7 Ways To Watch YouTube Videos Together (For Free) in 2021

Watch YouTube Videos Together

It is really fun watching cute cat videos on YouTube alone, but it is more fun watching them with friends and loved ones. We all have busy lives, lives that sometimes take us far from each other.

Aside from this, we are currently faced with a pandemic that has limited the number of social gatherings we usually have, but all these factors cannot stop us from watching youtube videos together especially with the technology at our beck and call. 

If you have a cute video you’ll love to watch with your loved ones or want to have this YouTube experience with your family living overseas.

In this article, you’ll see how to watch YouTube together irrespective of the time, location, place, or distance.

How to watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends?

This section will point out a few services and websites where you can watch YouTube videos with friends. We will be as detailed as possible and state everything you need to know.

1. Sync Tube

Sync Tube

Sync Tube takes my number one as one of the best sites to watch YouTube with friends. Its simplicity is something to kill for; you won’t encounter any annoying ads; actually, they aren’t any ads of any sort.

Its interface is quite simple and straightforward, and you have the option to start using Sync Tube without creating an account.

How to use Sync Tube

  1. Open YouTube to get the video (s) you want to share with friends.
  2. Open the YouTube video, click on the Share button, and then click the Copy Link option. Alternatively,  if you accessed YouTube from your browser, you can copy the video’s link from your address bar.
  3. Visit Sync Tube from this link, then select the Create Room option.
  4. After Sync Tube creates the room, paste a video link in the search bar and hit Enter. To add other videos, copy their link, then paste in the search bar, and hover your cursor over the link, then click the Add button that shows
  5. When you are done preparing your playlist, you copy the room link from your address bar and share it with your friends and loved ones.

Sync Tube allows you to control your room’s privacy and set different permissions. You can make the group private or public. You can also stop your friends from accidentally skipping the videos. Sync Tube is entirely free, and you don’t even need to create an account. From the homepage, you can see other rooms to check out.

2. Watch2Gether


Next on our list is Watch2Gether. It has a simple interface, and you don’t need any special knowledge to work with it. Unlike Sync Tube, you have the option to create an account on Watch2Gether. The account creating process will need just your email, username, and required to enter your password twice. 

The advantage of creating an account is for you to keep track of multiple rooms you create, get its API key, and change your profile picture. You can also join its Plus feature, a premium plan that will cost between $3 – $5. However, if you prefer its free version, you can still have enough fun with it.

Watch2Gether is quite famous and has so many positive remarks to its name. It also has a community where you can browse topics, join discussions and ask questions. You do more than just watching YouTube videos together; they allow other platforms like

  – Vimeo
  – Twitch
  – TikTok
  – Podcasts
  – W2gshots
  – Instagram
  – Twitter
  – Gfycat
  – Pinterest
  – Coup
  – Dailymotion
  – Facebook
  – SoundCloud
  – Mixcloud
  – Slides
  – W2gSync
  – Amazon (yes, you can shop together from here.)

Unlike Sync Tube, you can search for the video you wish to add to your playlist directly from W2g TV. Yes, there are ads on this site; nevertheless, they aren’t annoying and wouldn’t interfere. While a stream is going on, you and your friends can decide to communicate via its messaging feature, voice note feature, or by using your webcam.

The downside of using W2G without creating an account is that the rooms you create will be temporary and deleted after 24 hours, so you should make an account. This site takes things higher by allowing you to choose from over ten languages to enjoy your videos.

You can customize the room interface with a picture of your favorite color. It gives you the option to receive push notifications when there’s an activity in your rooms (registered users).

W2G TV is very excellent.

Steps to use Watch2Gether

  1. Visit YouTube (or any other platform W2G accepts) to copy the link(s). Alternatively, you can search for the video directly from W2G. If you prefer using YouTube, you can copy the link from your address bar, or click the Share button and select the Copy Link option.
  2. Open Watch2Gether from this link.
  3. You can click on the Create Your Room button if you need a temporary room, but I’ll suggest you register an account. It won’t take time.
  4. Open your email, confirm your registration, and then log in to your account if you aren’t automatically logged in.
  5. From the welcome screen, click on the plus + button, which then takes you to a create room interface. Please copy and paste the YouTube link in the field provided or use its search feature.
  6. When you are done creating a room, you can click the Share button or copy the link from your address bar and send it to friends. You can have the best YouTube watch party with Watch2Gether.

