Speechelo Review: Text To Speech In 3 Clicks

Speechelo Review
Cloud-based operations
Supports multiple languages
Works with video creation software
Offers customization features to add a human aspect
Faster processing and downloads in MP3 format
Most features are available in the pro version
Adding human effects takes getting used to the software
Lack of female voice in major languages for standard plans

When we talk about creating engaging, informative, or explanatory videos, creators spend hours trying to get the perfect voice for their content.

Text to Speech software can reduce the time needed to create engaging content. Then again, not everyone can deliver a fluent voiceover or has a perfect voice.

Today, it is essential to develop premium content, but it’s even more important to sell an original idea before using it.


The best option for creators, bloggers, and YouTubers for quickly developing videos is to use TTS software.

This can enable small businesses and creators to make their mark on the community and frequently publish new content without hiring a voiceover artist just for a few sentences of background content.

Speechelo has made a name for itself as the go-to TTS software for some time now.

In this Speechelo review, we will be discussing and explaining the features, capabilities, quality, user interface, the time required, and pricing.

Speechelo Review: What is Speechelo?

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is an instant text to speech software designed to add a human touch to artificial robotics voices.

The use of such voiceover software has massively increased in the past few years. You might have come across some education, training, or explanatory videos with millions of likes and views having a robotic voiceover.

Imagine the same content with a more humanized tone.

Making humanized voiceovers requires certain human emotions, such as tonality, fluency, breaks, breathing, and many such aspects.

Where most services fail, Speechelo has succeeded. It is the first software to actively use an Artificial Intelligence engine to produce humanized voiceovers from written texts.

A good video fails to create the impact without that story letting tonality. While nobody wants robotic vibrations in their videos, text-to-speech software has largely evolved and turned video monetization into a progressive and easy to an established business.

Such assistive tech can do wonders for your business or work.

Speechelo offers multiple languages with male, female, and children voiceover modes and different emotional tones, inflictions, emotions, and many more features, which we have discussed in detail.

Speechelo Features: What Can You Do With Speechelo?

What can I do with Speechelo

The issue with monetized videos is the professionalism and perfection offered by top players in this field.

It is difficult for a newcomer or someone with a poor accent to monetize their content. Getting fresh leads and increasing your overall sales is very difficult without good video content to engage the target audience.

And the very least promotional or branded video content should have is a relatable voiceover.

To establish better engagement, voices should convey a story much like a storyteller. The primary reason for the spike in demand for Speechelo is its claim of converting texts into 100% human-like voices with just a few clicks.

Speechelo offers a vast number of features in the text to speech conversion. It is designed to make voiceovers sound more human and thus offer a lot of customization features.

You can add breathing effects and pauses in between narrations. It can bypass the need to record audio, filter background noises, and use voice editing software, which could easily take hours.

With this software, the possibilities are limited only to your imaginations. You can easily create sales, educational, or review videos with an unlimited combination of voiceovers and related editing.

Speechelo First-Hand Review and Expert Comments

This Speechelo review is based on first-hand user experiences to ascertain some facts and find out more about this software, what it is like to use it, and how it works.

Speechelo First-Hand Review

Voice types and Tonality

First and foremost are the features it offers. Since the target audience could be an adult or the content might be gender or age-specific, Speechelo empowers you to use over four different voice types, including male and female voices, also children’s voices across both genders.

Then comes Tonality. Your content might require a neutral, friendly, or serious tone depending upon the topic.

Speechelo offers customization of your voiceovers with these tones. These Speechelo features make it relatively easier to create unique and original videos.

Speech Engines

You get two different speech engines; one is an Artificial intelligence engine and another one is the standard engine. The former can quickly create a voiceover without any guidance and suggestions from a user.

On the other hand, their standard engine allows you more control over the development of the voiceovers.

You can manually change the tones, add human aspects, breathings, and pauses to the final content. It is not easier to complete the voiceover creation in such a short duration.

But producing a perfect voiceover using the standard engine requires getting used to the feature of this software will require more time as compared to the AI-based voiceovers.

User Interface

User Interface speechelo

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any software is its user interface. Speechelo has a simple click user interface with no drop-down menu. Every setting and customization option are well arranged.

