ManyCam Review: Best Live Streaming Software?

ManyCam Review

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Are you a fan of video podcasts? Have you ever witnessed a gaming live stream?

I am personally obsessed with the Joe Rogan podcast and StarTalk radio on YouTube. Well, the podcasts channel does not matter in this context.

But what I wanted to tell you was whenever I watched either of these podcasts I used to wonder how does the producer switch between different video frames on a live stream.

In these or any gamers’ live streams, you can see the podcast host for a moment, then the very next second the focus gets shifted to the guest or some other entity attending the podcast.

Sometimes they would even navigate to a website and you can see their desktop in the live stream.

If you too were curious about the above questions then this ManyCam review would satisfy your curiosity.

In this article, we would know more about this phenomenal live streaming application.

We would give shoutouts to some of ManyCam’s best features, other software like ManyCam and also find out more about their pricing structure.

ManyCam System Requirement

Putting ManyCam under the category of video streaming software would be an oversimplification. It does way lot more than just live video streaming.

You can edit and apply presets to your video streaming feed or record and save it on your local machine.

manycam logo

It can even act as a layer between other conferencing and video chat applications. But for now, let’s get acquainted with its system requirements and platform compatibility.

You can use ManyCam on Windows and Mac devices. You can use it as a source cam for Android and iOS devices too. Its minimum system requirement is as follows.

Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10macOS X 10.11 or higher
ProcessorIntel Core i3 and above(i5 or greater preferable)Intel Mac only

Please note that the above system requirement is mandatory for ManyCam to work. But to get the best performance and exploit all its features, you must aim for better processors.

The higher the configuration of your machine, the better ManyCam would perform.

Once you have checked your system configuration you can download the latest version from their website.

What can I do with ManyCam?

Manycam is predominantly a live streaming application and video recorder which lets you record video from multiple sources.

But many cams utility doesn’t end there. Online tutors social media content creators and even working professionals can make the most of this application. 

In this section, we would list down some of the ManyCam effects and how professionals from different walks of life can be benefited from this amazing software.

1. Exporting and importing presets

Imagine you are a gamer. You record your multiplayer gameplay, record your reactions while you are trying the game as well as the reaction of your friends whom you are playing with.

You can either record this gaming session or directly live stream over Twitch.

This means every time you live stream you have to set up your live stream feeds from all your friends, the screen recording configuration as well as audio and other settings.

Call me blunt, but that’s a boring task. But with the help of presets, you can export your live streaming configuration and import it whenever you want to start recording or streaming.

This feature would improve your overall workflow & increase your productivity.

2. Virtual Webcam

ManyCams’s virtual webcam can be helpful for online tutors and students. Unlike traditional webcams, a virtual webcam can allow you to share your computer’s resources during video calls.

Virtual Webcam

You can use the virtual webcam during WebEx calls, Facebook chats, or while using Skype. With the virtual webcam now no you can place videos, share screens during a video call.

3. Multiple Video Sources

ManyCam lets you record videos from up to 24 different video sources. You can add webcam footages, pre-recorded videos, other web sources and even share your computer screen to your live recording.

Multiple Video Sources

Such diverse video source options can help you to get creative while recording your social media content.

Adding the Video sources is easy and can be used in multiple ways. We will know more about this feature in detail in the subsequent sections.

4. Video Playlist

Online tutors and e-Learning content creators have to refer to a lot of different material while creating their content or while teaching students online.

While you are live streaming it is not preferable to browse through your computer’s drives to refer to some study material just to prove a point.

Video Playlist

To avoid a similar situation you can plan out in advance and create a video playlist containing all the items that you might be referring to during your e-course creation.

Once you have carefully crafted your video playlist and added all the various sources which you might be referring to, you can simply switch between them at the click of a button.

No more walkthrough of your private storage or risk of sensitive information leakage.

5. NDI Sources

NDI stands for Network Device Interface. It’s a software standard that lets video-compatible software communicate with each other.

With the NDI source input, you can use ManyCam to interact with other NDI-compatible video sources like Skype or Microsoft Teams.

That means you can use some of ManyCam’s features while video chatting on Skype or Teams.

NDI Sources

You can blur your background, change the background setting, use a green screen or even use face filters while using other video conferencing applications.

This is a great feature and would be a boon for professionals working from home.

How to use ManyCam to Live Stream?

To give you in-depth coverage of its features and hands-on user experience, I’ll divide it into the following sections.

  • Installation
  • Setting up ManyCam
  • Recording and Streaming


Once you have downloaded the ManyCam executable from their website, simply double-click on the executable to install ManyCam on your local device.

