Xtra-PC Review: Does It Really Work, or It’s Pure Hype?

Xtra-PC review

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We tend to grow this attachment for our gadgets, especially when we’ve used them for a long time, and they always seem to get our jobs done.

Over time, like every technology product, our systems start depreciating and often become slow and pretty annoying. 

The best solution is always to get a new computer. In contrast, others may go ahead with this. Some of us will still maintain our loyalty to our old system, either because we can’t afford a new one immediately or aren’t ready to part ways with it.

Loyalty to your system or not doesn’t matter when our system is annoyingly slow. 

There are countless things to do to boost your system speed; one of them is using Xtra-PC. If you can’t wrap your head around how this gadget will help, don’t fret because this Xtra-PC review will help out. 

What is Xtra-PC?

What is Xtra-PC

Xtra-PC is a small device that helps speed up your slow computers. It is designed like a flash drive so long as your computer has a USB port, this gadget can work on it.

There’s a 70% possibility that you are using a Windows or macOS operating system. These operating systems are pretty standard and are quite user friendly. 

To make them your number one go-to operating system, their manufacturers added many features that you may never use. These multiple features add a ton of weight to your computer, which as time goes on would further contribute to slowing down your system. 

Linux is somewhat a breath of fresh air. It is a lightweight operating system that big companies and advanced computer users often use.

This OS keeps things a buck by providing its users with only what they’ll need to effectively run their devices. Linux is exactly or something very similar to what Xtra-PC offers. 

Xtra-PC uses Linux in collaboration with your system hardware to give your device the boosts it needs to run effectively. You won’t be installing Linux OS as this will often entail clearing out all your files.

What Xtra-PC does is bypassing your operating system and giving you a window to access your files and data, whether the OS is damaged or slow.

With such complex operation it carries out, it is ideal for wondering if it is a complicated gadget, well it isn’t. Xtra-PC doesn’t require any over-demanding installation of any sort.

You have to plug it into a working USB port and follow the simple on-screen institutions. 

Is Xtra-PC a gimmick? 

Is Xtra-PC a gimmick

When you consider how Xtra-PC works, its effect, how it carries out the operation, the result you get, and how small the device is, it is rational to ask if Xtra-PC is a scam. That is entirely understandable. 

Suppose you take a ride down history lane to see the computers’ sizes in the 1940s-60s and compare them to what we have today. You will attest to the fact that there’s been dramatic progress. There’s almost nothing impossible in the world of technology. 

Xtra-PC has storage spaces that contain both the Linux OS and enough room for your files. It has been programmed (by Linux foundation) to adequately bypass your current operating system without touching your files or data.

Go below to see how it works. 

How does Xtra-PC work? 

How does Xtra-PC work

It is effortless, all you have to do is plug in your USB, and you are good to go. When you get the device, you connect it to your system. The first time of using it would need an internet connection; after this, you won’t need it again. 

After connecting it, press the boot menu key stipulated in its instructions, and you are good to go.

With the above instructions, your system, whether Mac or Windows, would boot from Xtra-PC. So, in other words, Xtra-PC will be your boot device from hence or whenever you want to use  

If you needed it due to a damaged OS, you could take your time before going to a repairers shop as Xtra-PC will give you access to your files until you get the OS repaired.

You don’t need to get any special hardware, and it doesn’t work on any particular type of computer. However, there are a few requirements you’ll see below. Your Windows Laptop or Mac Desktop would enjoy this device. 

Requirements to use Xtra-PC

Although it will work on almost all computers, there are a few requirements your device should have. These requirements are quite common, as you’ll see below. 

  1. Your computer should have a 700 MHz microprocessor or something higher. 
  2. Your RAM should be at least 512 MB
  3. You’ll need a 2.0 or a 3.0 USB port to connect Xtra-PC. 
  4. At least 2 GB of memory is ideal. 
  5. A graphics card that could support DVI, HDMI, or VAG
  6. Your device should have a BIOS that gives access to the computer and allows you to work with a USB drive. 
  7. A network card is cool; however, Xtra-PC would work with a wired or wireless card. 
  8. Good internet connection to stay updated on the OS version. 