Editing and modifying content is simple and Speechelo is easy to use, even without any prior experience with TTS software.

We can say that anyone with basic computer skills can positively use Speechelo to create the desired voiceover.


Speechelo VoiceOvers

Speechelo offers you 30 different voices across 24 different languages, including English. More languages and features are available with upsells, which are available at a quarterly fee.

Languages included with the basic purchase are – Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Welsh.


Speechelo Price

Another surprising factor about Speechelo is its massive discount and pricing. To our surprise, this software is available for lifetime usage with just a one-time payment of $47. This price comes as a 53% discount to the original price of $100.

For this base price, you are offered a number of words and voiceovers, as mentioned above. To access their latest features and voice samples, it would require you to purchase their upsell plans – Speechelo Pro or Speechelo tube.

Speechelo Pro is available only after completing the standard purchase.

The typical price of Speechelo pro is marketed at $127, but with a 60% discount, this price comes down to just $47/month for 3 months (This is a quarterly payment.)

Unlike other software sellers, where you get 15 or 30 days of the money-back guarantee, Speechelo offers you a massive 60-day money-back guarantee. It can be attributed to their confidence in the TTS software. This guarantee covers both the Standard and Pro subscriptions.

Hence any user can purchase the software, try the features, use its customization settings before sticking to the subscription.

Thus, one can quickly review this software without breaking a sweat. Rarely and software developer sells their product with such a high refund timeline. What are you waiting for? Get yours by clicking here

Speechelo Pro

Speechelo Pro

Speechelo’s standard version that comes at the cost of merely $47 offers limited voiceovers and word length support. Speechelo Pro is an upgrade over the standard plan.

Speechelo Pro Price

For a payment of $47 per month, the Pro version is yours for 3 months, which is a bit expensive considering the price of its standard plan. Still, the number of features offered here makes it worth purchasing, especially for commercial and business uses.

Speechelo Review: Text To Speech In 3 Clicks 2

Features of Speechelo Pro

  • More than one hundred premium voices in different languages.
  • You get campaign features to create separate titles of individual client projects.
  • Speechelo pro supports up to 2800-word length per voiceover.
  • You can even choose to add from 40 of their background music for videos.
  • The commercial license empowers you to sell the voiceovers without paying any royalty.
  • They even offer training for finding and converting clients.

Should You Go for Speechelo Pro?

While the pricing of Speechelo pro is quite high compared to the standard version, the fact that you get new voices and get to convert a higher word length makes this software worth your time and money.

One should start with the standard plan and not rush into purchasing the pro plan without properly learning about it.

Consider the pro plan to be designed exclusively for business purposes or customers frequently posting videos.

Creating videos with only a few voiceovers can make things monotonous in the long run. Speechelo Pro comes with 100+ voices in different languages, you can create engaging content with a much larger variety.

For single users, the Pro plan can help them achieve monetization benefits. A professional voiceover artist can ask for anywhere from $20 to $100 for a 1-minute voiceover.

Charges are higher because of the expensive equipment, processing software, and time required to create a voiceover. Using Speechelo, you can easily create a voiceover with just as much quality and ingenuity for much less, especially considering the amount of content you can create.

Take advantage of their free commercial license to market and sell your voiceovers without paying a single dime to the developers. Video making is a growing business, and you can easily scale yourself using their Speechelo Pro service

Is Speechelo Any Good?

With perfect pronunciations of verbs and nouns, Speechelo’s voice generation engine is as close to perfect as you can get and easily comparable to a human voiceover.

However, there is a vast number of modifications and small edits required over the entire content. Furthermore, adding human quotients such as breaths, pauses, and emphasizing can add more value to the voiceovers but will require getting used to in the first place.

After you are done creating voiceover, it offers an MP3 format that can easily be merged with any other software content.

One can easily be misled by the claimed voices offered by the company against the languages offered. In reality, you only get four English voices of the total 31 voices.

This miscommunication between voices and languages is factually misleading. Leaving that aside, this software is a boon for content creators, allowing them to create faster voiceovers and quickly monetize them through respective channels.

