Muama Enence Review: Is It Really Worth The Money?

Muama Enence Review
Two-way real-time language translation
Intuitive Muama Enence application
8-hour long battery life
Doesn’t work without internet connectivity and Bluetooth
Not a standalone device; it needs a smartphone to operate
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It would truly be wonderful if one could speak all the languages of the world. We have over 7000 languages, and of that number, around 90% is spoken by less than a hundred thousand people. But is it possible for two people to converse fruitfully despite completely different languages on both ends?

Learning even 10 languages on your own seems to be an impossible feat unless you are a savant. The Guinness World Record for a single person speaking most languages is held by Lebanese polyglot Ziad Fazah, who can speak 59 languages!

For the regular human, the only solution available in 2021 to overcome the obvious language barrier is via technology.

This Muama Enence Review is all about the Muama Enence translator, a strange name but an excellent proponent of technology bridging the final frontiers towards living in a global village.

All statements in this review are based on first-hand user experience and expert feedback.

What is Muama Enence?

What is Muama Enence

Muama Enence is an instant language translation device that has been designed with the vision of simplifying inter-language conversation. This device has the capability of translating the language within 2-3 seconds depending upon the length of words spoken.

The Muama Enence translator became popular quickly after its launch in May 2019 but the onslaught of COVID-19 restriction severely affected the market trends of this product.

As the COVID restrictions have eased globally, tourism has finally started off slowly but steadily.

So, has the demand for language translating devices. Using such a device assures that you get the best travel experience abroad, minimizing the difficulties of not understanding the language.

With proper connectivity and usage, one can even use it during business meetings or while interacting with international clients.

How does the Muama Enence translator work?

Muama Enence translator is not a self-sufficient device. Instead, it requires an internet connection to complete the translations and a Bluetooth connection to transmit the data between the smartphone application and the translator.

The Voice capturing process is a one-way process, where you need to press the language button and bring the microphone close to the speaker. It enables the translator to pick up the words without distortion.

The spoken words are then transmitted to the smartphone application using Bluetooth connectivity, which translates the words into the present language.

The application makes use of internet connectivity to translate the words in the designated language set in the application.

Once the language is processed and translated using an internet connection, the translated language is transmitted from the smartphone application back to the device speaker using Bluetooth connectivity.

Hence it is imperative to keep both the devices within the range of 5-8 meters for optimal connection and distortion-free experience.

Muama Enence Review : Features It has To Offer

Muama Enence Features

Muama Enence is the bridge between two different languages that allows easy exchange of words without an interpreter. This two-way real-time translation device is a great replacement for human translators.

It’s an instant language translation device that has been designed with the vision of simplifying inter-language conversation.

This device has the capability of translating within 2-3 seconds depending upon the length of words spoken. This technological marvel has made it easier to travel abroad without the knowledge of their regional language.

All you need is to ascertain whether their language can be translated into your native language.

The Muama Enence translator became popular quickly after its launch in May 2019 but the onslaught of COVID-19 restriction severely affected the market trends of this product.

This handheld device needs an internet connection to translate and can work on both Wi-Fi networks or your mobile hotspot. Since it is not connected via Bluetooth, the range of this device is technically the limitation of internet connectivity.

One can consider this as a pocket translation device, a substitute for your smartphone.

As the COVID restrictions have eased globally, tourism has finally started slowly but steadily.

So, has the demand for language translating devices. Using such a device assures that you get the best travel experience abroad, minimizing the difficulties of not understanding the language.

With proper connectivity and usage, one can even use it during business meetings or while interacting with international clients.

Muama Enence translator is considered a money-saving device as it costs way lesser than what a professional translator charges for a day.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, although this depends on where you have purchased the device. While the device is quite capable in itself, there is further scope for improvement.


Muama Enence Design

It comes with a metal casing, that gives this device a unique look and aesthetics. When compared with devices with a plastic body, Muama Enence can be considered as a premium device.

At just 10 cm by 4 cm dimension, this device is way smaller and lightweight than your smartphone making it easier to use.

The device has 4 hard press buttons with different controls, for changing the volume levels and informing the device about the language to be translated A or B.

There is a single microphone to capture voice for translation. Worth mentioning, we have used better mics on other devices but that is understandable considering the price point. But it works fine unless there’s too much background noise drowning out the speaker’s voice.