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3. myCircle.tv


MyCircle might not have the most presentable interface (not like it is the worst), with a few ads but the other features this site offers is mind-blowing. myCircle is perfect for a YouTube group watch, offering you features like VOIP; with this, you and your friends can communicate directly from the platform without having to leave it.

Registration isn’t a must, but if you do, the videos tend to load quickly. This service takes things higher by offering you 5GB of free storage to upload your video; this feature is obviously unique. You can keep a history of every invitation you send out. It also gives you the ability to confirm if those you invited visited the group. When you combine all these features, you’ll have an excellent app to enjoy YouTube with friends.

You can move the chatting and menu box to another window to allow you and your friends to enjoy these rooms seamlessly. Aside from YouTube, myCircle.tv will enable you to watch videos from Vimeo and SoundCloud.

How to use myCircle.tv

  1. Open YouTube, get the video link by hitting the Share button and select the Copy Link option. You can also get a YouTube video link by copying it from the address bar. You can still use myCircle’s search bar to search for the video with its keywords.
  2. After getting the link, open myCircle and paste the link into the search box there, which then creates a room for you, I’ll, however, suggest you sign-up to enjoy myCircle at its best.
  3. Add more videos to prepare your playlist or share the group link by copying it from your address bar.

4. Sync Video

Sync Video

Sync Video is another streaming platform that allows you to watch YouTube together with your loved ones. On visiting the site, you will be asked to accept its cookies which you’ll click Accept All. With this site, you can chat directly with your friends while the video is playing, you can organize your contents into a good playlist, and you can set a password for your rooms to ensure it remains private.

Another awesome feature this site offers is, is its “Pause on buffering” button. How this works is, you can pause the stream for all members of your group, especially when one of your member’s internet connections is making the video lag.

You can watch not only YouTube videos but Vimeo too. You can make use of its Firefox or chrome extension, which is revolutionary. Although this site has ads, they aren’t annoying. You can customize your room settings from the Settings menu.

How to use Sync Video

  1. Get the YouTube link by opening the video on YouTube or by clicking the Share button and selecting the Copy Link option.
  2. Visit Sync Video from this link and hit the Create Room button. The next window gives you a nickname; you can decide to go with it or create yours. To the right of the screen, you can paste the link there, keep pasting all the video links to make up your playlist.
  3. When done creating your playlist, copy the room’s link from your address bar and share it with your friends. Or hit the Invite Friends button, then copy the link

Sync Video has a community where you can join and interact via Facebook, Twitter, or Discord. You can also check their FAQ and HowTo section for other tips, tricks and to drop a suggestion.

5. Let’s Gaze

Let's Gaze

Star Gazing is fun; it is a whole different level of fun when you behold the beauty of the universe with a loved one. Since we can’t all watch the stars simultaneously due to many factors like distance and surroundings, you can still “Gaze” at your favorite YouTube show with your loved one.

Let’s Gaze practices the theory of “Two is a company and three is a crowd” by allowing you to share your streaming time with only one person. Its playback window is quite broad, and you don’t need to worry about ads obstructing you.

On Let’s Gaze, you and your favorite person can control the video by pausing, skipping, and going back without disturbing the other. However, only the person who created the room and sent the invitation can choose another video. Two other drawbacks about Let’s Gaze are that you can’t create a playlist with it. They can only use it on computers and not tablets and mobile phones. It seems to be open to specific geographical locations.

You and your invitee can watch yourself via its small video chat window, which you can both toggle on or off. Another feature it offers is that you can watch files from your computer; however, this is possible if both of you have this file on your devices.

Steps to use Let’s Gaze

  1. Visit YouTube and get the video’s link. You can copy it directly from your address bar or click on Share, then select Copy Link.
  2. Visit Let’s Gaze and click the Start Gazing option beside the Instant Demo option.
  3. It then gives you a text field where you’ll paste the YouTube video link.
  4. Choose any sharing options; you use either Facebook or get the direct link and share it with your friend.

