Here Are The Best Ways To Position Keyboard And Mouse For Gaming

Position Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming

Games are for fun but when they cause body strain, they are no more something that satisfies our pleasure buds. Most pro gamers, therefore, give more focus to the art of playing than the game itself.

The small details like how to Position Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming or sitting in the chair with the right wrist posture can help you have a winning edge over your competitors.

It’s similar to athletes working on their food habits to keep their body strong for ultimate performance. If you have never thought about these aspects before, read about them now.

By the time you finish reading this, you will get an idea of why some players with fewer skills than you, outsmart you in-game.

Ergonomic Guidelines For Computer Use

Playing intensive competitive games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Counterstrike, DOTA 2, etc. can take a toll on your health. Sitting on the desk for hours negatively affects your posture, eyes, hands, and mental health.

Ever wonder how these professional gamers do it?

Well, they all follow the basic laws of ergonomics. Following good mouse and keyboard ergonomics can counter the painful gaming experience and make you more productive. Sitting in the right posture is not enough; to achieve that perfection, you have to change your whole PC gaming setup.

The following keyboard and mouse ergonomics are not only limited to professional gamers, but also for people who play for passion and fun.

What Is Meant By Computer Ergonomics?

For years, researchers have conducted several experiments to understand the biomechanics and environmental physics behind a fruitful ergonomics.

Generally, Ergonomics is a science that includes a combination of engineering, psychology, and physiology.

Technically speaking, ergonomics is a set of ways, which tells:

How you can position yourselves (sitting posture)

How you should place your things in your workplace (such as positioning your keyboard and mouse for gaming)

In what way you should position your body to get the best result (height of the chair, distance from monitor, etc.)

The primary goal of ergonomics is to cultivate a healthier, productive, and comfortable gaming practice.

It involves creating a proper game setup by considering your physical limitations like height, eyesight, auditory senses, and body size.

Following the rules accurately can enhance your overall experience while keeping your risk of injury to the minimum.

What Injuries Can Bad Ergonomics Cause To a Player?

Poor ergonomics can have a direct impact on your spinal cord causing painful back injuries owing to sitting for hours at the desk. Also, too much brightness can cause headaches and migraines developing itching and burning sensation in your eyes.

You will find mobility issues in your neck area and will experience pain under your fingers called a “trigger finger” syndrome.

How to Angle Keyboard & Mouse For Gaming?

Let’s say you practice 12-15 hours a day for an esports championship league. Now that doesn’t mean you are playing relentlessly for the whole time. Most of the time, you simply have to sit through the cut-scenes or take some breaks for watching Gameplay or tutorial videos. As a result, your body becomes idler and less active.

Now, such idle style gaming can cause strain, injury, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Some inconclusive evidence also suggests that prolonged exposure to monitor radiation can cause harm to your body. Injuries like these will stay permanently regardless of how many medications you try to alleviate your pain.

Therefore, if you want to position a keyboard and mouse for gaming, you should engage in practicing proper ergonomics.

It includes adjusting your mouse and keyboard position, monitor placement, and posture correction.

What Is The Best Way To Position Keyboard?

Here Are The Best Ways To Position Keyboard And Mouse For Gaming 2

Always keep your keyboard around 2 to 3 inches above your knees while typing. Make sure to keep the keyboard at the center and never tilt the keyboard while typing, even though you find it more convenient. You should go for an adjustable chair to position your height as per the keyboard tray.

Now let’s talk about keyboard wrist rests. Some professionals argue that keyboard wrist rests do not offer any ergonomics, rather it further contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Actually, it’s partially true since most users don’t use the wrist rest like they are supposed to do. You should only use a wrist rest for resting your wrist after a long time and not use them while typing. Always keep your arms and wrist in hovering position while typing. Professionals suggest that you should move your arm while typing and not your fingers.

What Is The Best Way To Position Mouse?

Keep the mouse as close to your grabs as possible. Always keep the mouse in front of you and 2-3 inches above the knee.

Level it in front of the shoulder or a little off the center. Keeping the mouse too far from your grab can strain your arms and wrist. Only use your arms and elbows to move the mouse and not your wrist. To make it easier, keep your mouse on the same surface as your keyboard.

How To Position Your Monitor?

Keep the height of your monitor 15 to 30 degrees below your line of sight and ensure your eyes are 1-2 feet away from the screen. Always keep the screen brightness in balance to avoid squinting of your eyes or keep your eyes wide open while looking at the screen.

Too much brightness can also make your monitor emit more radiation, so you have to take care of that as well. Yellow warm colors are known to protect retinas, so we suggest you adjust your monitor settings to the night mode.

How To Select The Right Chair?

Buy a chair with armrests. If your arms remain unsupported then it can put excessive strain on your neck and shoulders. Make sure the rest does not go below your waist level or go too high that hinders your typing experience. Check for the height of the chair concerning your monitor’s height.

If the height of your monitor is too low from your chair height, then stack some old books or DVDs to increase your monitor’s height. Purchasing an adjustable chair is the best deal.

Also, keep your feet on the ground while working. If your feet remain above the ground, then it will put extra pressure on your back. If your height is short, then put some extra pillows underneath your feet to balance it out.

Apart from armrests, you should also go for a chair with a swivel feature. Working between screens and often rotating your body can cause excessive strain on your spine. A swivel chair will take care of that.

 Practice Good Sitting Posture

Sitting posture

Keep your feet on the ground and ensure it doesn’t hang on the air. While sitting, slightly extend your lower back, ensuring you do not twist your hips and spine. Keep your head in level with your shoulder and your chest elevated the whole time.

This posture will help you overcome slouching and promote a gentle gaming experience. You might find this quite difficult, but over time, it will come to you naturally.

Why Do Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard Sideways?

This is the best way to give your mouse hand a big space to make movements. Usually, keyboards cover a lot of working space on the desk. It restricts quick mouse movements and continuously brings your attention back to space adjustment.

To give their undivided attention, pro players tilt the keyboard vertical or keep it on their lap to create space.

Here’s an image of Tfue in action holding his keyboards sideways.

Here Are The Best Ways To Position Keyboard And Mouse For Gaming 4

Some Useful Tips For Using Mouse & Keyboard Effectively?

When you get a natural pause in the gameplay, use that time to do some stretching exercises. Also, take a small walk, and do some planks to get the blood flowing in your body. Generally, you must take a 5-minute break in every thirty minutes of gameplay.

Just because you are sitting or not sweating, does not mean your body’s water requirement will reduce to a minimum. Dehydration not only makes your throat dry, but also affects your eyes, skin, gums, and internal organs of the body. Always keep a bottle of a bottle by your side. Take a couple of sips every 10-15 minutes.

Physical fitness plays a key role in enhancing gaming performance. Therefore, all top esports athletes across the world are known to practice strength and cardiovascular training in their regimens.

If you want to know how to position keyboard and mouse for gaming, then we highly recommend you make some investment into ergonomic computer gear. Standard gears only work up to a limit. You need optimized gears to go beyond that limit.

Make sure not to hit your keyboard switches too hard. Most good quality keyboards can register a tap with minimal push. Too much hard keystrokes can lead to bottom out, which eventually damages your keyboard.


We hope this article will help you create that perfect gaming posture and play rules that will help you enjoy the game without hampering your body. Though the topic could have gone more lengthy, we tried to include only the essential advice applicable to all gamers. In case, you need more, do let us know in the comment section below.