There is a single speaker to relay the translation. Sound quality is easily audible with enough output although quite tinny at higher volumes.

You also get a USB connection port for charging the device and an LED indicator that displays low battery, full charge, and device connection with a smartphone.


Muama Enence Review: Is It Really Worth The Money? 2

Perhaps the most crucial feature of an internet-driven device is its compatibility to work with different smartphone platforms. Since Muama Enence works with both, iOS and Android devices.

One can purchase this device without a second thought about the connectivity and ability to work. On top of that, both these platforms support Bluetooth connectivity

Along with compatibility and an easy-to-use interface of the smartphone application, this device is highly portable, making it easier for you to carry this device. Weighing in at around 63 grams, this device is lighter than any other technical device.  

Bluetooth Connectivity

This device can be controlled using the system application, which is available in both android and iOS versions using Bluetooth connectivity.

The application requires internet connectivity to translate the words while the translation is played only through the Muama Enence translation device. The device has both microphone and speaker to capture the words and play the translation from its speaker.

Bluetooth allows this device a range of 8-10 meters of effective working range before disruptions start to kick in.

Hence to use this translation device with complete efficiency make sure to keep the smartphone and translator within the range of 6-8 meters.

Obstructions such can concrete, metals, and construction materials can reduce the connectivity range. 


Muama Enence Review: Is It Really Worth The Money? 3

Muama Enence works on battery, but unlike the models where you have to use AA batteries, this device comes with an in-built lithium polymer battery.

This simple design makes it easier to charge the device without spending your money to purchase a new battery every time you needed to use this translator. 

The presence of a lithium polymer battery increases the range and effectiveness of this translator. Such batteries are easy to charge and work with full efficiency for a longer duration.

Its 900 mAh lithium polymer battery can be completely charged using a USB micro cable and an adaptor in less than an hour.

With an amazing standby time of 7 days and a useful battery life of 8 hours, this device will make your life easier without the hassle of keeping it charged.

Supported Languages 

Muama Enence Supported Languages

The first version of this real-time translation device came out in 2019, compatible with translation across 36 languages. The current version available via the original website can translate across 42 languages as of 2021.

With pinpoint accurate translations and log maintenance, this device will make your life easier while interacting with strangers and international tourists. The added-on Muama Enence app also makes the task a lot easier.

Technical Specifications 

Coming down to the technical specifications, we have mentioned all the details that will help you make an informed decision.

  • Net Weight: 63 grams
  • Network: 2.4G WLAN or mobile hotspot connectivity
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer battery 900 mAh
  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 4 cm
  • Translation time: ~ 0.2 seconds
  • Language supported: 42 languages.


Muama Enence Pricing

This device is currently being sold at a 50% discount. The original price of Muama Enence is said to be $178. The sellers are offering bundled offers much like any other electronic device which are a great value for money.

You can purchase a single device for $89 right here.

In case you need more than one device, you can opt for bundled-in packages that reduce the price per device.

Right now, you can purchase 2 devices for $138, at $69 each, 4 devices for $220, $55 each, or 5 devices for $265, $53 each.

Where Can You Buy the Muama Enence translator?

The original Muama Enence translator is available only through the developer’s website. Although one can easily find this device on major selling platforms, they are charging a higher price for the devices or selling just a single product.

It raises concern about the authenticity of the products as Amazon is a marketplace, as any individual can sell products on this platform.

Just to be on the safer side, ensure that you purchase only from the official website or at least from reputed sellers. The official website offers huge perks and additional discounts on bundled purchases.

Muama Enence User Reviews

Muama Enence User Reviews

Muama Enence translator is ultimately a modern invention that makes use of various technical and communication techniques available in the 21st century.

Such is the case with user reviews. Some find it to be an absolute success, while others consider it only up to their taste. This device gets a rating of 3.6 out of 5 on its official Facebook page. Click here to redirect to their Facebook page.

We have accumulated a few user reviews that can enable you to understand the user-concern before rallying up to buy this translator device. Most of the reviews we found were about the good this device offers.

Rheo Wasserman – I can say this is the best translator in our daily life works great and easy to use with excellent quality it helps me a lot to do my work I recommend it.

