The 11 Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2020

Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr was popular amongst micro-bloggers till it restricted NSFW content in 2018. People take years and years to build their blog from scratch but when their hard work comes under scrutiny all of a sudden, they have no other option than to switch the platform itself.

However, several online petitions are in motion to make Tumblr reconsider its decision for existing NSFW communities on the platform.

If you are one of them and are looking for Tumblr alternatives, this blog is for you. By the time you finish reading this, you will have ten best alternatives to choose from.

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Let’s dig in.

List Of The Best Tumblr Alternatives

1. MeWe


MeWe is a private social network that comes with features almost identical to Facebook and Twitter. The platform provides a safe and ad-free space for users featuring strong security and zero-tracking policies.


MeWe comprises a cool user-friendly theme with a myriad of exclusive groups and forums. Furthermore, each group comes with a group chat applet, which serves as the best platform for families and close friends. Apart from that, it allows you to share pictures, gifs, nsfw contents, etc. at your home feed.

Why you will love it?

Allows creating private group

MeWe provides three options for you while creating a group. Firstly, you can create an invite-only group, the owner approval group and an open group. Then, you can also opt for whether to include the group in MeWe group directory or not.ta and move to another service as you please.

End-to-end encryption chat

The platform allows full-encrypted chat at a subscription charge of S0.99 per month.

No Spammy Advertisements

The MeWe is a great Tumblr alternative and a safe place to explore/upload content without having third-party advertising cluttering your screen.

What You May Not Like?

The group chat are unmoderated, which makes it risky for kids and underage users.

Ideal For

  • Office employees for sharing classified contents
  • Families and close friends for personal chat and content sharing

2. Dreamwidth


Dreamwidth is a minimalist-designed online platform where you can post your writing, artwork, pictures, and share other creativities as well.

Generally, you can segregate the platform into three parts such as social network, CMS, and a blogging system.

Besides sharing, the platform also allows you to explore a wide array of contents from different users across the globe. Moreover, you can also visit different forums of your choice and converse with others.


At Dreamwidth, you won’t find any eye-catchy graphic elements as similar to Tumblr. The layout is simple and classic. Upon entering the website, you will find three sections (create, explore, and shop) in the menu bar with few submenus as well.

Further elaborating, you can access the create menu to upload your contents.

Likewise, the explore menu helps you find interesting user-uploaded contents and forums befitting your interest.

Why you will love it?

Transparency in operation

Dreamwidth does not hold you with complex service guidelines. Meaning, you can simply backup your data and move to another service as you please.

Privacy and Freedom

The platform doesn’t share your personal data with third parties. Moreover, as a content creator, you will get full freedom to share your creativity with the community provided they stand by the United States legal guidelines.

No Spammy Advertisements

The Dreamwidth is a great Tumblr alternative and a safe place to explore/upload content without having third-party advertising cluttering your screen.

What You May Not Like?

The overall look of the website is quite simple, as you won’t find any content feed on the screen like Tumblr, IG, FB, etc.

Ideal For

  • Independent bloggers 
  • Professional users for sharing and acquiring interesting contents

3. Pillowfort


If you miss the vibrant and graphics-rich opulence of Tumblr, then the Pillowfort can surely satiate your cravings. The platform serves as an alternative to Tumblr and a hybrid between blogging and social network websites, offering users to share their texts, gifs, photography, and designs with visitors.


Pillowfort looks a lot like Tumblr. Once you log in, you will have access to unlimited community posts based on their popularity such as engagement level and heart received.

Why you will love it?

User-moderated community creation

You can keep your personal blogs separate from your community spaces. Furthermore, you can set your personal rules to your created community as long as you follow the standard guidelines of the website.

Easy content control

You can set privacy and content control on your uploaded contents. Meaning, you can decide which posts to share with others and which one to keep private.

What you may not like?

You have to pay a one-time entry-registration charge of $5 to sign up which goes towards site development, hosting, employee compensation, data security, and other technical supports.