These things may seem technical, but inputting a few queries on your search engine will help out. Just find out your system model (often written under your system or on its monitor), then search for its specs. 

Is Xtra-PC any good? 

Is Xtra-PC any good

Your internet speed will play a role in using Xtra-PC, especially at the first use. Linux is one OS that works well with slow internet since it doesn’t demand much. Yes, fast internet is integral Xtra-PC still has you covered. 

Typically, Internet Service Providers (ISP) often recommend that their users located at places with low internet speed (coverage) install Linux OS since it is preferable compared to other operating systems. 

These Linux installation files often come in discs. Most computer systems these days lack disc drives. However, there’s seldom any computer that doesn’t have a USB port, so you won’t bother getting an external CD drive with Xtra-PC. 

Aside from this, if you aren’t careful while installing your Linux from a CD drive, you could lose all your files, but Xtra-PC is built to leave your data untouched.

So, aside from helping boost a slow system, Xtra-PC would come in handy in a slow internet connection location. Check-out below other features it offers. 

Xtra-PC awesome features

Xtra-PC awesome features

Other remarkable features this device has included. 

1. Privacy

Our privacy is something we shouldn’t joke about at all. Compared to the traditional operating systems we are used to, Xtra-PC takes our privacy a step higher.

With this device, there won’t be any need for purchasing extra security features. With it, you can send confidential data and emails to people without getting any resources from your usual OS.

Since Xtra-PC operating system isn’t installed on your computer’s hard drive, everything you do with it is stored on it so you can unplug it when done and stay untraceable. 

2. Compatibility

There are some requirements that it needs to function with; however, Xtra-PC is compatible with almost all computers.

These requirements are quite common, and there’s a 90% chance that your system already has them, so no need to worry. This device will work perfectly fine on both your Windows PC and MacBook. 

3. Linux

The brains behind this gadget are the same responsible for the Linux operating system. To a great extent, Linux is user friendly; it also gives you more control over your system than the OS you are probably used to. 

4. Security

Xtra-PC uses Linux, which is an OS renowned for its top-notch security, making it one of the fastest, secure, and immune to malware and virus OS out there. With such features to its name, you will get the best out of your surviving system. 

5. Free

Aside from purchasing the device itself, there isn’t any hidden expenditure. All its incredible features, security, software, etc., are free. 

6. Easy to use

Aside from the minutes it might take you to download the software (which depends on your internet speed) on the first use, you wouldn’t spend much time setting it up.

Moving forward, you have to plug it in a USB port and rip all its awesomeness. 

7. Pro version offers a file recovery

Further in, you’ll have a more in-depth Xtra-PC PRO review, but one crazy feature the PRO version provides is its file recovery ability. With this version, you can recover some of your lost data from your dead PC. 

8. Maintenance

It doesn’t require any special maintenance; nevertheless, you should take care of it the way you would with a flash drive. 

9. Movable

It is relatively small and portable. It won’t occupy much space in your traveling bag, and you can carry it around. Technically, you have a mobile computer. 

10. Pricing

Despite its portability and the juicy features it offers, it is affordable and worth every Penny. 

What can I use Xtra-PC for? 

What can I use Xtra-PC for

Linux, the main OS on Xtra-PC, is similar to almost all other operating systems. So, you can use it for a good number of things like;

  1. Surfing the internet. 
  2. Playing and listening to music. 
  3. Watching movies, videos, shows, and films. 
  4. Downloading and installing files. 
  5. Accessing and editing documents. 
  6. Checking and sending out emails. 
  7. Contacting people on your contact list. 
  8. Making use of Google Docs

You can make use of the following programs on Xtra-PC 

  1. You can enjoy Netflix, Amazon Videos, and many other streaming apps. 
  2. Play games. 
  3. Music apps like iHeartRadio
  4. Comprehensive collections of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and others. 
  5. You can install useful Antivirus software. 
  6. Photo editing software like Photoshop
  7. Document editing apps like Open office. 
  8. Photo viewer
  9. DVD Player
  10. Kindle Cloud Reader
  11. Facebook, Pandora, Pinterest
  12. Email and Instant Messenger apps
  13. Minecraft
  14. You can add printers

Who needs Xtra-PC? 

