13 Best Websites To Watch New Release Movies Online Free Without Signup

Watch New Release Movies Online

Disclaimer: We strictly condemn illegal streaming and piracy of copyright-protected content.

There has been a large number of service providers offering the latest regional and international movies. These websites either charge you monthly or require a lot of authentication such as registration and sign-up.

Alternatively, there are a lot of websites where you can watch new release movies online for free without signing up. While the services on offer are essentially free, these websites are filled with a lot of ads. They might just be your best way to watch the best movies of the decade online if you are not bothered by advertisements for watching free content online. 

Is it Illegal to Watch Movies Online for Free?

There is a noticeable lack of clarity about which action is legal and which not. This unclarity creates confusion which we call a ‘grey area.’ Under legal terminology, if something is not illegal you cannot be prosecuted for the same. But how do we differentiate whether streaming movies online is illegal or not?

As of now, authorities are only prosecuting those who are distributing movies without legally taking consent from the owner of the content. If you are caught uploading or downloading content from torrent or websites such as ‘BitTorrent’ or ‘KickAss Torrents,’ you are staring at the potential risk of prosecution.

Even a VPN won’t be able to protect you as your internet service provider will be legally bound to disclose the said details to authorities if subpoenaed.

The only grey area where you can safely indulge without any legal repercussions is streaming. If you directly stream the movie from a website, you are safe from the legal perspective. None of the countries as of now have laws that criminalize the online streaming of movies.

How To Safely Watch Free Movies Online?

In the 21st century, even if something is advertised as FREE, they will still extract the price in some way or another. Very often this price is not in the form of actual money but something far more precious and private. Confused? It’s your data.

Installing any of such applications or browsing such websites on your mobile phone or computer allows them to access your data, location, email, messages, and whatnot.

You often would have heard the famous 21st-century adage – “Data is the new oil.” These data are then leveraged to make money without directly charging you. You never know if your details are sold on the black market. But is there a way out of such confrontation? The answer is yes.

You can alternatively secure your data by using ad blockers and VPN services. While an ad blocker will get rid of those annoying video and animation advertisements, the VPN will remove all advertisements while securing your data and location.

If you cannot afford a VPN, we would suggest installing the TOR browser. It will not only block the ads but act as a proxy/VPN.

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13 Best Websites To Watch New Release Movies Online Free Without Signup

Several good-looking websites will just divert you from one webpage to another. After careful review of a lot of websites, we have compiled a list of websites that offer free movie streaming service without signing up.

Note: Downloading any content from free websites can be deemed as an act of piracy and makes you liable to prosecution by competent authorities.

1. M4Ufree


The popularity of M4Ufree in free content streaming can be attributed to its simple interface. Being a free website, it doesn’t contain any misleading advertisements. You get an intuitive search function with the menu bar along with a few options to sort across the large collection of free movies and TV series available.

M4Ufree offers a decent number of sorting options along with a separate section to display Top content of the day, week, and month. Moving the cursor over any movie snapshot will show its IMDb ranking, year of release, and a small introduction. Some might even consider this website to be better than the paid streaming services.

Watching a movie doesn’t involve any complicated processes. All you need to do is left-click on the movie snapshot and it will take you to a different webpage. The movie will play when the webpage is loaded on your tab.

The best part is the absence of misleading webpages and fake messages. You can easily stream your favorite movie here without breaking a sweat.

Check it out here

2. WatchFree


WatchFree doesn’t feature sorting options but has all the aspects of a decent streaming website. As soon as the website loads, you will start getting new messages notification and pop up advertisements which can be closed.

WatchFree is a very well-organized website with a collection of the latest movies. Even the advertisements don’t seem to endorse adult content but are mostly game or related to adblocker related or antivirus.

Clicking on any movie will load a fresh web page with similar advertisement patterns as the home page. Your movie will start to play only after you select the play button without any advertisement.

Check it out here

3. Soap2Day


Soap 2 day has a very simple user interface with a list of movies separated in different segments. The highlight of this website is the lack of pop-ups or any other kind of advertisement, common to free movie streaming sites.

You do get a fuss-free experience considering that all content available are for free.

Opening the movie web player after clicking on the movie will take a few extra seconds. Cloudflare will scan your PC for potential DDoS attacks. The fact that this website has zero advertisements and DDoS protection makes it one of the best free movie sites around.

Check it out here

4. Afdah


Afdah offers a large number of sorting options which will help you find your favorite movie quick and easy. The user interface is user-friendly, offering a small pop-up display over each movie snapshot.

This pop-up has information such as year of release, runtime, directors, stars, languages available along with a short description.

Clicking on the movie will open a fresh webpage of the same tab if in case a new tab opens up just close the tab.

While there are no advertisements on the web page itself, random pop up will cover your browser. Your movie will start playing just as you click the play option. The web player will even provide server options for you to choose as well.

Check it out here

5. Myflixer


Myflixer will ask your permission for a push notification option just as the website is loaded. No matter which option you select, it will redirect you to a new webpage mostly a betting or service-based affiliate link.

But after selecting ‘No thanks’ a couple of times you should be good to go.