6. Kast (formerly known as Rabbit)


Kast is a bit different from other services on this site. On other services, you’ll need to copy the YouTube link or search for the video directly from the site then paste it in the field provided. Kast is unique. Kast allows you to share your browser with whomever (you can still share YouTube videos, as you will see below).

So with this feature, you can not only watch youtube with friends but watch almost anything with them long as you access it via your browser. Kast offers up to 20 people the ability to comfortably share their screen and allow up to 100 to enjoy. I doubt you want 100 people watching that show with you, but if you do, then Kast is for you.

Kast allows you to watch curated movies and browse content while partying and stream anything directly from the cloud. However, the platform is free and will require you to register either by putting your email, username, and password or signing up through your Google account.

Its fees range from $1 – $10 depending on the plan and duration. Its premium plans offer juicy features like premium reactions, scaring screen in HD, zero ads, and much more. Nevertheless, the free version is more than enough for most people.

Unlike other sites that will need you to copy and paste the YouTube video link, Kast gives you a direct button to access YouTube from there; you can search and start playing the video.

If you go for the premium version, your invitees wouldn’t have to pay for a subscription to use Kast. Most users may find Kast complex if you seem not to get it. You can check out the next option.

Steps to use Kast

  1. Open Kast by visiting this link. Click on Create Account and sign up either with your Google account or by filling the boxes given.
  2. When your dashboard opens, click on the + sign to create a new Party.
  3. Fill in the details; you can even use your customized picture.
  4. Click on the invite button, then copy the link there and share it with your friends.
  5. Go back and click on the big orange Join Party button.
  6. You have four options to choose from. You can share your screen (premium), Browse a video, Share audio or Share your webcam.

Kast maybe had to grasp at first, but when you eventually do, you’ll enjoy it. They also a means to contact support, or you can use the help guides available from its homepage.

7. Twoseven


At the beginning of this article, I pointed out a method you and your friends would have to count before hitting the play button simultaneously. This method might be fun, but you seldom get the desired results. If you want to start watching the video simultaneously with your friends, then Twoseven is the solution.

With Twoseven, you and your loved ones can have that awesome YouTube watch party. The only feature that somehow looks like a setback is that you and your friends need to create a Twoseven account. Although Twoseven is free, it still has some premium features that go for $3 – $20.

It doesn’t just support YouTube; you can have quality time from other services like

  – Netflix
  – Apple TV
  – Hulu
  – Amazon Prime
  – Vimeo
  – Disney +
  – Crunchyroll
  – HBO Max
  – Your videos
  – Your screenshare
  – and much more

Steps to use Twoseven

  1. Visit twoseven and click the Get Started button.
  2. Click on the Sign-Up tab; you can sign up via Google, Facebook, or with your Email.
  3. After you and your friends signing up, you can invite them from the dashboard. It gives you the option to use its Find Friend search feature, invite via Google or with their email.
  4. Next, click on the big Start Watching button and customize the settings.
  5. Open YouTube and copy out the video link. You can get the link directly from the address bar, or you can click the Share button and select the Copy Link option.
  6. Go back to twoseven tabs, select the YouTube button. Locate the YouTube URL text field and paste the link there, then press the Enter key

Twoseven allows you and your friends to communicate with your webcam or microphone.


Check out some frequently asked questions and answers to them.

1. Can you do watch party on YouTube?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is select any of the services or websites listed in this article and have some fun with your loved ones.

2. How do you watch YouTube together?

Most services listed here are entirely free, and your friends or colleague who will be streaming the video with you wouldn’t need to register or create an account. All you have to do is tell them the time you’ll start the streaming (if you are different time zones away, carry out the needed calculations), select any of the services here, and enjoy.

3. Is there Netflix Party for YouTube

Yes, there are. For the record, Netflix party is now known as Teleparty. All the features you can get from Netflix parties (used for streaming Netflix shows) can now be obtained from services like Watch2Gether or Twoseven, which allow YouTube streaming.


It is entertaining watching YouTube videos together. Since the pandemic has left us locked in our homes with little to no freedom of association, we can still share those moments with our loved ones easily. In this article, I have shown you how to watch YouTube videos together. Thank you for stopping by, have a great day.