Is G2A Legit? Is it Safe to Buy Keys & Activation Codes?

Is G2A Legit

Is G2A Legit? Can I buy game keys from G2A? Is it Safe? If these are the queries you have, this the article for you. Keep reading!

If you don’t know it already, G2A is an online marketplace like eBay where you can sell and buy PC games, their keys, Xbox & PSN activation codes, software codes, and gaming hardware.

To be precise, G2A doesn’t claim to sell game codes, but only facilitate an interactive marketplace for people to sell and buy without any hassle.

The process is simple- you pay for a key you want to buy, get it delivered in your email and activate it on the relevant platform like Steam, Uplay, Epic Games Store, etc.

As game codes in G2A costs way less than the original platform, it often comes under the suspicion of codes’ legitimacy.

Who Owns G2A?

G2A is a Hong Kong-based company run by a team of gaming enthusiasts with a motto to “deliver the best digital game licenses and retails services to customers and partners”.

Unlike most companies, G2A doesn’t hide their contact details. You can easily find their phone numbers, addresses of their Hong Kong headquarters, and Poland’s support office on their website.  

They have stated it clearly that all keys available on their website are bought and sold by third-party seller. A seller could be anyone- it could be a person who has bought but not activated the key.

It could also be any businesses buying and selling keys to its customers in bulk. Therefore, the game price varies depending upon the region. Sometimes, the price even depends on the average salaries of people in a country.

As a result, a platform like G2A makes it possible for users to get game keys & activation codes at a significantly cheaper price.

Is G2A Legit and Safe?

G2A offers the same quality of services as any other online retail stores.

All your purchases come with a money-back guarantee. Meaning you can claim for a full return in case something goes wrong with your product or in case the seller didn’t provide the needed support.

The price mentioned on the product denotes the base price.

In addition to that, G2A charges a 10 percent order fee as well. So, make sure to consider this factor while comparing the price to other platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Steam, etc.

How G2A Is Providing Genuine Product keys At Cheaper Price?

Since the price of G2A significantly differs from original publishers, it’s quite practical for you to come across this doubt. Well, considering both the white & black market, G2A falls somewhere in the grey market zone.

As mentioned earlier, the price of a game depends upon your location, time of purchase, quantity, and many more.

Although we only have one way to purchase a key, the rule doesn’t apply to sellers. They can legally obtain activation keys and codes from reliable sources at a discounted price.

Addressing complaints against G2A’s refund process

You may have seen many people complaining about the refund process about G2A. After a few inquiries in G2A Reddit forum, we found that most customers have claimed to receive genuine and valid keys within minutes of their purchase.

However, some users have also opted for return immediately being concerned about the legitimacy of the keys. The base fear was of getting banned by the real publisher in the future.

Few of them have also claimed to receive invalid keys and some even complained about not receiving the key at all.

Surprisingly, some users have also requested for a refund even after receiving a valid key, as per G2A reports.

How To Buy Game Keys & activation Codes at G2A?

Buying a game at G2A is as simple as buying anything at an online store.

i. Search The Product

Is G2A Legit? Is it Safe to Buy Keys & Activation Codes? 2
Image Source : G2A Support

Once you visit the store, you have to search the product at the search bar. Now, in most cases your product will appear on the drop-down menu, otherwise, you have to select the ‘see all results’ option.

ii. Select The Seller

Once confirmed, click on the game to select the seller of your choice.

Now you can see a long list of sellers offering the product at a different price.

Meanwhile, you can also sort the sellers by price and ratings.

This allows you to buy a product from best-rated sellers. You can also go a little deeper and check out some feedbacks too.

After selecting the seller, click the cart to add the game to the shopping list.

Then, click continue to proceed further to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, G2A will display the final price of the product, which includes the processing fee and other relevant fees.

You can directly purchase the product from the cart or use a promo code to get additional discounts. However, make sure the code is allowed in your country.

Then you have to agree to the T&C’s of G2A and confirm your agreement by entering your email address.

Now, click on the ‘Go to Payment’ button to proceed further.

iii. G2A Shopping Cart

On the payment page, you will find 11 modes of payment procedures. Select your payment process and continue further.

Is G2A Legit? Is it Safe to Buy Keys & Activation Codes? 3

Before that, make sure to Uncheck the 7-DAYS Free Trial box.

Otherwise, you have to pay an additional £1.99 PER MONTH for the G2A Plus Club Membership, which will reflect on your current billing.

iv. Order confirmation

Once G2A confirms your payment, you will be redirected to the confirmation check, from where you can check your purchase details and access your product key. To retrieve your game code, click “get CD key’ and you are all set.

What To Do If The Key Does Not Work?

G2A takes several precautionary measures to prevent the entry of fraud sellers inside the platform.

Before approval, sellers need to verify their credentials like Social media details, phone numbers, and email.