Apart from redirects, this website is full of pop-up advertisements featuring both mainstream authentic and spin-offs which you may find interesting.

A huge downside is the stripping and nudity-based advertisements in the movie player webpage. You need to be aware of who is sitting beside you while opening this website.

Overall, it has a decent user background and interface but using nudity-based advertisements without asking the age of the user makes it a potential threat for kids.

Check it out here.

6. MusicHQ


Although MusicHQ features a host of latest releases and trending movies, the second you click anything on this website, you will be redirected. Be prepared with your fingers on Ctrl+W.

MusicHQ feels like a dark theme cousin of Myflixer as this website is almost identical even with the type of advertisements. The only difference we could spot was in the website description.

They even offer a dedicated Android apk for mobile devices. This is one of the best websites to watch new release movies online for free without signing up.

Check it out here



HD movies is one of the best websites on this list. With zero advertisements, pop-ups or redirects, this website will win your heart. Scrolling over the movies will display snapshots, IMDb rating and movie name.

The website also features a floating bar at the bottom of your window displaying Disclaimer and Contract.

The user interface feels simple and doesn’t overflood your mind with irrelevant information. Your movie will start playing on the same tab with ‘zero advertisements.’ All the necessary details about your movie will be mentioned below the player to maintain the focus on watching movies.

Check it out here

8. Bat FLIX


Bat Flix showcases a few premium features such as a changeable slideshow to promote movies and TV series. It has a pan-global content collection and advertisements are placed under the featured movie section.

The user interface of this website is sleek and dark themed. The downside is frequent redirects – almost every first click will take you to an affiliate link. Your movie opens up in the same tab, but the advertisements are replete with sexual content. However, this is easily among the best free movie sites around.

Note: Keep kids away from this website.

Check it out here

9. Popcorn flix

Popcorn flix

PopcornFlix is among the best free movie sites where you can enjoy both vintage and latest movies. A simple user interface with a search bar makes this website easy to use and simple to find a movie you are looking for. It even has original content created for popcorn flix.

You get a unique collection of movies on this website, titles you won’t find on most others.

Watching a movie is even simpler. Click on the movie of your choice and a new tab will open up and load with basic movie details. Clicking on the play icon will launch the web media player without any ads, pop-ups or redirects.

Check it out here

10. Roku Channel

Roku Channel

Roku Channel is another safe and free TV streaming website with a large collection of movies of different genres. Roku is a registered trademark in the United States making it an authentic website to watch new release movies online for free without signing up.

Unlike other streaming platforms, you won’t be able to view movies directly on the website. Watching a movie requires different players. Instead, you will be prompted to download Roku Player to enjoy the available free content.

Check it out here

11. Watch movies stream

Watch movies stream

Watch movies stream features a dark theme with a lot of sorting options. Choose from a huge collection movies and TV series from across the world. Although the website’s home page doesn’t contain any advertisement, the moment you click on a movie; redirects and popups will start flooding your browser.

Even after loading the movie webpage, any click will redirect you to weird pages. It will even ask you for an ‘I’m not a robot authentication’ before opening the primary movie webpage. Be prepared to close a ton of redirected web pages to enjoy the free content.

You can play the movie after closing the redirected web pages. A pop-up blocker would greatly help in streaming movies on this website. This is one of the best free movie sites around.

Check it out here

12. Fmovies


The best thing about Fmovies is the disclaimer it shows on the home page. They acknowledge the fact that they generate revenues from advertisements, thanking you for patience. Transparency and a great collection make it one of the best free movie streaming sites with no sign up.

Few pop-up advertisements cover the entire web page which can be quite confusing. But once you reach the movie player webpage, all you need to do is close the redirects and advertisements and click on the play button.

You will have to click on the links a second time for them to load without advertisements. In case your media player stops working, you have the option to select a different server.

Check it out here

13. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

We have kept Tubi Tv as the final entrant in our list as it is arguably the best site to watch old or new release movies online for free without signing up. This website is a gold standard in terms of providing free movies and TV series without advertisements, pop-ups and fishy redirects. Even the movies collections are unique.

The best part about this website is there are no useless steps to follow, no cookies to allow, nothing. All you need to do is make one click on the movie of your choice and it will start playing in less than 5 seconds.

The media players on Tubi Tv are by far the most advanced compared to every other free streaming website out there today. Enjoy lightning fast free content and movie streaming.

Check it out here


These free websites generate revenue from pop-up advertisements and redirects. Authorities often take strict actions against the websites where you can watch free movies or TV series as they essentially stream copyrighted content. You will find a number of cloned websites available within a few days if the primary site is closed.

Streaming from these websites will surely save you money but give it a second thought. You might have to pay by compromising your privacy and cybersecurity. There have been specific complaints of cryptocurrency mining programs being installed on user’s devices without their consent. Such programs are only discovered after the device performance starts to slow down. But it’s up to the users if they wish to compromise for a few hours of movie time or not.

Apart from a security aspect, a lot of money is spent on filming and production of movies and TV series. Indulging in pirated streaming can severely impact the revenue of the affected movies and TV series.