WeVideo Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

WeVideo Review: Is it Worth Your Money? 2

The role of videos in society shouldn’t be over-emphasized. There’s almost no social media you go to these days that you don’t meet a video of some sort, from videos recorded with high or low-end mobile devices to high-quality videos recorded with expensive video equipment. 

These videos often range from vlogs, webinars, events, product reviews, interviews, how-tos, comedy skits, and much more.

They often leave the viewers entertained, engaged, call them to action, bring out emotions, educate, and so many other attributes. 

One thing we know about videos is, to really leave a mark or spark a reaction from the viewers, the video needs to be adequately edited, and you can do this with a tool like WeVideo.

Therefore, in this article, we carried out a proper WeVideo review documenting all you need to know about this excellent tool. 

The role video play in society

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Before we talk about this free online video editor, let’s quickly glance at how much influence videos have in society.

For a start, the giant video-only platform YouTube is the second most visited website globally, dragging in a monthly visit of 34.6 billion.

We can also see how TikTok has grown to be an industry player with an average number of 1 million videos viewed daily

Aside from this, a HubSpot study claims 54% of consumers would want video content from businesses they patronize. I mean, it isn’t easy to compare how quickly you can learn with a video to a written text.

In simpler words, videos make things much more straightforward. 

No doubt, our local cable TVs have been experiencing a decline, but we now have access to videos on almost every platform online; you can grab video content from your favorite micro-blog, forums, or social media.

Having said that, then, let’s go back to the bone of contention and find out the juicy features packed into WeVideo. 

What is WeVideo? 


With over 30 million registered users, WeVideo goes down as one of the top online video editing tools and video creating platforms. With services available to both mobile and desktop users, it is understandable why this product attracts such a following. 

These days video editing programs are often resource-intensive apps that are sometimes too big for most systems and demands a lot.

WeVideo makes video editing awesome by being an easy-to-use platform accessible from your desktop browser while offering countless videos on how to use it.  

WeVideo Review: Is it Worth Your Money? 3WeVideo Review: Is it Worth Your Money? 4

How good is WeVideo?

Thirty million registered users is quite a massive number for a company established in 2011.

With all these years to its name, this product can boast of quite a considerable amount of awards, including EdTech Digest Best Collaborative Solution award in 2017, Common Sense Education Top Pick for Learning award in 2019, AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Private Companies in 2012, and much more prizes. 

Aside from these numerous accolades, WeVideo editor also offers many excellent features, as you would see below. 

1. It Doesn’t demand much

WeVideo System Requirements

With WeVideo, you have a cloud-based video editing platform that you can access on both your mobile and desktop device. Since it works with the cloud, you don’t need an overly high system to work with it. 

From windows 7 and above, you’ll seamlessly use it. At the same time, Mac OS X 10.8.5 and above would work with this program perfectly, including Chrome book. 

Long as your browser uses the latest Flash version, you are sure to enjoy WeVideo well. Chrome browser remains the best to work with WeVideo; also, other browsers should have the newest Adobe flash versions.

Your current browser likely passes these recommendations. 

2. Simple to set-up 

Compared to many other video editing software, WeVideo has a pretty easy set-up procedure. With your email address, Google, or Facebook account, you can own an account on this platform.

3. Easy interface 

The WeVideo interface is relatively easy to navigate. Wevideo developers made almost everything you’ll need easy to find, and they are appropriately labeled.

It is noteworthy that it started as a toolbox for children, and since they had kids in mind at the beginning, they haven’t gone too far from making the platform easy to get around with. 

4. Perfect for sharing

Most social media platforms don’t allow specific video dimensions on them. To tackle this, WeVideo gives its users the options to make their videos square, horizontal, or vertical to fit particular platforms.

They also take things further by suggesting the best dimensions for popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

5. Easy access

WeVideo Easy access

Would you prefer to edit your video on your mobile device? Then head to your mobile app store and grab the WeVideo app.

It is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Due to this, you can edit that video for the gram in minutes after you recorded it. 

WeVideo is compatible with your Windows, macOS, and Chromebook, long as your browser uses the latest version of Adobe Flash Player or with Chrome browser, you are good to go. 

7. Affordable 

Aside from its free version, which is quite limited but still offers juicy features, WeVideo premium packages are pretty affordable and won’t cost a fortune.

We will talk more about WeVideo pricing later.

However, for this caliber tool and in this industry, its services are pretty low and incredible. 

In summary, WeVideo is pretty good and a one-stop-shop for many video modification features. The majority of its 30 million users are pretty happy, and forums can attest to that. 

WeVideo Features

The excellent features listed above are a glimpse of what WeVideo offers, below other features customary to video editing programs. 

1. Readily available stock images and clips

The process it takes to get most stock images or clips is quite lengthy. WeVideo saves you this stress. On WeVideo, you have access to over a million commercially-licensed clips, pictures, and music at your fingertips.

This isn’t available on the WeVideo free trial, though, but it is worth it from the premium side of WeVideo. 

2. Cloud storage

Video editors often put in hours when editing videos; nobody loves to lose what they’ve worked on.