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to know how to use this device. Therefore anybody can make use of Xtra-PC. However, there are specific conditions your computer needs to be in that makes it perfect for Xtra-PC. 

 1. Slow and old computers; At the beginning of this article, I pointed out the attachment that we tend to share with our old devices over time, it gets to a point where your favorite PC can not deliver like the good old days when you are at this point, you should consider getting Xtra-PC. 

 2. This device can help you clean out temporary files and unnecessary programs to improve your device’s speed and create more storage space. 

 3. It is perfect for those who want to switch to a different operating system (Linux).

 4. It is perfect for those whose computers suffered a virus or malware disaster. 

 5. It can work on computers that don’t have a good hard drive. 

 6. Perfect for computers with no operating system. 

Long as your system has a USB port and you satisfy those standard requirements above, you are good to go.

Nevertheless, if your USB ports are bad for any reason or your system doesn’t have a USB port, you can reach out to the product’s makers to get access to its online version. 

Where to buy Xtra-PC? 

This is an excellent device that has attracted the right audience. A simple search online will give you many options to purchase from; however, I strongly advise you get it from its official site. 

Xtra-PC is available on Amazon as well. The reviews there are relatively poor. Suppose you have a closer look at the reviews.

You’ll see that the users didn’t read the instructions properly or got them from a third-party; I mean, if they got it from the official site, a simple call to the company or the money-back policy would have sufficed.

These reviews are mostly from 2018 down; In the screenshot below, you have a review from the same 2018, someone who took their time to understand the product. 

amazon buyers review

Ensure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid losing your files. 

more amazon buyers review

Having said that, then, you can get Xtra-PC from this link (official site). Getting it from a third-party has its downsides.

Although it may seem to cheat and pretty affordable, you’ll most likely be getting an already used device that you can’t return for a refund. On its official site, you get the following offers. 

  1. A good product warranty. 
  2. Quicker delivery 
  3. Good live customers support
  4. They accept multiple payments methods
  5. They offer a range of products. 
  6. 30 days money-back guarantee 

You can also get a discount of up to 40% for bulk purchases. When you consider these offers, you can be sure they have confidence in what they are selling, proving the unreliability in Amazon or other third-party sites.

You can confirm these by checking out the reviews from verified buyers who got it through its official site. 

Types of Xtra-PC 

Xtra-PC Review: Does It Really Work, or It's Pure Hype? 3

There are three types of Xtra-PC. When people talk about it, they often refer to all three without being specific. We have the Xtra-PC Turbo 16, Xtra-PC Turbo 32, and Xtra-PC Pro. 

1. Xtra-pc Turbo 16 Review 

Xtra-pc Turbo 16

The Turbo 16 is the first version released. It goes for just $49.99 in a retail shop and $34.99. If you are lucky enough, you can grab its 30% discount from its official site. 

This version offers a 16 Gig storage space, which is enough for blazing speed while surfing the internet, streaming videos, downloading, and playing online games. 

It is an ideal buy for basic tasks like troubleshooting your computer. It is quite portable and would fit well in your pocket. It, however, lacks features its advanced/expensive versions have. 

2. Xtra-pc Turbo 32 Review 

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

Compared to the Turbo 16, the Turbo 32 gives you more speed and storage space, about 1.5 times more. It is the most popular version because it has the exact amount of space most buyers need, plus it is not too heavy or too light. 

It goes for $82.99 as its regular price and $59.99 as its discounted price if you grab it from their official website. Its discounted price covers the handling and shipping fees. 

As its name says, the Turbo 32 offers 32 Gig worth of storage, perfect for keeping essential photos and documents. Notebook users find pleasure in using this version. Since it is compact, you can plug it and leave it in for as long as you want. 

