Talkia Review: How Good Is It?

Talkia Review

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Text to speech software has enabled small and new creators to publish their videos online. Not everyone can afford the expensive professional setup of adding lip sync videos.

More importantly, that is not needed for most of the video types.

Videos featuring advertisements and animations can be developed using TTS voiceovers.

Hence today, we have brought you one of the most popular text-to-speech software that can allow you to add a more humanized tone to the overall voiceover.

More importantly, you can create videos in different accents and gender tones.

In this Talkia review, we will be diving deeper into the features, ease of use, customization options, and pricing of Talkia.

What is Talkia?

What is Talkia

Talkia is an instant text-to-speech software designed to create human-like voiceovers with a robotic tone.

Unlike other TTS software, Talkia software needs to be installed on your operating system, it supports both Windows and macOS.

Hence, accessing this software is far more manageable as compared to web-based TTS software. 

These voices can be used in videosadvertisements, creating short blogs, or introductions.

Is it possible to create better voiceover content with a more humanized tone? Yes, adding a human touch is possible with Talkia because of its superior customization and clear voiceovers produced using Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet.

Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet
Image Source

Making humanized voiceovers requires adding human aspects such as tonality, delay, breathing, and many minute elements.

Talkia feeds all the features that can enable you to create better voiceover content. The use of progressive technologies from Google and Amazon translations ensures the correct pronunciations of the texts.

Talkia offers multiple languages with malefemale, and youth voices with different accents and customizations, all of which have been discussed in detail.

Talkia Review: The Basics of a Text to Speech Software

Artificial Intelligence and progress in translation technologies are the foundation of text-to-speech software.

The rise of content creation for monetization by different individuals has prompted many developers to create TTS software.

On top of that, the API linking ability of Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet comes in handy during such intrinsic tasks.

In reality, software developers are linking different translation technologies available online on a single software interface with specific inputs to develop text-to-speech apps.

The challenge is to develop an easy-to-use interface with better customizations while offering powerful deliverables on the go.

With the rate at which AI technology is replacing the need to hire professionals, the day is not far when relying only on technology.

Talkia Review: Based on First-Hand Experience

This Talkia review is based on first-hand user experiences, which will help you access the features offered by this software.

It also contains the ease of using this software and details about the provided customization elements.

Voice Types and Tonality

Right from the initial Standard package, you have about 65 voices, but it offers only 4 children’s voices.

Many voices are effective in creating multiple videos using different voices without feeling the need to repeat the same voice again and again.

On Tonality, Talkia offers four different pitches to choose from, as per the content requirement. You have Reduced, Normal, Moderate, and Strong pitches to choose from.

The customization features add another level of quality to the overall content generated by Talkia. The Talkia software makes it easier to create unique voiceovers.

User Interface

Talkia User Interface

The ease of using this software is beyond what we had expected. Every feature is mentioned and available to access with just one click.

You have a large text input area where you can generate the voiceovers and add them to the timeline.

On the right-hand side, you have the option to choose the gender, voice name, speed of the voiceovers, and adjustment setting for the pitch, which allows a better scope for development.

Editing and modifying your generated voiceover doesn’t require any expertise other than handling a mouse and a keyboard.

You can add audio background scores, voiceovers and customize the voiceovers before finally saving and downloading the version.


Talkia Voiceover

Talkia supports 65 different voices, multiple popular language accents, including Chinese, US, UK, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese tones, which are all in English. There is no option to change the languages. Voices are segregated as per the region and taken directly from Google and Amazon Polly.

You have the option to use the standard voiceovers, which are created by simple technology. On the other hand, there is Wavenet, which is kind of the latest technology in creating more natural-sounding voiceovers.


Talkia Pricing

Given the premium voiceover and customization features, the Talkia pricing is in no way cheap.

You get two different plans, and each comes with a large word’s voiceover, number of voices, and licensing factors. The monthly plans are suitable for users with less frequent usage, while annual packages are better suitable for active content creators.


Their basic package comes with a decent 65 voiceovers, including 4 children’s voices. It even offers you 30 background music to choose from.

The standard monthly package is priced at just $39 per month. The Annual Package is priced at $20 per month, billed annually at $240 per year.

It comes at a 49% discount over the monthly package.


With much larger words per voiceover, the Enterprise plan allows you to create a 30-minute voiceover on a single file. It offers a much larger 329 voices and accents to choose from.

Out of which, 136 are male voices, 193 are female voices, and 23 youth voices.