Ideal For

  • Artists who want to share their arts 
  • Users for exploring interesting contents

4. Mastodon


Mastodon is an open-source social network platform where you can own a server node and host a wide range of dynamic contents as videos, links, photographs, and texts. For personal purposes, you can access unlimited content as well as use the platform to sell your products/services.


Like Pillowfort, mastodon too comes with a cool, and dark theme background similar to Tumblr. However, it lacks the heart button on posts, but it includes share, bookmark, and quote options.

Why you will love it?

Huge user base

Mastodon has a whopping 2.2M of registered users, which seems a pretty convincing factor to join the platform.

Run Free and Independent

As a decentralized network, mastodon allows you to run your personal social media platform via a self-owned infrastructure.

Meaning, you can set separate admin or a moderation team as well as set your own rules & regulations.

Moreover, you will opulent amount of privacy and moderation tools as well.

What you may not like?

Mastodon may form quite a challenge for a non-professional user. To summarize, you may need a few days to learn all the functions of the platform.

Ideal For

  • Professionals’ who want to host personal platform 
  • Users looking for engagement

5. Newgrounds


Newgrounds started as a platform to play flash games and watch hentai animations. However, since then it has blown into a prominent site to watch and upload user-generated content. Here you can host games, films, music, and other artistic works.


Firstly, instead of contemporary design, the site comes with a classic display, which takes you back to the early internet era.

The menu bar includes categories like movies, games, audio, art, portal, community, and a feed page. Let’s say the website features everything you want on social media (maybe even more).

Why you will love it?

A myriad of content

The range of contents in Newgrounds is quite distinguished, captivating, and high in number, From interesting flash games to user-submitted music, you will always find something interesting to extend your stay at this platform.

Widespread forums

You will find a wide range and variance of forums here- from sharing programming codes to ‘how-to’ tutorials to general discussions.

What you may not like?

To be precise, it’s more of an issue actually since you may fail to access Newgrounds due to geo-restrictions. However, you can always use a VPN to overcome it.

Ideal For

  • Artists and developers for sharing their creativity
  • Users for accessing games, videos, and music in full privacy

6. Reddit


Reddit is one of the most popular alternatives to Tumblr with 430 million users or Redditors with a 30% YoY increase. Like Tumblr, you can post your creative content like images, videos, texts, etc.


Reddit comes with a contemporary yet simple layout with news feed on the center and few options on the right. However, it’s the users who decide what contents to appear on the screen and not the algorithm.

Upon entering the homepage, you will find content with upvotes/downvotes. Therefore, if your contents get more upvotes, its likelihood of appearing on other newsfeeds will also increase.

Why you will love it?

Frequently updated contents

Reddit has a very faster frequency for content upload. Meaning, you will never run out of content on any topics you choose.

AMA Subreddit

Ask me anything aka AMA subreddit consists of a wildly popular section of Reddit where users and celebrities take questions from the audience and try to answer them with honesty.

For example, some popular celebrities that appeared in AMA include Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, and more.

What you may not like?

Although you hold full rights of their posts and contents, Reddit still can reproduce, distribute, or publicly display your contents if required.

Ideal For

  • Advertisers 
  • Users looking for interesting contents and social media engagement

7. Medium


Medium does the same work as twitter, but for posting long-form content. Above all, you can publish your blogs, articles, images, and other texts to millions of users at free of cost.


Medium constitutes an elegant theme with a menu bar comprising various categories of contents. Besides, contents displayed on the home page are selected as per their popularity, which includes information like date of upload and reading time.

Why you will love it?

Get paid for your contents

If you join the medium partner program, then you will earn a small amount of money every time a premium subscriber reads your posts.

Get real engagement

Medium uses an activity-based approach to content promotions. In other words, the more likes you earn, the more promotion you will receive.

Also, you can use the built-in tool to automatically connect with your friends using on medium, leading to more views.

What you may not like?

Medium often pushes their top posts to users, which makes the reader leave your post in the middle of the read.