Moreover, each seller can only make a sell up to 10 transactions. To sell more, sellers need to provide some additional verifications.

Despite all efforts, you cannot completely stop scammers and fake sellers from the platform.

Besides, you should also make a purchase only after doing thorough research about the seller.

According to G2A’s money-back policy, you can return a product if:

  • The end product is different from the description
  • It does not work
  • It stops working after a while

If your issues match any of the above descriptions, you can claim for a refund.

In cases your digital items don’t match the description, you can register a claim at the G2A support.

Then the team will investigate the claim to ensure the legitimacy of the claim. Once approved, you will receive a full refund in your bank or G2A account.

You can find out more details here

How To Use The G2A Money Back Guarantee?

Before, G2A used to offer customer protection where all you have to do is file a complaint, send proof and they resolve the issue instantly.

However, to take necessary and strict actions against the seller, G2A has introduced the Money Back Guarantee program, which has made the process a little complicated for the consumers.

Is G2A Legit? Is it Safe to Buy Keys & Activation Codes? 4

1. You have to file an official fraud report

It goes like this, whenever you encounter a fake key, you need to contact the concerned seller first. Now, if the seller is honest, then he/she will resolve the issue right away.

However, if the seller stays unresponsive or refuses to address your complaint, then you must brace yourselves to do some extra tasks.

First, you need to file a complaint against the seller at your local law enforcement. After obtaining a police report, you have to submit a copy of the report to G2A, who argues that a police complaint can put the fraud seller in line.

Regardless of the price, you have to file a police report for each key you have purchased at G2A.

Meaning, to get your $10 back, you need to pay more than the price for filing a police report. Consequently, you will end up losing more than you receive from the money-back scheme as well as your time and peace of mind.

This is a prominent reason that discourages people from applying for a refund at G2A. After all, nobody likes to go to that extend to get a few dollars back.

Moreover, even though you file a complaint, it’s not sure whether proper action will be taken on the scammer.

Even scammers know that, as a reason why they never cease to stop.

In the end, it’s the buyers who lose their money, the scammer gets free money and the processing fee you paid to G2A remains untouched.

2. You can only apply for refunds for three times in one year

Is G2A Legit? Is it Safe to Buy Keys & Activation Codes? 5

Yes, you heard it right. G2A is not responsible for the fourth time you get scammed. 

Reason- G2A claims that 99% of games on their platform go through without any issue.

Therefore, the chances of getting scammed for the fourth time in a year is impossible.

Controversy Around G2A

Let’s give you a brief about a scandal broke a few years back. According to news, the popular game platform ‘Electronic Art’s Origin’ once purchased a massive quantity of game codes.

Then, the codes were moved to Kinguin& G2A for reselling. Now, the issue was that all those codes were purchased using stolen credit cards.

Soon after the news circulated, Ubisoft revoked the keys from the market, leaving thousands of consumers disappointed.

The scandal causes a domino effect on all popular grey market worldwide.

Ever since, G2A is taking regressive steps to eliminate such fraud sellers from the platform, ensuring customers receive genuine products.

Following the aftermath of Kinguin, most game developers have raised their concerns regarding the grey market.

Most popular developers like Vlambeer, Spooky Squid Games, and No More Robots has been said that they prefer people to pirate their games instead of buying them on G2A.

So, the question arises, why would a developer encourage users to pirate their games?

The answer is simple- When you pirate a game, the developers don’t get any money from it.

However, if you buy it through G2A, the profit goes to someone else and not the developers.

Either way, the developers are losing money. Therefore, it’s better to pirate, and no one benefits.

The other main reason is about combating negative publicity. Sellers who buy bulk keys using stolen credit cards often enjoy the riches of someone else’s hard work.

Moreover, if the concerned user files a complaint about his/her stolen credit card, it will do more harm to the developers than the sellers.

As a result, the developers will lose their credentials among their gamers and eventually end up losing potential customers as well as investors.

Sites Alternative to G2A

Interestingly, G2A is not the only site to fulfil your gaming needs.

In fact, there are many others offering daily flash deals coupled with super fast delivery via email.

Here are some notable ones for your reference

  1. GamesDeal
  2. GamersGate
  3. Games Rocket
  4. DL Gamer
  5. CDKeys
  6. OnePlay

Some even provide VIP feature free for 7 days so that you can judge their legitimacy with ease. They indeed deserve your attention at least.

Final Thought

All controversy aside, G2A remains a reliable platform to buy budget-friendly game keys and cards marketplace. But it is not the only one out there. Just keep your eyes and ears open to grab any opportunity coming from legit sellers from time to time.

After all, with growing competition in the market, you can expect to see back to back discount sales from one seller to another. Why lose those extra discounts by sticking to one seller?

Let’s know about your views down in the comment section below.