For this ManyCam review, I have installed the application on my windows machine.

manycam setup

During installation, the installer lets you select your preferred language of usage. The above picture shows the available language options for ManyCam.

windows security warning

I’ve also noticed that during installation the installer also installs a driver for ManyCam to function properly.

I think the purpose of the driver is for creating a handshake between ManyCam and other video conferencing applications like Skype and Microsoft teams.

manycam setup finish

Once ManyCam is installed successfully on your device the application would prompt you to log in. You can either log in using your social media credentials or set up a ManyCam account using your email id. 

manycam login page

It is advised to log in to your ManyCam account while using it. Linking your devices and live streaming would be easier that way.

But for the sake of simplicity, for this ManyCam review, I’ll be logging in as a guest.

Setting up ManyCam

Honestly speaking I was quite overwhelmed when I looked at the ManyCam landing page. It has a plethora of options that gives you a greater degree of freedom while live streaming or recording.

But don’t you worry I’ll walk you through almost every utility and configuration.

Setting up ManyCam

After logging in you will land on the preset screen. On the top, you can see options that you can use to zoom your current screen adjust color, and also specify the resolution frame rate and opacity of your live stream.

 zoom, adjust, and specify the resolution

The main function of the preset screen is to select sources for your live stream.

From the screen, you can select the type of video source you want as your primary stream. ManyCam provides you a lot of options that you can use as a video source.

add a video source

The live stream feed can be from your webcam, desktop screen, the game that you are currently playing, any mobile device, YouTube URL, the live stream of any camera on which you have logged in with your ManyCam account ID, and a few more options as well. 

I was awed by the variety of video source which ManyCam allows you to be used as a live stream source.

used as a live stream source

Using the playlist settings under the reset tab you can configure screen transitions while live streaming. 

playlist settings

To add multiple streaming sources just right-click and add the source that you would be streaming. As you can see from the above image, you can have mini parallel streaming sources running.

To switch to a streaming source simply hover over it and click on transition.

The central preview screen shows you to the current primary live streaming source, while the other sources at the bottom can be switched with the primary source anytime.

click on transition

That’s not all even within the primary video source you can have an added layer that shows up as a mini screen.

The mini screen itself can be used for rendering another screen during live streaming.

When I added a new layer to render the screen within a screen I observed some lag with my computer’s processing.

add audio device

The audio setting section helps you configure all audio-related configurations. You can select the volume level, reduce noise from any particular live streaming channel or even have a custom audio playlist.

The playlist can come in handy during live-streaming a podcast before introducing any guest.

drawing tool

The drawing tool is a very cool and handy feature of ManyCam. By turning on on the drawing utilities you can draw directly on the primary screen.

You can draw a line or encircle any particular area on the screen to emphasize or highlight the topic that you are teaching. 


If you are hosting a time-bound podcast or want a countdown while hosting an event ManyCam lets you do so. You can choose from many different counter designs and set the counter according to your needs.

Video background

With the photo background, you can blur or replace your current background. If you have a green screen you can render any video or image as your background. 

But to do so you need to upgrade ManyCam and get a license for it. The feature of substituting your background isn’t available for the trial copy of ManyCam.

lower thirds option

While hosting your podcast if you want to introduce your guest or give a brief detail about him or her you can use the lower thirds option. 

I must say this is a neat feature and looks quite professional. You can turn it on or off any time and change the title, subtitle as you desire.


You can use the different effects to push ManyCam’s fun quotient up a notch. You can add emojis to your live streaming, add a face filter over your face, or and other funny annotations.

Recording and Streaming

Now that you have configured your ManyCam profile successfully you can start recording or live streaming.

Recording and Streaming

Click on the record icon to start recording and all your actions and streams from various sources will be recorded and saved in your local machine.

Streaming Configuration

To start your live stream you have to click on the stream icon. Before you can start streaming you have to configure and set up your streaming platform. 

You can either log in to different social media platforms for live streaming or add custom server details for advanced live streaming.

There is a snapshot button beside the streaming icon for grabbing a screenshot of your live stream. You can use it to publish details about your podcast or live stream on your blog or website.


The settings screen allows you to set up your account, configure video audio and other networking-related options.

One specific thing that I liked about the ManyCam setting was, its configurable hotkeys.

The hotkeys would allow you to switch between different streams or perform other important live-streaming operations in a snap.

You can add your custom hotkey combinations and define how you want to use your hotkeys.

How much does ManyCam cost?

There are different options available while choosing a ManyCam pricing method. ManyCam pricing varies for Individual or business use.

For either of these plans, you can opt for a subscription model or buy a lifetime license.