To avoid the pain that comes with losing your work, WeVideo has free cloud storage plans for all plans.

Its free program has a 1GB storage with other plans having from 20GB to unlimited cloud storage. 

3. Room for collaboration 

It falls to the plan you go for; WeVideo offers room for its users to work as a team. Their business plan makes available three different accounts for you and your team to edit.

It also gives room for customized intends to add more members to your WeVideo team; this may come in handy especially dealing with the COVID-19 menace and its social distancing result. 

4. High video resolution 

Nobody enjoys watching videos of low quality. If not for a few circumstances like low bandwidth plans or poor internet connections, I believe everyone would settle for the highest video quality available.

On WeVideo premium plans, you can edit videos at a 4K Ultra HD resolution. 

5. Export and Import options

You can upload videos to WeVideo from your local storage and services like Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, iCloud, and some other services.

You can quickly upload your edited videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive, and other services. 

6. Green screen

The Greenscreen effect is one prevalent effect in video production. There’s
seldom any movie out there that doesn’t feature a green screen effect of some
sort. With WeVideo you can have fun working with its renowned green-screen

7. Slow-motion

Slow-mo, Slo-mo, or Slow motion is a type of effect that appears to slow
downtime. This effect is common in most social media applications like TikTok
and Reels, well, you can enjoy this feature from WeVideo as well.

  1. Green screen. 
  2. Guilt in graphics
  3. Slow motion
  4. Screencasting 
  5. Motion titles
  6. Advanced text editing
  7. Multi-track editing and storyboarding
  8. Sync your progress across multiple platforms 
  9. Social media marketing features
  10. Customizable templates
  11. Voice-over feature
  12. Download edited video to local storage

Who can use WeVideo? 

Simply put; Everybody can use WeVideo.

Some of us feel only video editors need video editing software, probably because of the technicalities we perceive are involved in editing videos. As long as your business or activities require you to edit or modify videos, WeVideo is for you. 

From companies who need videos to promote their products to entrepreneurs who plan on telling stories through their videos.

Students also need videos alongside educators. If you also enjoy editing videos for fun or as a hobby, then WeVideo is for you.

WeVideo makes video editing relatively easy in simpler words, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand it. 

WeVideo Pricing

WeVideo Pricing

There are about five different plans available on WeVideo. Each plan has its unique or features, as you’ll see below. 

1. WeVideo Free trial

The free plan is pretty limited; it allows you to work for only 5 minutes per month plus a 1GB free cloud storage.

The maximum video resolution with the free plan is 480p which is not the best out there but perfect for this plan.

You can’t collaborate on the free plan, and it lacks many high-definition video quality assets. It isn’t ideal for a business or an official video editor but perfect for having a glimpse of WeVideo. 

2. Power Plan

As of writing this article, WeVideo costs $9 per month or $4.99 per month billed annually for its Power Plan.

It is a single-seat licensed plan that allows its subscribers to publish an unlimited amount of videos. Its highest video resolution is 720p, and you can use this plan for 30 minutes per month. 

It gives users premium editing features on both its desktop and mobile platforms. Motion titles and the medium to create a square, vertical, horizontal videos are present in this plan. 

You also get a 20GB storage capacity which is way higher than the free plan.

Other features you can get with the Power Plan are slow-motion, email support, voice-over, screencasting, and a few others. They nickname this plan the Memory makers plan. 

3. Unlimited Plan

Also known as the Passionate video creators is a plan just above the Power Plan. It goes for only $7.99 per month billed annually and $15.99 per month and comes with features found in the power plan plus some more features.

Like its name says, the Unlimited plan’s publish time and cloud storage is unlimited. 

This plan’s highest video resolution is 4k Ultra HD, making it indeed a perfect choice for passionate video creators.

Although, just like the other two plans above, the renowned stock images and clips aren’t available in this plan.

You still get access to features you can’t find in them like VIP video processing, VIP support, and the ability to simultaneously record your screen and webcam. 

4. Professional Plan

Tagged Marketers and business owners’ plans; this is one very packed plan. It is a single-seat licensed plan that offers premium editing features on all operating systems.

Coupled with the features available in the Unlimited plan, you get expanded social marketing options. 

The essential HD & 4K videos, alongside the crucial music and images asserts, are part of this plan.

It offers premium business motion titles plus set brand elements and managements. This plan is billed at $35.99 per month and $17.99 per month billed annually. 

5. Business Plan

The Business plan is also called Small business and marketing teams. Yeah, it is the only plan available for you and your team of 3.

It costs $29.99 per month billed annually and $59.99 per month. Here, you can create or customize templates alongside frame rate flexibility and optimized export options.

You also get access to premium collaboration tools and sharing tools and other management tools like brand management. 