Speechelo Alternatives: Best Text to Speech Software

1. Speechdio



  • 100 male and female voices with the base subscription
  • Integrated background tracks
  • Free Enterprise License
  • Easy to Setup and Use


  • Forced subscription
  • Up to 800 words script length only

Speechdio is the best Speechelo alternative offering a number of features and voices. You get an AI-based voice generation engine, unlimited usage rights, and training videos to get you accustomed to this software.

With over 100 human voices in multiple languages and 100 harmonized background tracks, you can create the perfect videos for your viewers. On top of that, the subscription also includes the enterprise license allowing you to legally sell the voiceovers.


The only downside as compared to Speechelo is its one-year package of $37/month, which is far more expensive to start off.


Responsive customer support. Very few related complaints from verified users.


There is a money-back-guarantee within 30 days from subscription purchase.


As a Speechelo alternative, Speechdio is a bit more expensive at first but it does offer a bit more with the number of voices, background scores, enterprise license, etc. Worth trying out!

2. Talkia



  • 1000 words per voiceover with the base plan
  • Downloadable and compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Same AI voice tech as used by Google and Amazon


  • Does not readily translate between languages
  • No commercial rights with the base plan

Talkia stands next to Speechdio as an alternative TTS software. With a similar cloud-based operation, Talkia charges generously at $39 per month for regular usage. It can convert up to 1000 words per voiceover and offers 65 different male and female voices with the base subscription.

For the price of the monthly payment, this service cannot be deemed cheap. Since it doesn’t restrict the number of words you can convert to text in a month, it remains a good option for individual users.

Also, worth mentioning, this is a downloadable software although you will still need internet connectivity for usage. 

You can easily make an upgrade to the enterprise version by paying $69 per month and enjoy their 5000 words to speech translation. Talkia Enterprise offers the largest number of voices and background music options among all Speechelo alternatives.


Customer support is rated as highly responsive with a dedicated ‘knowledge base’ to resolve common queries and basic troubleshooting.


There’s a 30-day refund policy available with all subscriptions.


Talkia can be considered the best of the lot if you want a stable downloadable software to work on. There’re enough features available to make do.

Read our detailed Talkia review here.

3. Synthesys



  • Real human voices
  • Simple user interface
  • Auto commercial license
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited voices and languages
  • Limited features

Unlike the AI-generated voices of Speechelo and Speechdio, Synthesys offers real voices from 8 real voiceover artists. This web-based software service offers premium and 100% human voices, although you might be limited with the number of languages available with the service.

For beginners, they offer credit-based voiceover rendering services, which include 30,000 credits where each credit stands for a single character. 30,000 characters are roughly equal to 60 minutes of voiceover. You can purchase more credits within the software in pre-determined packages.


There’s a single package available as 30,000 credits, as explained above, priced at $67 – a one-time cost. Once you have exhausted 30,000 characters for your voiceover requirements, you can purchase a further pack of credits. 


Customer support is readily available. You need to login to your Synthesys account to access support.


There’s a 60-day refund policy in place, both when you purchase the service and later when you purchase credit packages.


Synthesys is perfectly suited for users who have limited requirements for voiceovers. For $67, about an hour of voiceovers can suffice for at least 50+ voiceover requirements, considering that ad copies and read-out-loud rarely extend beyond a minute. 

Speechelo Review : Over To You

The Speechelo Software is too good to be true, with no background noise or any robotic tone. This software empowers you to create outstanding voiceovers without stressing your computer system. Speechelo is cloud-based software, which means you do not need a powerful computer to process the voices or make edits. You can further be relaxed about getting your computers infected by viruses or malware.  

In simple words, purchase this software, use it to the fullest for 60-days and decide whether to keep it or in cash your investment. The possibility of generating a passive income through this software cannot be ignored.


How many languages are supported by Speechelo?

Speechelo offers you 23 different languages with the standard version. The Pro subscription adds more voices in most major languages, increasing from 30 to 100.

Does Speechelo offer free updates?

Speechelo does offer free updates. Since it’s a cloud-based software service, once the update is made to the server, you will be able to instantly use them when you log in to the web app.

Is Speechelo any good?

Speechelo is among the best text-to-speech software services currently available on the market. It is easy to use and does offer voiceovers in human voices along with multiple customization options. You can directly use the software to create voiceovers in many popular languages across different types and tonalities as well.