Ideal For

  • Entry-level bloggers
  • Professional writers who want to monetize their content
  • Marketers

8. Ello


Looking at Ello will definitely remind you of Twitter minus the ads and character limitations. Overall, it’s a wonderful concoction of Twitter and Tumblr. For instance, at Ello you can post images, texts, gifs, and other creativities without paying for any subscription.


The overall outlook of Ello may invite some confusion from new users. However, it indeed features a cool white background. Also, the platform allows you to comment, heart, and share, as well as show the total number of viewers for the current post.

Why you will love it?

Sell with ease

Ello is among the top sites like Tumblr which not only pleases you esthetically but also helps you selling your artwork/goods with ease.

Firstly you have to embed a link in the post and select the sell button. Then Ello will display your product/artwork to prospective buyers, giving your sales a boost.

Artistic freedom

Ello welcomes all kind of digital art form including adult and NSFW contents provided you turn it ON from the setting.

What you may not like?

It has around 1M+ user base, which is comparatively low considering its long-term presence since 2014.

Ideal For

  • Artists who want to sell their arts 
  • Selling products and services

9. WordPress


WordPress is a leading content management system where you can create, host, and market your personal blogs as well as earn money from it. If you are starting as new, then you can try out the free version and then move on to the paid version when you are confident enough to launch your website.


WordPress is a facilitator rather than a social network itself. Consequently, you need to use its built-in tool to design your customized website and post contents, as you like.

Why you will love it?

Be your own boss

As you are hosting your website, you have all the power to set rules and regulations for your content.

One click for social network

With WordPress, you can turn your site into a social network platform in just a few clicks. This is to say, it offers 100+ social media plugins, allowing you create a social media platform without going through complex coding and development.

What you may not like?

You need some initial investment for registering a domain name and hosting the website.

Ideal For

  • Creating and hosting personal blogs
  • Monetizing from blogposts

10. Twitter


Twitter serves as a potential Tumblr alternative app for users who want to share unrestricted content. The platform allows you to share videos, images, and texts.


Twitter comprises of a user-friendly layout with a cool dashboard containing unlimited posts. Moreover, you can also share, like, and upload comments on each post easily.

Why you will love it?

Limited restrictions

Certainly, like the older Tumblr, you can post NFSW contents on twitter provided it complies with the local laws of your country.

Get raw feeds

You will have unrestricted access from users you follow since users can’t make their content private.

What you may not like?

Twitter only suggests a limited version of content to you. As a result, you have to do a manual search to find specific content.

Ideal For

  • Advertisers 
  • Users looking for strong social media engagement

11. Pinterest


Pinterest is a visual-oriented social media platform where users can put a pin (bookmark) on posts they find interesting. Moreover, you can make a huge collection of your pins and save them on the board (virtual photo album).


Pinterest comes with a trendy, sophisticated, and user-friendly interface where you will be displayed with never-ending pictures. Firstly, the platform accumulates millions of pictures, videos, and gifs from different websites. Then, highlight those images on the dashboard as per your search parameters.

Why you will love it?

A large and potential market

Pinterest is an ever-growing social media platform with a total of 330M+ users as of 2020. Moreover, In the USA alone, Pinterest has accumulated more than 42 percent of the adult women’s customer base.

Strong privacy

For instance, Pinterest gives more power to users by allowing them to turn off their profiles from being monitored for activity-based advertisements. Apart from that, you can also turn off your profile from search engines.

What you may not like?

Pinterest doesn’t allow you to save gifs and videos, which seems rather illogical as it allows you to save images.

Ideal For

  • Sharing and receiving ideas about hobbies and interests 
  • Getting backlinks to improve traffic

End thoughts

We hope our research will help you find the answer you’ve been looking for. Just start with a free platform like WordPress if you’re a novice and then switch to advance mediums to gain momentum. Watch tutorials and read blogs to gain more edge in your preferred Tumblr alternative. Let’s know if you have any questions in mind.