The plans listed here are for Individuals and Businesses; it has a price list for users in the Education sector with different plans, namely; 

WeVideo Pricing for Education
  • Teacher: tailored to fit teachers from Pre-K to 12 educators. There’s only one seat, and it is priced at  $89 per year. 
  • Classroom: It offers 30 seats and is priced at $299 per year. 
  • Grades or Groups: This is perfect for teachers with multiple periods, grades, and groups, and it is priced per user. It can have more than 30 seats. 
  • School or District: Perfect for onboarding and training, offering custom seats. It offers custom pricing; that is, you can negotiate with them. 

How to use WeVideo?

As part of our WeVideo review, we would give a detailed explanation on how to set it up. Getting started with this cloud-based program is relatively easy and doesn’t require any prior tech experience to do that.

Follow this WeVideo tutorial. 

Step 1: Open your web browser on your computer, preferably use Chrome browser. 

Step 2: Visit WeVideo official site from this link or copy the link to your address bar. 

Step 3: The welcome page presents you with three options to sign up.

You can sign-up with your Google account, Facebook, or Email address. The latter involves you filling in a few details while the other two will synchronize WeVideo with those accounts.

WeVideo Signup

Step 4: Automatically, WeVideo gives you a free plan. They give you a help-wizard that assists you in setting up your account. 

WeVideo Signup help-wizard

Step 5: You can use its free trial to work on horizontal, square, and vertical videos. They are a few templates to work with.

WeVideo templates

When you are convenient with the platform and want to expand your capabilities, you can use the Upgrade button at the top-right.

Other things you can do with WeVideo

1. Media Upload 

You can upload media to WeVideo from different sources. Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, local storage, and other sources. If your plan permits, you can go through the stock images and video clips available there. 

2. Editing video

WeVideo Review: Is it Worth Your Money? 5

You can edit videos with ease on WeVideo. Below are a few buttons and what they do. 

  • The Upload button is denoted with a big blue Add button. It then gives you the different upload options. 
  • There’s the Stock media button which is available to specific premium users. 
  • Text gives you a typing field that you can use on the video. 
  • Audio button for adding audio files to the edited video. 
  • The Record button gives you access to three options. You can record with your Webcam, and you can record your Screen or record both simultaneously. 
  • The Transitions button gives you access to over 20 transitions to pick from. 

3. Publishing the edited video

WeVideo Publishing the edited video
  • The Finish button is at the top-right corner. 
  • The finish button gives room to name the video. The next page is where you add a few details and pick the resolution. Resolution types vary with the plan you are on. 
  • WeVideo offers different Destinations. You can download it to your local storage, upload it into your Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo, FTP, Dailymotion, and Box. 
  • Some social media give users the option to make their uploads private or not. There’s a Mark export as a Public green switch. 
  • The big blue Export button is at the lower-right. 

4. Projects

To make things appropriately organized, there’s an option to create a folder for your projects. Let’s say you are working on a video for your new business and your school; you can create two different projects for both campaigns. 

  1. Click the Project button at the top menu.
  2. From the Project window, click the plus + button at the lower-right side of your screen. 
  3. You now add the Project title, a description, and the type. It gives you options for the Project type; this option varies by plan. 

It also gives you an option to create a folder for all your project. 

Is WeVideo safe?

Yes, WeVideo is safe. You can integrate WeVideo with prestigious sites like
Google and Facebook that are both big on security. These giant companies
would never allow any platform that compromises on security or user’s privacy to
synchronize with theirs.

Besides this, WeVideo boasts of millions of users who have often left positive reviews about it.


Q. Is WeVideo better than iMovie?

iMovie is quite good in its way, but it doesn’t come remotely close to WeVideo. These aren’t mere words, especially when you consider the features packed in WeVideo. WeVideo for a start is pretty compatible with many platforms iMovie isn’t.

Q. Does WeVideo have a watermark?

Yes, it does. However, this watermark is peculiar to only its free version that is so much limited. When you subscribe to any plan, from the Power plan and above, you’ll automatically get rid of the watermark. 

Q. Is the WeVideo app free?

Is the WeVideo app free

If you are asking, “is WeVideo free” “Yes, it is; however they are a few things to take note of.” Both WeVideo’s online desktop platform and its mobile app versions are free to access. For the mobile app, you can use it without creating an account as a guest user; however, you need to sign-up or log-in to your account for modifications and settings. 

Q. Is WeVideo good for YouTube?

Yes, WeVideo is suitable for YouTube. The free music, images, and clips they offer on their platform are appropriately licensed, so you don’t have to worry about a copyright complaint. It also gives a straight option to upload directly to your YouTube channel. 

Final Words on WeVideo Review

Videos are part of society today. At the end of this WeVideo review, we’ve come to see how excellent this cloud-based video editing platform is. It is available to almost all famous operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. It gives you premium tools to edit and modify your video to your fitting. 

Signing up on this platform is pretty easy; you can use your email, Facebook, or Google account. One other unique part of this service is its easy access to stock images, clips, and audio files.

As a cloud-based service, you can work with it from any device and far from yours. Its mobile app makes it more convenient for all works of life. 

WeVideo online editor is perfect for everybody irrespective of your tech field knowledge and general skills with devices. It is a free online video editor that gives features you can’t find in many famous video editors like iMovie.