WiFi Ultraboost Review: Is It Worth The Money?

WiFi Ultraboost Review
WiFi Ultraboost Review
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The advantage of having a fast internet connection shouldn’t be overemphasized. Today, we need an internet connection for almost everything we do, from checking our emails, downloading important eBooks, operating some home appliances, streaming videos, playing games, and so much more. 

With such roles internet connections play in our daily lives, it is ideal that we go for the best and the fastest since speed is a factor we all consider. About ten years ago, a slow internet connection wouldn’t have been a big issue; these days, speed is everything to a good internet connection. 

Yes, it is easy to grab a fast WiFi connection; however, some factors could affect this speed we so desire. To tackle this issue, we need an excellent WiFi Booster like WiFi Ultraboost.

From this WiFi Ultraboost review, you will see why it is the best. 

Why Do You Need WiFi Ultraboost?

Why you need WiFi Ultraboost

As I said in the last part of the section above, some factors could slow down your WiFi speed. Going for bigger WiFi plans or high range WiFi routers is ideal. However, these may often incur much in both purchase and maintenance. These factors are a few issues that may cause our WiFi to be slow. 

1. WiFi dead zones

WiFi dead zones

The closer you are to your WiFi, the faster your internet should be, but if you and your internet device are far from the WiFi, the network will be bad. In most of our houses, there are dead spots our WiFi connections cannot reach. 

It is mostly due to the distance of the device from your WiFi router; other times, it could be because many architectural features like thicker walls, microwaves, metal appliances, wireless mobile devices, and much more could interfere with the WiFi signal. 

2. Large Property 

Large Property

This is almost similar to the one above. If you live or work in a big building, chances are there are places in your house the WiFi cannot get to. 

3. Location of the WiFi router

It is ideal to have your router at the center of your building, office, or house. From this point, the signal can broadcast around your home. But if you can’t have it at an ideal position for any unavoidable reason, you may have speed issues too. 

4. Slow connection 

I hate seeing my mouse icon turns into the buffering signal; I am sure you detest this too. Slow connection could be from the router’s location, the router range, obstructions, and many other factors. 

These few factors are what many WiFi users often complain about or encounter, and they could tackle all of these with a super boost WiFi booster like WiFi Ultraboost. That brings us to the question, what is WiFi Ultraboost? 

What is WiFi Ultraboost?

WiFi Ultraboost Review: Is It Worth The Money? 2

WiFi Ultraboost is a device that will increase the network range of your WiFi signal, giving you enough speed while covering a wider range than usual. It is a unique booster that has gathered a massive following due to its effectiveness in solving WiFi speed network issues. 

It is designed to serve in any capacity, position, or surrounding, offering a durable network signal to allow offices, homes, or outdoor spots to get an uninterrupted powerful WiFi signal.

As a WiFi booster, Ultra WiFi pro doesn’t just increase the speed of your network. It also ensures your WiFi signal remains steady and strong for as long as it is connected. 

How does WiFi Ultraboost help? 

The features these small but mighty devices offer are mind-blowing. Check out how it can help tackle those issues above. 

1. WiFi Ultraboost can penetrate dark zones

WiFi Ultraboost can penetrate dark zones

Ultra WiFi pro booster will help boost your WiFi signal, getting it through those thick walls, microwaves, wireless devices, and other things that stop your WiFi network. This device will get a network connection to those dark zones giving you adequate signal to Netflix and chill. 

2. Ultraboost can cover large properties 

Ultraboost can cover large properties

It plays a significant role in wide spaces. Suppose your home compound or office is too wide or a story building with floors far from the network source with this device, you are sure of getting a WiFi signal at the farthest corner of your compound. When compared to an average router, you’ll discover that WiFi Ultraboost covers a broader range. 

3. Helps solve the WiFi Location problem

In situations where you can’t get your WiFi router to an ideal position that is often the center of your house or office, this ultra WiFi pro will help. You can have this small device in that perfect position and then connect all the necessary devices. 

4. It will boost slow Connection 

Your connection speed will dramatically improve with this device. It doesn’t just cover a broader range but can throttle your network to a higher speed than its default. 

5. Perfect for Gamers

In the next section, we will breakdown its specifications; you can consider this a spoiler. WiFi Ultraboost makes room for an RJ-45 cable; since the best network for gaming is an Ethernet, you can connect your gaming system with its cable for seamless gaming.

The perfect internet gaming speed is between 15Mbps to 30Mbps; this device gives up to 300Mbps, which means your gaming experience will be seamless. 

What makes WiFi Ultraboost The Best? 

Just so many things. In this section, we will break down the features that make Ultra WiFi pro the best. It is highly advisable that you know every feature of any electrical device you will have. 

 1. Speed


One of the significant reasons anybody will go for a WiFi booster is to increase their device’s current speed. In the world of speed, WiFi Ultrabooster doesn’t fall short. It has features that will take your internet speed up to 300 Mbps; coupled with this remarkable speed; it ensures you have a steady connection. 

2. Inbuilt antennas and repeaters

Aside from speed, wide coverage is another factor people go for WiFi extenders. Ultra WiFi pro booster has inbuilt repeaters and antennas, which increases the range your WiFi router can cover by default. With these antennas and repeaters, dead zones would be dealt with. 

3. Encrypted Connection 

I am a big fan of keeping my privacy private. If you are, too, rest assured that this WiFi xtraboost will prioritize your privacy. It contains a WPS feature that makes sure your connection is safe, secure, and encrypted, keeping them hidden from any hacker’s prying eyes. 