3. Xtra-pc Pro Review

Xtra-PC Pro

Drum rolls for the highest version. If you want the highest quality, then go for Xtra-pc Pro. Buying this is cost-efficient, especially when you consider its FileRez software to help retrieve files from your old operating system, especially if it crashed. 

Alone, this software will cost up to $99. However, Xtra-pc Pro comes with this software and a whopping 64 Gig storage space for the sum of $159.99 in retail sites or a discounted price of $79.99 on its official site with delivery and handling fee inclusive. 

I don’t have to lay emphasis on its speed, which is 2x more than Turbo 16, and the fact that you can store your photos, music, large videos, files, documents, and much more on its massive storage space. 

The only thing that may come off as a downside is that its USB stick is a bit larger than its compact partner (Turbo 32) though it is not gigantic. 

In summary, these are the price and storage the three versions offer; 

I. Xtra-PC Turbo 16 -> 16 Gig storage space with a retail price of $49.99 and the discounted price of $34.99.

II. Xtra-PC Turbo 32 -> 32 Gig storage space with a retail price of $82.99 and the discounted price of $59.88.

III. Xtra-PC Pro -> 64 Gig storage space with a retail price of $159.99 and a discounted price of $79.99.

How to use Xtra PC? 

How to use Xtra PC

So far, in this Xtra PC review, we have focused on introducing and giving you reasons why this is perfect for you and how it would help you. In this section, you’ll see how to use it. Ensure you have an active good internet connection. 

Step 1: Purchase any version of Xtra-PC from its official site (advisable) or from amazon(links are given above). 

Step 2: Switch off your computer and plug Xtra-PC into any of your working USB ports. 

Step 3: Boot/Start your device. You are to boot in with this device, so try accessing the BIOS; you can do this on most computers by pressing F12 or F8 (it doesn’t work for you, browse your computer’s model for instructions). Ensure that Secure Boot isn’t active on your system’s BIOS. 

Step 4: Locate the Boot option from the BIOS screen and select it. 

Step 5: Select the USB option to instruct your computer on where to boot from. It automatically starts booting from Xtra-PC. You can Save this instruction from the bottom of the screen. 

Step 6: Follow the one-time on-screen instructions to set it up. 

Step 7: Installation might take from 7 – 15 minutes; this also depends on your internet speed. 

Step 8: Enjoy your device. 

If you can’t lay hands on its User guide, you can download it from this link or this

Cons of Xtra-PC 

We’ve been praising the device so far, but like every work of technology, there is some aspect that some may call a downside, as you’ll see below. 

 1. You could lose it easily. It is a pretty small device; even the Xtra-PC Pro is small enough for you to misplace easily. 

 2. Although it doesn’t require any special care, you can also damage it easily if you don’t treat it with care, so you should keep it in a pretty visible place and away from kids and pets who love biting and chewing 

 3. Although Linux isn’t too hard to understand, most users who are making this dramatic shift from the usual MacOS and Windows may find it challenging to grasp at first. 

 4. You may always need to have an internet connection when you use it.

 5. Accessing the Bios may seem difficult for most users. 


Q. Is Xtra-PC legit or scam?

It is legit. So many prestigious sites have review articles about it. It isn’t a new device or product; it is here to stay. No doubt you’ll always find negative reviews, especially those claiming you can get Linux from other sources for free. However, it would help if you considered that you are jumping into a new OS that may seem strange. 

If you get Linux from other means, it may take you a long time to figure it out; however, Xtra-PC gives you the means to speak with a customer care representative over the phone or online. It also gives you so many software for a fair price example, its data recovery software, which could cost up to $100 if you purchase it alone. 

It also allows you to use some files and data saved on your former OS, not even forgetting the extra layer of security and the ability to literally “move your computer” in your pocket. If you feel it is a scam after getting it, you can use its 30 days money-back guarantee offer.

Q. Does Xtra-PC work on Chromebook?

Chromebook is a well-focused PC with a high level of security. Usually, you can install Linux on Chromebook, but you have to put the PC in Developer Mode. Google’s security mechanism, called OS Verification, is created to prevent malicious codes from running on Chromebook. 

