Toonly Review: Best Video Animation Software?

Toonly review
Gadgetrivia Rating
Affordable pricing
Regularly updated animations
Simple user interface
Multiple customizations
Lack of free trial
Standard version is lacks in features and options
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Marketing in the 21st century was among one of the least exciting niches until the internet boom.

For the last decade, individuals have been empowered by the internet to take marketing to the next level and directly affect consumer decisions. But when it comes to engaging potential customers, the use of art can garner the best results.

Creating a video seems very exciting and engaging at first, but the cost of producing commercially viable and attractive content is through the roof. Most multinational companies have a large budget and creating branded audiovisual content for them is not a difficult feat. 

Animated video development software and services are the best and easiest options around to create engaging video content without having to go ahead with an expensive shoot.

You can also use such software/services to create videos for marketing, education, or simple content to expand the outreach of your ideas to more viewers. 

This Toonly review is based on first-hand experience with just the details you were looking for!

What is Toonly?

What is Toonly

Toonly is an animation and video creation software with a ton of animations, transitions, and pre-designed characters.

Basically, this software enables users to put together and create customized unique animated videos. You can even add a voiceover to the entire content and sync the animations with your audio and choose multiple different animations for objects or characters.

Toonly can enable even a newbie with zero technical or animation expertise to create engaging animated video content. Sounds too good to be true, but technology and software development have come far and Toonly is an example of it.

You can use Toonly to create videos to teach, entertain or drive sales with branded content. The best thing about using this software is the freedom it offers you to try and bring different ideas to life without having any troubles.

Toonly Review

In this review, we are dissecting the features, user interface, pricing, pros, and cons offered by Toonly.

At the end of this Toonly review, you will be better informed to ascertain if Toonly satisfies your needs or not.

User Interface

Toonly - User Interface

The most crucial aspect of any software is its user-interface, the deciding factor that determines its effectiveness. It helps us ascertain whether or not the software is designed for skilled individuals or if anybody with a little control over the mouse can use the software.

After you log in to your account, you will find a white and grey background theme that may seem a bit dry but actually helps free up the animations to the targeted content.

You get a simple and easy-to-understand menu bar, scene editor, and easy to choose sections from Scenes, Backgrounds, Characters, Objects, and Texts, which come with several pre-designed settings.

The ease of modifying the content and changing different aspects is what makes Toonly one of the best software apps in this niche. With the simple transition and precise identification of tools at hand, it won’t take long for a completely new user to get a proper hang of it.

So how does Toonly work?

Toonly offers a great degree of freedom to users to modify and change minute details of even the pre-designed scenes and create their unique iterations.

Simply drag and drop objects and develop animations. There is a certain simplicity to this software that paves the way for clean and crisp outputs.

Toonly Features

Toonly Features

Today, visual content is the most effective way of marketing your ideas among your viewers. Whether you create fun, informative, or marketing videos, Toonly offers a plethora of features. Toonly is among one of the best-animated videos creating software out there.

Starting with the developing features offered by Toonly, you get a number of options to help you complete your editing work. Choose from various Scenes, Backgrounds, Characters, Objects, and Texts.

The permutations are many and you can be more than sure to get exactly what you wanted in the first place. Check out the top Toonly Tutorials here.

A brief overview of added functions –


You can directly upload the created animated video or download it to your PC.

Undo & Redo

Toonly offers you the traditional undo-redo options to make amends and create the entire video while trying different animations or objects.


Unlike other software where you can view the final product only after saving, Toonly lets you preview the animation from the beginning.

One-click on the preview tab opens a full-screen preview. After completing all the scenes, the preview will play the entire video file containing all the slides at once.

Zoom in and out

Not all animation software apps or services offer a zooming feature. With Toonly, you can fine-tune each frame for pro-grade animation outputs.

Scene tabs

This collapsible tab allows the video creators to add multiple slides and animations to the overall video. The length of one scene usually spans from 11 to 20 seconds.

Toonly Scenes tab


Toonly offers you some pre-designed scenes for quick development of situations. Even if the scenes offered here do not fulfill your wishes, you can instead choose the one that is more aligned with your vision and make changes. Toonly allows you to make changes to the original slides as well!

Toonly Backgrounds


These are the statics behind the scenes. While some are static in nature, others have some added animation that can also be removed. With just one click, you can remove both the starting and ending transition, either or both of them.

Toonly Characters


You have pre-designed humans from a different religion, regional outfits, professionals, uniformed officers. After choosing characters from this section, you can grab and relocate them to different planes and even change their size.

Each character comes with a set of location settings, namely, delete, bring forward, or backward if there is a group of people. You can even flip a character and add animations to individual characters.

Under the settings tab, you can notice the character’s animation effect, which includes sitting, thinking, waiting, walking, and setting a timer for each animation. The settings also offer you character in and out transitions.

Toonly Objects


Under this section, you are offered a greater degree of freedom, as you can upload your items or choose things from their pre-uploaded section.

After adding the objects, you can make timeline changes, allowing you to control each object’s entry and exit timings. Some items have their own set of animations that cannot be turned off. However, you can make changes to the location and flip the object.