Leroy Under – Undoubtedly one of the best products I have been able to buy, of excellent quality, I recommend it 100%, its prices are special and its customer service has nothing to envy, the delivery service is one of the best that I have contracted I am very satisfied and very pleased without a doubt they are the best option. thank you very much.

Ram Prasad Neelam – ‘Enence” products are excellent, of very good quality, an innovative product and the best is the price, 100% guaranteed, they are responsible with the shipping. And they have a variety available at affordable prices. Very fast delivery. Highly recommended it.

Ricardo Huerta – Excellent product, I recommend it 100%, its prices are very good, very affordable, and if we talk about the quality of this product, it is simply great I liked it a lot and I am satisfied with it, thank you very much.

Should You Buy the Muama Enence translator?

Muama Enence is not just an average translator but an innovation that can change the way you perceive foreign travel.

Not only would this enable us to interact efficiently with the residents of a foreign nation or foreign visitors with ease but also allow us to better understand their culture and thoughts.

Communication is a two-way process that is simplified because of the Muama Enence translator. 

Having separate instruments for recording the sound and playing the translated voice enables this device to remove distortion.

You don’t need to have a noise-free environment for this translator to work. Its active noise cancellation mike can filter out the background traffic and human noise to work only on the voice spoken near the microphone. 

Unlike a human translator, which translates one language to you and then you say something which is again translated into the first-person language, this device cuts on time required by the translator to convert the conversation into your language and then converting your language into the first one.

This not only saves time but also makes the experience more interactive and easier to process without having to wait.

Whether you intend to go for a vacation abroad or interact with Japanese investors, this device will help you make the most out of your time without any issue.

Moreover, each conversation is stored in text and voice format in the application, which can further be leveraged to learn some basic and frequently used words of their language by replaying the conversation.

How to Connect Muama Enence language translator?

You need your smartphone, internet connection, Bluetooth connectivity, and the Muama Enence translator charged and ready for use.

Once you have all these ready, download the Muama Enence application from the link provided with the bundled-in package.

  • Open the smartphone application and enable Bluetooth access. The application will also ask for microphone access.
  • Open Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect to the Muama Enence device
  • Turn on the translator device by pressing the power key. Once the device has been connected, you will receive a voice message stating that the translator connected successfully.
  • Open the application and click on Scan. Choose Enence translator from the translator application.
  • The application will start loading languages. You will have two microphone icons on the applications, one blue and another red. Red is your native language while blue is the foreign language.
  • Choose the respective languages from the drop-down menu.
  • Press and hold the Me button on the translator device and say your message close to the device microphone. The translator will recognize the language and give you a voice translation.
  • The same steps will be repeated on the application screen, recording all the communication and creating a back-up of your communication in both text and audio format.
  • You can use both voices to translate your words or the text writing tab to convert your text into audio.

Worth mentioning, make sure your smartphone has network/internet connectivity.

Most users purchasing this device often miss out on the fact that the actual translation is done via the app while the translation device itself only as a voice recorder and player with a few added-on button functions.


A portable language translator device is useful for individuals frequently going to international destinations and interacting in foreign languages.

Once you have purchased this device, you would never need someone to have your back and interpret your words. Muama Enence is among a long list of portable translators that can make life easier in a foreign environment.

The best thing about buying this device is its return on investment. This translator has its limitation in terms of the number of supported languages. But within that range, it can get the job done quite easily and briskly as well.

Another important fact to consider is the sufficient battery power, with enough juice to typically last a whole day’s work. Although we can say that there’s much room for improvement, future upgraded versions will only get better.

To sum up this Muama Enence review, it’s great for the price and totally worth a try.

Just make sure to purchase from the official website or at least from reputed sellers.


Is Muama Enence real?

Yes, this device is as real as it gets. It is capable of two-way translation within 2 seconds of completing the sentence. This device is ready for use once you have connected it to the internet and the setup is complete. Note that you will need a smartphone to effectively use the device.

Where can I buy Muama Enence?

Muama Enence is currently available for purchase only through the official website. It is not available through e-commerce websites although you may find sellers for it, most of whom are not authorized with the original product. Hence. purchases should only be made through the official website.

How do I set up a Muama translator?

Muama instant translator setup is a two-step process. The device should be charged and connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You will have to use the Muama Enence application to control the translation and other features of this device. Once the devices are connected, choose the languages via the app, and proceed with the translation session directly with the translation device.