4. Compatibility 


This device will do just fine on most routers out there; so far, we can’t point out any router it wouldn’t work with. It will also work well with your network providers. You can connect it with all digital devices like your phone, desktops, tablets, laptops, gaming setup, and much more. 

wifi ultraboost pro device compatibility

5. RJ-45 Cable

RJ-45 Cable

Do you have an Ethernet? Don’t worry; WiFi Ultraboost offers both a port for RJ-45 cables and an RJ-45 cable itself. So, you are getting a device that will work for both wired and wireless connections. Its Wireless-N mini extender is also ideal for your Ethernet connection. 

6. Installation Manual

Most times, getting the WiFi gadget isn’t the problem; installing it always is. With this device, your installation process would go easy.

It has a well-explained manual you can use. With its WPS button, all you need to get started is just a click. After you plug in this device, press the button; it then gets connected to your router’s repeating system, then it encrypts your settings, and you are good to go. 

7. Different Modes

WiFi Ultraboost offers different modes. These modes give you different options for your network. Its high wireless compatibility makes it perfect for connecting so many devices, including your iPad, tablets, smart TVs, Desktops, smartphones, game consoles, and much more. 

Overall Benefits of WiFi Ultraboost 

Benefits of WiFi Ultraboost

This Ultra WiFi pro review has shown you the specifications this device possesses and how it can help tackle your WiFi issues. This section will document the overall benefits you will derive from purchasing this product. 

  1. Cost-Effective: From many customers’ reviews, we’ve deduced that this device saves people about $1200.
  1. Wireless capability: Except on special occasions like gaming, internet users prefer working with wireless connections. This device helps achieve that. You won’t have to deal with annoying wires scattered around your house or office. 
  1. Money-back Guarantee: Currently, this product’s manufacturers offer a 100% money-back guarantee for a specific period. 
  1. Wired Capability: Despite being predominantly a wireless device, it still features an RJ-45 cable and port for those who want a wired connection. 
  1. No subscription of any sort: No, one purchase is enough. It doesn’t cost you recurring bills of any kind.
  1. Portability: Are you traveling, or going out with a bag that has limited space, then you won’t have a problem with the WiFi Ultraboost as it is relatively small and portable. 
  1. Privacy is guaranteed: Its WPA2, WPA, and WEP security features ensure your data is encrypted and secure, protecting you from intruders. 
  1. Easy-to-use: After overcoming the struggle of installing your router, it would be sad if WiFi Ultraboost gives you headaches while installing. This device is easy to install and use, plus its instruction manual is easy to understand. 

What Can I Find Inside The WiFi Ultraboost Box? 

WiFi Ultraboost

Inside the box of this portable device, you can find the WiFi Ultraboost itself, an RJ-45 cable for your wired connection. A wireless-N mini extender and a well-detailed user manual help you set the device up in few minutes. 

What will WiFi Ultraboost cost me? 

With the number of features it offers, the price should be much. However, the manufacturers kept its price at a very affordable range. Aside from this, they often give out discounts of up to 50% with a free delivery which should arrive at your location of choice within ten days (depending on your location) to further prove how reliable they are, the manufacturers of this beauty offer a 100% money-back guarantee or product replacement. 

Where can I buy WiFi Ultraboost? 

You may likely come across sites that claim to be marketing this product; I strongly advise you to avoid them and purchase from its official site or an authorized dealer. Besides the fact that you would be getting what you shopped for, you may luckily get it during a discount period and get a product change or make use of their money-back guarantee accommodations. Visit this link to see Ultra WiFi pro customer service numbers


So far, we’ve pointed out only the product’s good sides on our Ultra WiFi pro review. No, we won’t leave out what we consider its bad side. 

1. Quite Small

Yeah, its size for most people might be portable and perfect; for others, it may be too small, making it vulnerable to theft and loss. So, it’s best you have one spot for keeping it to avoid losing it. 

2. Maybe scarce

This device has a massive demand; there’s a possibility that you may be late to this shelf. To avoid this, I suggest you go to the site and make a purchase now

How do I use WiFi Ultraboost? 

How do I use WiFi Ultraboost
  1. Take out the device from its box. 
  2. Plug it into an electric power socket and switch Ultraboost on by pressing the WPS button. 
  3. Following the instructions in the manual, connect it to your WiFi router network. By default, it should automatically connect once activated. 
  4. Turn on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.), then connect it to the Ultra boost and enjoy. 

Watch Ultrawifi Pro In Action


Check out some frequently asked questions and straightforward answers. 

1. Is Ultra boost worth it? 

Yes, it is. I am quite patient with my friends than with my devices. I love everything to go smoothly for someone who is always on their laptop, especially my network. With this WiFi xtraboost, your WiFi signal won’t just reach a broader range but double the speed your router offers by default. 

2. How do Ultra WiFi Pro works? 

How do Ultra WiFi Pro works

It doesn’t create the WiFi signal you will be enjoying; what it does is it amplifies your network signal, often doubling or tripling what your router offers by default. The resulting signal is strongly influenced by your router too. If your signal is too weak, you may not enjoy the full benefits of this device. 

3. What is Ultra WiFi pro?

Ultra WiFi Pro is a device that boosts your network signal, making it faster and allowing it to cover a broader range than its default range. 

4. Is Ultra WiFi Pro legit?

A simple search on Google will show you many results; these results are often positive reviews. If you ask around, there’s a possibility of finding someone who uses it and has nothing but positive remarks to give about it. I have been using it for a while now, and I haven’t regretted it once. 

WiFi Ultraboost Review: Conclusion 

We all love good speed when we are browsing the net, downloading slides, playing online games, streaming videos, and so much more. If you are experiencing speed issues with your WiFi connection, you should get the Ultra WiFi pro.

In this WiFi Ultraboost review, we’ve stipulated every reason you should consider purchasing it. This device is durable and awesome. Happy shopping, thanks for visiting us.