Toonly Texts


You get to use a number of different text transition animations depending upon the version you have paid for. It allows you to mention texts of different lengths, change platforms, edit movement, size, colors, and a lot more.


There’s a bunch of background tunes to choose from and the collection is varied enough for almost any user. You have the option to either upload music or your own audio file.

This is especially helpful in creating explanatory videos. You can even lower the audio level of the music to turn it into soothing background music.


Apart from the features offered by Toonly, the best one is the time control tab located at the bottom. This tab allows you to change the entry and exit duration and animation of everything, including Texts, Audio, Objects, Characters, and play one over the other. 

Once done, you can club all the time edits together so that your final edition is not disturbed even by mistake. Although if you still wish to make changes, you will have to ungroup the files, and that’s it.

Here’s a nice Toonly Tutorial for you to watch

Toonly Pricing

Toonly monthly Plan
Toonly Monthly Plans

Toonly has gained immense popularity because of its features and unique animation designs. You are offered two distinct features and price ranges. From monthly and annual versions, you are free to purchase a plan as per your needs.

Toonly pricing for monthly subscriptions is almost double as compared to the annual subscriptions. Getting a $39 pack for one month can be a tad expensive. If you like this software, go for the Standard Version with an annual subscription of $20 per month billed annually.

Toonyly Yearly Plan

Enterprise offers a higher number of video elements and access to the Toonly Club, which gets updated with new props and characters every month. But it is almost double the standard version in annual subscriptions.

We suggest getting acquittanced with the software reviews and choosing one as per the website’s comparative columns.

Click here to know more about the specific advantages and offered elements in Standard and Enterprise plans. Every aspect in the Enterprise version is double that of the Standard version.

Toonly Drawbacks


There is no doubt about the features and support offered by the developers of Toonly. But with advantages, Toonly also has a fair share of drawbacks.

While reviewing this software, we felt a dire need for a trial version over the 30-day money-back guarantee not available on Toonly. Since most of the competitors or similar kinds of softwares offer a free trial, it indeed causes Toonly to lose many potential customers.

Another major drawback felt with Toonly was the lack of custom-building tools. It could offer professional animators a scope to leverage their skills and new users to learn a skill. Texts were minimal compared to other elements, with only three animations in the Standard version and five in Enterprise Version.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Regularly updated animations 
  • Simple user interface
  • Multiple customizations


  • Lack of free trial
  • Standard version is lacks in features and options

Is Toonly Worth It?

Toonly is a one-of-a-kind animated video editor with pre-designed animations cutting short the budget required to utilize professionals for the same ends. Since the catalog of different features is updated almost frequently, Toonly offers a good deal over other competitors.

Given the customization and multiple purchase options, Toonly is an in-demand software service offered by a strong brand emphasizing providing quality services and updated animations. So yeah in our opinion Toonly is totally worth it.

Toonly Alternatives

Multiple software apps and services are venturing into this niche, promoting healthy competition to offer the most comprehensive set of features. Check out these Toonly alternatives also worth trying out.

1. Doodly


Doodly is a cloud-based whiteboard animation software system (developed by the same developers – Bryxen) that allows you to create videos from a drag and drop interface. It uses a sketching animation in which the videos shows two hands developing the entire image using super-fast sketches.

2. PowToon


PowToon has a massive collection of animated characters with over 40 animation functions. It is available in 3 different purchase plans, starting from $19 a month to $99 a month. Unlike Toonly, PowToon has an enormous collection of objects and animations when compared to Toonly.

3. Animaker


Unlike the previous two alternatives of Toonly, Animaker offers characters and object-building opportunities over other features.

Using the character-building tools, you can make millions of iterations of a character. It also provides you over 100 million stock photos and videos to further improve using editing features.

Based on HTML 5 engine, this software offers the highest number of customization features. Apart from video making, Animaker also allows you to create and develop GIF and Live video editing. It is priced at $19/month.

Toonly vs Doodly: Which is Better?

Although people often compare Toonly vs Doodly, they go about it differently and develop different schools of videos. Toonly offers a transition in animation format, while Doodly offers sketching format.

So, it depends on your preferences whether you will find Toonly better than Doodly or vice versa. These software/services are similarly priced as well. However, Toonly can be used without an active network connection, while Doodly requires an active internet connection being a cloud-based software service.


As a result of our in-depth review of the Toonly software, we believe that it is undoubtedly the best software service for new and inexperienced users. It has tutorials, an easy-going user interface, and enables a number of transitions while accommodating all the modifications you could ever think of.

While the lack of free trial feels amiss, this young software has a long way to go. With their consistent additions to characters and collection, Toonly is set to become the largest and the best animation video developing software.


Does Toonly offer any affiliate program?

Toonly has an outstanding affiliate program that offers up to 50% of recurring commission for total sales. All you need is to register to their affiliate program link and proceed by marketing their affiliate links. Users purchasing the software through that link will be added as your referral account. You will get the recurring payments monthly via PayPal.

How much does Toonly cost?

Toonly is priced at $39 / month with the Standard subscription package. You can instead choose to get the Enterprise subscription for $69 / month billed annually subscribed to get access to a larger number of character animations, prop images, scene transitions, and more.