ManyCam pricing
For Individuals
For businesses 
Subscription$29/ year$59/ year$79/ yearStarting from $119/ year
Lifetime license$59/ year$119/ year$149/ yearStarting from $298/ year

For a standard plan be it a subscription or a lifetime license you would be able to use ManyCam on a single device.

Under the standard plan, you would not be able to change your background, use a green screen or get priority support.

To use features like background blur, and virtual background you have to opt for the studio plan.

The studio plan allows you to use ManyCam on two different devices and allows switching between 12 different video sources. It is their most popular plan and even supports 4K live streaming.

If you opt for the premium plan you can use ManyCam on three different devices get all the features of the studio plan and also get priority support.

The business plan of ManyCam is targeted towards businesses and enterprises. It has all the features of that of a premium plan.

However, ManyCam pricing varies from $119 per year for 3 users to $3232 for a one-time license for 40 users.

You can get more details about their pricing structure from their website.

ManyCam Alternatives

Now that we are well aware of the various features and capabilities of ManyCam let’s look at other software like ManyCam.

1. Restream


Restream is a popular live-streaming application that lets you live stream on over 30 different platforms.

It is a reputed live streaming product and is used by corporate behemoths like Microsoft Adobe and Ubisoft.

Restream even allows you to chat with your audience through live chat.

One cool feature of Restream is, it allows you to stream simultaneously on multiple social media platforms or multiple Facebook pages or groups.

You can use Restream with other video conferencing applications too.

Read our detailed Restream review.

Pricing – You can use Restream for free but you would have a limitation of live streaming to a single social media destination.

There is also a restriction on the number of participants whom you can invite to the live stream with the free subscription.

To get over these limitations you can opt for a standard plan for $19 per month or a professional subscription for $49 per month.

Click here to buy or know more about their pricing structure. 

2. Streamlabs 


Streamlabs is a free open-source live streaming application. It is currently supported only for the Windows platform.

Thanks to its open-source nature contributors keep on adding new features to revamp the application to a whole new level.

It allows you to create personalized streams and professional overlays over your video sources.

Using Streamlabs you can stream and publish your live streaming content on multiple platforms simultaneously.

You can even add personalized widgets and custom apps to your live streams to make your live stream a bit more interactive.

Some integrated apps can show your analytical data directly on your live streams.

For example- Who joined the live stream recently and also prompt the name of a user who tipped you while watching your live stream.

Pricing – Streamlabs is a free open-source application. There are no licensing or subscription fees involved. 

3. vMix 


vMix is a professional streaming and live production software. You can simultaneously record streams on different platforms.

All in all, it allows you to create production level streaming on a modest PC. It is supported on Windows and Mac machines but you can use the vMix web controller to control your remix remotely using Android and iOS devices too.

That’s not all you can even perform professional color correction and balance saturation and hue using vMix.

It has a built-in audio mixer and allows you to add up to 8 remote guest streams in 4K quality.

Pricing – You can use we mix on a trial basis for 60 days after which you can choose from any of the four plans that vMix provides.

You can buy a vMix license starting from $60 and get the pro license for $1200.

Visit their webpage to purchase a copy or know more about their price slabs.

Should you buy ManyCam?

After using Manycam and reading about other Manycam alternatives, here’s how I feel about it


  • ManyCam is packed with essential features for live streaming. You can even use it as a screen recorder for publishing your content on different social media platforms. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
  • You can edit brightness, saturation, and other basic video correction of your video sources.
  • It supports NDI input. Thus allowing Manycam effects to be used across other video conferencing applications too.
  • The whiteboard is very useful for teachers, tutors, and content creators. 


  • Integration with other app and automated message rendering not available during video streaming.
  • I experienced a bit of lag when rendering a screen within a screen. However, that could be a problem with my windows machine.

My Suggestion

No matter which application you use video streaming software takes some time to get used to. I would suggest you use ManyCam on a trial basis to get used to its features and switching between video feeds effortlessly.

Then you can either opt for a license or seek out other video streaming alternatives. 

If you are just getting started with live streaming and using a Windows machine, Streamlabs would be the right application for you. It is free and has all the essential features for producing and streaming live content.

If you belong to the upper echelon and want to exploit all the advanced features then I would suggest you go for vMix.


Is ManyCam safe to use?

Yes, ManyCam is completely safe to use. When you are live streaming your content gets directly published on the respective social media platforms. There is no data replication layer in between where your streamed data might get reproduced.

Can I use ManyCam for free?

Yes, you can use ManyCam for free. There is no limitation to using ManyCam for free but certain features are not available without a license or subscription. While using ManyCam for free you would not be able to add more than two video sources.