different than the expectation. How to avoid this?

Well, you can’t block ads but you can take some seconds to acknowledge and click the original link with a message something like “No thanks, take me to the download page anyway.”


Does FileHippo have viruses?

No, FileHippo is completely safe and free from any kind of malicious spyware or virus. They also claim the same on their official website which adds another layer of trust for first-time users. Even it has been tagged as “OK” with 4 stars out of 5 in terms of trustworthiness in Norton Community.

Is FileHippo Legal?

Yes, it is completely legit. You can visit their Legal page to know that it is owned by the world’s best software and app discovery portal Softonic International S.A. Their registered office is in Spain and the company owns domains like FileHippo from numerous countries across Asia and Europe.

So, Is Filehippo Safe?

Yes, FileHippo is absolutely safe to browse and download your favorite software applications. All you need is to differentiate between an Ad and the actual download button. For safety, use antivirus software to block any malicious download in case you accidentally click on any. Let’s know whether you think it to be safe or unsafe. Either way, we would love to know.