Beware that entering developers mode will wipe out every data on your device. This may seem counterproductive, so technically, the answer to the question above is Yes and No. 

Yes, if you are willing to lose your data, and No if you don’t. This issue is peculiar to Chromebook only. 

Q. Xtra-PC alternative that you can use?

Up till now, there’s no alternative to Xtra-PC. If you need an alternative to Linux operating system, there are over 5 to choose from, but if it’s a device that does at least half of what Xtra-PC does, then there’s none.

Q. How do I Uninstall Xtra-pc?

When you use Xtra-pc, you run your operating system from that USB device, so you should never unplug it without a proper shutdown. 

To uninstall it and revert to your old Operating System, all you have to do is click Start, then select Shutdown. When you can confirm it is off, you take off the USB device. 

Q. Why does my computer still boot with Windows (macOS) instead of Xtra-PC?

You probably didn’t set it up correctly. The device prioritizes the operating system in the hard drive over the USB. All you have to do is set the USB device as your computer’s boot priority or select the USB port with the Xtra-PC USB. 

Q. How long does it take to set up?

It shouldn’t take long; usually, it is about 10 minutes. But your network and a few other factors could delay you. Many users have attested that Xtra-PC installation is quite fast compared to installing other OS. 

Q. Can I make use of MS Word and other Windows programs?

No, you can’t. Although the Linux interface is similar to what you are used to (Mac or Windows), you can’t use programs or apps designed for these two OS. Nevertheless, its makers have apps that can do similar jobs like Open Office for typing and editing, which is a considerable alternative to MS Word. 

Q. Will Xtra-PC work on all Macs?

This device will work on almost all Intel-based computers; this entails Mac made from 2006 and above. There are specific instructions for adding this device to Mac. However, it is best to try it on computers that are 12 years old or newer. 

Q. Do I have to stay connected to the internet every time I use it?

No. You’ll need a good internet connection for the first time you install it. However, for activities like streaming movies online, accessing your emails, surfing the net, and other internet-based activities, you’ll need to be connected.

Q. Will viruses and malware from my old operating system affect Xtra-PC?

No, it wouldn’t. This is how Xtra-PC works; it installs a new operating system. This new OS doesn’t require any resources from your old OS, just your files. And if these viruses are present in your files and data, Linux is well equipped to eliminate them. 

Q. Would my wireless mouse or keyboard work with Xtra-PC?

Yes, all you have to do is plug the USB dongle or USB receiver like you would on any other OS, and you are good to go. If the mouse uses a Bluetooth connection, it won’t work, however. 

Q. Does it give room for a Bluetooth connection?

Well, no, it doesn’t. However, soon it should. 

Q. Can I have more than one user?

Yes, Xtra-PC gives room for that. Follow these steps 
Step 1: Go to the Start menu, then click on Local Administration and select User Accounts
Step 2: From the upper right side of the window before you, click on Unlock, then input the administrator’s password and click OK
Step 3: Further in, click on the Plus button, which pops up a new window. 
Step 4: Select the Account Type and enter the details in the text field. 
Step 5: Click on Add, then click on Account disabled, which is next to Password on the right side below Login Options
Step 6: In the window that opens, create your new password for the new account. 

Q. How are Xtra-PC customer services like? 

The company behind this gadget assures us that they are available round the clock. Comments can attest to this.

Xtra-PC Review: Conclusion 

You’ve come to the end of our Xtra-PC reviews, so let’s skim through. Nobody loves working with a slow computer, and it doesn’t matter how much love or attachment you have for it. If your precious computer is slow and you aren’t ready to replace it, then Xtra-PC is for you. 

Xtra-PC is a device that would help you restore your system to that speed it had when you first purchased it. It comes in different variants that offer fantastic features, especially the Pro version, which provides a data recovery tool. I will recommend this gadget to anyone I believe it could help. Thank you for stopping by; share your thoughts below. 

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