The enterprise package’s monthly price is marked at $69, while the annual package comes at a 49% discount of $40 per month billed annually.

Click here to get your enterprise package!

Money Back Guarantee

Talkia software doesn’t offer any free trial, but instead, you are offered a 30-day no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee. It gives better peace of mind as you can claim the money back if the service is not up to your expectations.

Check out their money-back guarantee T&C.

How to Use Talkia?

There are four simple steps to follow to produce a unique voiceover.

But first, you need to purchase this software and install this on your computer.

Once you have installed Talkia, follow these steps –

  • Open the software and input the text in the Talkia editor. It can accommodate 1000 to 5000 words as per your purchased plans.
input the text in the Talkia editor
  • Select the voice type, voice name, accent and set the Speed of the voiceover. You will have to add the delay in the Text editor box itself.
Select Speed of the voiceover
  • Once you are done with the preliminary instructions, Click on Speak it.
  • After the voiceover is generated, add the background music, and play with the customization settings to create the voiceover of your liking.
add the background music
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  • After you are satisfied with the produced voiceovers, click on the Save option and Download the file

Pros and Cons Of Talkia


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Accent feature adds value and a human touch
  • Lots of background score options
  • Customization features
  • Easy to use
  • Value for Money


  • Commercial license available only with a higher plan
  • No free trial is offered
  • Lack of one-time use options

Talkia Alternatives

1. Speechelo



  • Cloud-based operations
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Works with video creation software
  • Offers customization features to add a human aspect


  • Most features are available in the pro version
  • Adding human effects takes getting used to the software
  • Lack of female voice in major languages for standard plans

Speechelo is one of the best alternatives that offer a large number of features and voices. You get a generic voice generation system with no usage limits.

With over 30 human voices in multiple languages and different accents, you can create the perfect content for your viewers. On top of that, there are options to purchase its pro version, which offers even more features.


You can own Speechelo for around $45, and this price is a one-time payment. You will never need to pay for any monthly charges. There’s a Speechelo Pro version available as well with additional features and deliverables.


You get a 60 days money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.


As a Talkia alternative, Speechelo is relatively cheap. Still, the number of features, tones, and new accents is limited only to the Pro version, which costs an extra $47 for quarterly usage.

It can be beneficial for creators who are publishing limited content or rely on trends to create content.

2. Synthesys



  • Real human voices
  • Simple user interface
  • Auto commercial license


  • Limited voices and languages
  • Limited features

Unlike Speechelo and Talkia, which use AI technology to create voices, Synthesys offers you, 8 real voiceover artists.

Although the number of languages available with the service is limited, this web-based software provides premium and 100% human voices.

They have credit-based voiceover rendering services for beginners, including 10,000 credits for each credit equals one character. Extra credits can be purchased directly from the dashboard.

Note: 30000 characters are calculated enough to create a voiceover of 60 minutes in length.


You get 10,000 credits with the initial price of around $65, which is a one-time payment. After using 10,000 characters voiceover you will have to purchase a credit extension pack. 


There’s a 60-day refund policy from the date of the original purchase. 


Synthesys is ideally suited for users who have limited requirements for voiceovers. Although the credit system is a bit difficult to understand initially, with continuous usage, it becomes easier to use.

Even after paying an amount of $67, you get only a limited speech conversion. Expensive but offers premium services.

Final Words

The ability to replicate different accents, add breaks and customize the content makes Talkia a class apart text-to-speech software with a definite upper hand over the software alternatives. Talkia uses the internet and its cloud servers to render the voiceovers so you will constantly need a functioning internet connection.

Since it works over its own installed software, antivirus programs will not push notifications about background internet connection by misreading the online activity as a threat.

In simple words, purchase this software, use the 30-days to actively use this software, and then decide on upgrading to the enterprise version. If unsatisfied, you will have the option of claiming your spent money within 30-days of purchase.


Q. How many languages are supported by Talkia?

The website advertises over 40 languages including tonality and accents in major languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, English, Chinese, and French. Talkia leverages Amazon and Google speech technology for accurate pronunciations and tonality.

Q. Does Talkia require an internet connection?

Talkia requires internet connectivity to generate the voiceovers. While you will have to install the software, most of the features are accessed through cloud servers. But at the same time, it doesn’t force you to use a web browser.

Q. Is Talkia free to use?

Talkia is among the most advanced text-to-speech software service that provides a lot of features. But sadly, it is not free to use. You will have to purchase a plan to enjoy its features. However, if you remain unsatisfied with its services, you can get your money back using the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Talkia.